Facebook is live, are you?

In a post by SocialTimes author David Cohen, important tips were shared on how to better your use of the new Facebook Live feature.

Let me back up. Facebook now offers a live feature, where its users can essentially interact with their friends in the moment. Being able to do this might seem completely unnecessary, but it gives users the opportunity to respond to comments, reactions, etc. immediately. The feature is especially useful for private groups and events because several members can be live at the same time and interact this way within the confines of the group. It’s nice knowing that you don’t necessarily need a separate app like Skype in order to connect with people, and unlimited users can go live at the same time.

If you ask me, the feature is less appealing because we have things like Facetime (iPhone owners), but I must admit, it would be nice to have a sort of group video chat that’s as easy to access as opening up your Facebook app.


A few notable Facebook Live practices:

  1. Ask friends and followers to sign up for notifications so that they are aware of your Facebook Live offerings.
  2. Post a description of what you are about to share before going live.
  3. Respond to comments by saying hello and mentioning the names of users who comment.

It’s as simple as that- you might just need to practice. Another tip the SocialTimes article suggests is that you use Facebook Live often and try different things.

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