Responsive Design good for Breaking News

craigWhen it comes to responsive design, it’s important to make sure you website is easily viewable on all devices if you choose this way of communicating your website on all devices.  It also saves the company time from having to design a whole new website or app for a mobile device.  In this particular blog, the site is indeed a responsive design.

This blog, which talks about Allen Craig possibly being traded to the Brewers, it is just as easy to view on a computer as it is to view on your mobile device.  This is particularly true.  It reads just as easy on my phone which is a plus.  I also no right where to find it because I know where to find it online which is also, a plus.

When it comes to a mobile app, its designed to be user friendly but is it really?  Some categories are placed in weird places and in fact the design, particularly with the mobile sites (not apps), are confusing and looks really bad even though its an easy read, much like it is online.  For this particular site, it’s nice to know its the same design and its easy to know exactly where everything is.

When it comes to a blog site like this, which displays updated news, it is extremely important that the view is an easy read on a mobile device and on a computer and that’s exactly the positive to responsive design.

Social Media is taking over

gerardo-parra-mlb-san-francisco-giants-milwaukee-brewers-850x560Today, I’m going to talk about social media is taking effect in the world today and how it took a spin in the blog I talked about.  The blog is about Brewers outfielder Gerardo Parra and how the team does indeed plan on keeping the outfielder.  The Brewers had thus far been fairly quiet about free agent signings and what they may end up doing and that has indeed made social media take off.

Twitter started with the Brewers official account, stating that the Brewers plan to tender a contract to Parra even though his value is ranked at about $6.4 million which is fairly high for a forth outfielder.  Brewers assistant GM Gord Ash was then asked about Parra and stated that he views Parra as more than a forth outfielder and views him as a time to time starter.

With the situation starting on twitter, the Brewers may actually end up doing although nothing has officially been done yet.  While they would like to keep Parra, they weren’t really expecting the story to break out on twitter before they actually officially did anything about signing Parra.  The Brewers haven’t done much this offseason so maybe twitter was trying to find something to talk about with the Brewers.


The Ray Rice Saga

This week, I posted a spotify story on the Ray Rice story.  Check it out.


Headline Grabbers

usa-today-8030353.0When it comes to writing anything, its important to use a title that relates to what your writing about.  If it was sporting event and the Packers beat the Eagles, a good headline would be ‘Packers pound Eagles, remain unbeaten at home’.  This tells the reader that not only did the Packers win, but they won big and they are undefeated at home.  Now they can look through the article and see exactly what happened.

Let’s talk about the blog I read for today.  I read a blog titled, “White Sox to sign Zach Duke”.  Perfect headline.  Why?  It tells the reader what happened and now when they look down in the blog, they can find out more about the contract details that may be worked in.  If the headline read ‘White Sox sign pitcher’, that would be horrible.  For one, we don’t no who and for two it isn’t eye grabbing.  Plus is it a starter or relievier?  Baseball fans know Zach Duke is a reliever so without saying his name or position, its a bad headline.

When it comes to a headline, its important to preview what the reader is about to read in the article otherwise they may not read it.  I know if I saw the above title that I want to read it since Zach Duke pitched for the Brewers a year ago.  However, if it said they signed a pitcher, I probably would look right over it.  It’s important to say hey, readers, this is what I wrote about.

Moderating Comments

071511_AH__CraigCounsell_BrewersCommunityFoundation-4-108-358-401 304When it comes to comments, they can be good, bad, and ugly.  Of course you can’t just delete a comment for a negative comment, especially if the article is about a controversal issue.  However, you can comment negatively on a post without swearing, threatening, and harrassing.  If any of the previous three occur, then the comment has every right to be deleted by the user.  Generally a site will have rules for commenting.  We saw an example this week in our commentary.

There is an insert of the rules the Janesville Gazette follows.  You should keep it clean, don’t threaten to hurt anyone or kill anyone, be nice, don’t harrass, share what you know, ask questions, stay focused, help them get it right, and remember, this is our site (basically they set the rules).  In the blog I looked at this week, there was a blog on Craig Counsell and whether he would leave his front office job with the Brewers to go manage the Rays.

As you scroll through the comments, you can see mostly positive comments simply because there isn’t much negative.  However, at any time, someone who is completely opposed to the issue can comment and may break what I like to call the big three (swearing, threatening, and harrassing).  We see this all the time and this is when most sites get involved and ban the comment and the user.

In conlcusion, it is important when moderating commenting that you don’t delete a comment because they disagree with your opinion, but more or less they break the rules your site has set forth.

Image Copywriting

indexWhen it comes to copywriting, you have to be extremely careful.  For blogging, one can say the same thing.  Generally people don’t mind if online photos are used as long as they give image credit.  It’s really as simple as putting image credit at the bottom of your blog or simply contacting the photo owner, which could take more work, and asking for permission.  As I said, generally this isn’t that big of a deal.  For example, the photo I am using for this blog, which is on the Brewers aquiring Kyle Wren, I will give image credit at the bottom of  my blog.

However, its much more serious if you use a photo of someone elses work in a newspaper for instance.  If I was a newspaper writer and I decided to use a photo that I found in someone’s house without permission, that could mean trouble.  If I took a photo without permission, or invaded privacy, that would lead to trouble.  Basically its good to take your own pictures and get permission to use that on certain sections of the newspaper before you publish it.

The same thing applies for a magazine.  Alot of issues occur in this category because people will have their picture taken but then the photo used for the cover when they were own told it could be used for an article.  Many people have tried to press charges for this and have won because the photo technically is theirs.  Magazines and newspapers have to be careful with this issue.

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Does a Website, like this blog on Ramirez, have a Paywall?

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at New York MetsThe up above blog I chose this week is about Aramis Ramirez and how he agreed to his mutual, $14 million option to remain a Brewer.  Now besides viewing the very well put together blog about Ramirez, I decided to observe the website a little bit and try and figure out how the site could make money.  It’s a non-subscription website so thats why I decided to observe the site.

The first big thing I notice is the number of advertisements the site has.  In fact, the advertisements generally pop up on items that I have searched before.  What this does is draw the viewer of the site to maybe click on the advertisement to go to the sellers website.  This would also gain the blog site some money.  Now on top of that, I noticed that they have a podcast.  I clicked on that ad on the side of the page for it and noticed that you have to subscribe to it through iTunes.  Now that makes alot of sense to me.  They make money that way for sure.

The next thing I did was click on their “About” page.  On that page, they mention their page views alot.  Now I can see what they value.  They even say, and I quote, “MLB Trade Rumors now recieves hundreds of thousands page views per day.”  To me, that tells me that they value page clicks mightily on this site.  They also mention that they have been praised by Peter Gammons (ESPN Analyst), The Chicago-Sun Times, The Chicago Tribue, USA Today, The Boston Herald, and many other publications.  Again they show the endorsements their site has which also draws page views.

Ultimatley this site is smart enough that they don’t need a paywall.  It’s also technically a blog so I really don’t think many blogs would require a paywall but I could be wrong.  Instead, this site intends to make their money off their podcasts, advertisements, page views, and endorsements.


What’s draws in site views?


Yesterday, it was announced that the Brewers were going to aquire Adam Lind from the Blue Jays for Marco Estrada.  The news was something that fans would love to see.  In fact, the above article was one of the first wesbistes to post about the deal.  That’s a good first step right there.  A good way to draw in views is to be the first to hear, the first to post as I like to say.  Now of course, make sure you put together a good post, but also get the news out there!  If your the first one to post about a breaking news story like this one, I guarentee your going to get site views.

In this case, everyone knew the Brewers were looking for a first baseman and the Blue Jays were looking for a reliever so this is a good flop for both teams so this draws people in right away.  It’s nice to go to a site like this and view a great blog post such as this one.  Again, because it was breaking news and because this was one of the first sites to post it, that should automatically draw some views.  Now I’m sure this website isn’t neccessary aimed at a certain age group but I’m sure when they look at the numbers, they will find that most people viewing the site would be in the 30-50 range.  Most older fans of baseball would find out the old fashion way; radio.  However, this is how you draw a good audiance.  Getting the news out there fast.

If you post something about a story two days after it happens, what kind of news is that?  It already happened so forget it.  It’s important to be on top of stories like they are on this site so the audience is able to hear it first on the site.  Again for a site like this to be one of the first to break the story, which they generally are, is a huge accomplishment especially when your moto is “if it’s whispered, we’ll hear it.”  The audience numbers had to be good for the site if fans were to view because they wanted to know more details which the site indeed provided.


Blog: How Blog Websites store Data

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Washington NationalsAlthough this week’s blog post has nothing to do with the blog itself, I will be taking a look at more of the site in general rather than just than individual blog.  This blog is on the Brewers season outlook and what they may do with their free agent relief pitchers, Francisco Rodriguez, Zach Duke, and Tom Gorzelanny.  But now, lets look at the site.  Each day, this site,, posts a ton of blogs.  But how do they keep these blogs organized?

On the home screen, we see a list of recent blogs that they have posted but what if we wanted to view an older blog?  Well on the right hand side, it has two columns.  One column is Top Stories, in which you can view a blog by simply clicking on the title of it.  But if you want to see an even later story, you can scroll down to the next column, Team Rumors.  Under this column, you can click on the team your looking for and simply scroll through older blogs to find which one you may be look for.  This is how the blogs are stored.

At the top of the page, there is also a button titles Archives in which if you roll over it, it will pop down month by month in which you can click on which month you may know that you viewed it in.  This is another way they store it.  It’s pretty cool thinking about how the site itself is actually one big database.  Just the way its organized, thats a database.  When you can look in multiple areas to find stored blogs, thats a database.  Honestly the cool thing about this is being able to maybe go back and look at your past work and its all done by organizing a site in a manner in which the readers can click and view past or current posts.


Blog: Putting Out Fresh Content for Readers

RonRoenicke-300x232The above blog is a blog on Brewers Manager, Ron Roenicke.  It is certainley important to keep your audience up to date on what’s going on.  In this situation, the obvious blame for the Brewers collapse has been on Manager Ron Roenicke, so posting this blog announcing his retainment for the 2015 season is important to the fans.  Fans were waiting to hear about this and this is important.

In fact, its even more important to keep the content fresh on your blog.  If you can update the blogs almost everyday, it will keep the audience coming back to see what else is new.  In fact, for a site like this which constantly has behind the scene info, it’s especially important because they always tend to get things reported extremely fast.

In a situation like this one, many fans will be searching the web to find out information on Ron Roenicke and whether the Brewers will retain him pretty much everyday until they find the latest news.  Personally, I always love to google search, latest news on so and so.  Generally, the latest news will pop up, such as it did in this case.

Not only is the content important to the audience, but the audience is important to the website.  If the fans clearly want to find out whats going on and you report it first, you’ll get clicks.  Like this site does, it generally reports exactly whats going on before it actually is sent out to most of the general public.

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