About the Author

I know we’re not that well-acquainted because

a) Honestly, who is going to visit this blog?

b) We’re online classmates.


So, here’s a bit about me in a few bullet points.

  • I’m a self-proclaimed film junkie. I love, love, love movies. I think that going to the theater to see a movie is hugely important because it’s an entirely different cinematic experience. I’ve found that I appreciate films a lot more if I’ve seen them in theaters. Plus, the sound/visual quality is almost always better.
  • I am an amateur artist, or an art hobbyist, if you will. I draw and paint a lot in my free time and I’ve been asked to create on commission before, but I’m not quite there yet with myself. 10547692_10153498743908821_3190168163282000165_nI would much rather put the time and effort into creating something for someone I know and giving it to them as a gift than being given a list of ideas to work with for an extra buck. If you want to see some of my stuff, I have an album on Facebook, so feel free to add me there. 🙂
  • I’m mildly overly obsessed with my dogs. I have two Papillons, Roxy and Bella, who are my best friends. If you have me on any social media, you’d see that almost immediately.
  • I am a BPW major, but I don’t plan on pursuing journalism for the long-run. My ultimate dream is to be a teacher. In short, I came to UW-Whitewater with those intentions, but had a quarter-life crisis and changed my mind, only to find myself in the Communications Department here. I snapped out of that a little too late and here I am, finishing out my degree in BPW. I was a film minor up until about a week ago (4/8)… Now I’m leaning toward advertising. I like that a lot and could definitely see myself somewhere in a more creative field.

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