When 140 characters isn’t enough

April 29th, 2016

Sometimes the 140-character limit that Twitter provides just isn’t enough space. Individuals often run into the problem of running out of space in order to get their message across. But what’s worse, believe it or not, is that many companies are faced with the same issue, which can hinder their ability to effectively reach out to consumers. So what are the loopholes to this 140-character debacle?

Twitter probably could have implemented a click-to-expand feature, but most users wouldn’t click through, which would defeat the purpose of getting a message across. SocialTimes offered a few useful solutions:

1. Informational graphic ads

Many companies have taken this route in marketing their brand. Graphic ads are effective because they offer all of the most important information users should see, but also incorporate color and images, which inclines users to click. GIFs are graphic ads, and who doesn’t look a good GIF? Applebee’s uses this tactic more often than not and it’s proven to be very successful.

Here’s a link to Applebee’s Twitter page, so you can get a taste of the restaurant’s informational graphics.

2. Click to view

Flonase took a unique spin on your typical click-to-view graphic. Instead of prompting users to simply click on a link in order to seek more information, Flonase created these:



The click-to-find out graphic is effective because it takes an interactive spin on embedded links that blatantly ask readers to click.

There might not be much hope for us individual tweeters who need more than 140 characters to get our message out there, but commercial brands are surely finding ways to break that mold. And hey, we still use GIFs, pictures, videos, etc. to help us out, so I suppose all hope isn’t lost.

SocialTimes delves deeper into the topic here.

Get paid to watch GoT at work

April 15th, 2016


Your boss sends out a mass e-mail telling you that when you come in to work tomorrow, you don’t have to get busy right away. Instead, you can stream Game of Thrones and take the morning to relax and catch up on the season premier. Is this a test? Is he okay? Should I fall for it? Is John Snow dead? How are Khaleesi’s dragons? Winter is coming!


A paid half-day of work to catch up on Game of Thrones? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t complain.

British technology firm +rehabstudios grants its employees one morning a year to catch up on the season premier of Game of Thrones. Founding partner Tim Rodgers told Mashable the reaction has been “amazing.”

The company was in the midst of updating its handbook when founders decided they wanted to add an extra perk. This year, it’s Game of Thrones; although some employees have asked if the perk can apply to other shows like The Walking Dead, which is totally okay. Next year the perk could be something completely different, Rodgers explained, and employee suggestions are welcome.

Game of Thrones is filmed in Belfast, Ireland, which is where +rehabstudios started, so the connection to GoT has always been present.

2000px-Game_of_Thrones_ratings_histogram.svgLet’s face it, the show has gained serious international popularity and +rehabstudios has both UK and US bases/employees, so it only seemed right to offer this perk.

(US employees are reminded not to post any spoilers, of course, before the premier reaches the UK.)

Hopefully this is the beginning of a workplace movement… I know I’d be a happy camper knowing there would be a day of work dedicated to catching up on one of my favorite shows.

Get all the deets here.

Facebook is live, are you?

April 8th, 2016

In a post by SocialTimes author David Cohen, important tips were shared on how to better your use of the new Facebook Live feature.

Let me back up. Facebook now offers a live feature, where its users can essentially interact with their friends in the moment. Being able to do this might seem completely unnecessary, but it gives users the opportunity to respond to comments, reactions, etc. immediately. The feature is especially useful for private groups and events because several members can be live at the same time and interact this way within the confines of the group. It’s nice knowing that you don’t necessarily need a separate app like Skype in order to connect with people, and unlimited users can go live at the same time.

If you ask me, the feature is less appealing because we have things like Facetime (iPhone owners), but I must admit, it would be nice to have a sort of group video chat that’s as easy to access as opening up your Facebook app.


A few notable Facebook Live practices:

  1. Ask friends and followers to sign up for notifications so that they are aware of your Facebook Live offerings.
  2. Post a description of what you are about to share before going live.
  3. Respond to comments by saying hello and mentioning the names of users who comment.

It’s as simple as that- you might just need to practice. Another tip the SocialTimes article suggests is that you use Facebook Live often and try different things.

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