Mobile Marketing

YouTube Preview ImageAfter playing this video, pick a new/small business and discuss why you think they have a good mobile marketing and social  media plan. Due July 9, 250 words

What Dylan Lauren Learned from Her Father

YouTube Preview ImageAfter playing this video, go out and find an entrepreneur and explore their multi-channel strategies. The founder of Dylan’s Candy Bar drew inspiration from her father, fashion icon Ralph Lauren, to launch her own lifestyle company. 200 words, DUE JUNE 28.

Brand Story

YouTube Preview Image.

After playing this video, go out and find an entrepreneur and tell his/her branding story.  Relate to video as well. NOT RICHARD BRANSON. This video provides hints on how to do branding.  What did you find most useful and relate it to a real company. DUE JUNE 20 250 words.

What is an Entrepreneur? Pick One and Discuss.

This is a great video on entrepreneurs and a few who you might not expect. Based on this video pick an entrepreneur of your choice and say why he or she is one. Use examples and provide a URL link on that entrepreneur. 200 Words due Monday JUNE 6. Click on comment, scroll to bottom and log in. YouTube Preview Image

Are You an Entrepreneur?

Here is a short video on what an entrepreneur is (and maybe isn’t).  Click on the video and in 200 words tell us whether you are an entrepreneur or not? Click comment, scroll to the bottom, and log in.  DUE MONDAY JUNE 6 YouTube Preview Image

Entrepreneurial Marketing: Modern Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy and Differentiation. This video is related to Lean Marketing Materials from D2L Content. Think about how this video ties to A SPECIFIC small and/or start-up firms. Provide URL for the company you are using and briefly discuss them as it pertains to this video.  250 words or more. DUE JUNE 12, 2016 YouTube Preview Image