Blogging has become an incredibly useful way for literally anyone who has an interest in anything to get involved in journalism, or a maybe less traditional form of it. It has widened the scope that traditional journalism had been stuck in for so long. Bloggers have really made a name for themselves in recent years. Honestly, how cool would it be to get paid to post on Instagram? I definitely wouldn’t complain. Not only is it a successful way for bloggers to get recognition, but with the increasing amount of individuals using social media and following blogs, blogs get people involved with one another. This is a beautiful thing. It’s awesome to meet people who share common interests. Personally, I’m not an avid blogger, nor do I avidly follow any specific blogs, but that doesn’t mean that I’m anti-blogging. I think it’s great. I think a lot of blogs are great. In fact, I have hopes of starting my own in the near future. Updates on that to come. I’m just not so sure that everyone is cut out for it. In my opinion, blogs should be a balance between personal accounts that are relatable (because relatability is huge) and actual knowledge. So… after a bit of googling, here are the three blogs I chose to get a little more involved with.

Giuliana Rancic

For those of you who like to stay up-to-date with pop culture, celebrity kind of stuff, join me in being really good friends with E! News’ Giuliana Rancic. Giuliana only recently began her blog, so it doesn’t dig too deep into anything yet, but I think it could be good. She’s an entrepreneur, a saleswoman, a mother and wife, an author and most importantly, a journalist! She’s all the things I wish I could be and I’ve been mildly obsessed with her since I was probably twelve, so listing her site as one of my three seemed like a no-brainer. G’s blog is also an add-on to her personal website, where links to her products and business ventures can be found. I have high hopes for the red carpet goddess and her blog.

The Everywhereist

This blog is fun to follow because it’s by a former copywriter, Geraldine, who basically travels the world behind her hardworking husband. You could call it a travel blog, but she writes about things that go much deeper than that- love and loss, having children and being childless, etc. Geraldine is witty, intelligent, down to earth and has a lot to offer as a writer. Overall, 10/10. Worth the follow. Probably, definitely geared toward the ladies. In her bio, Geraldine talks about how the core of this blog is basically just a love letter to her husband, but I find it to be more than that.

Self-Styled Siren

This. Blog. I can’t get enough of it. A Brooklyn woman who goes by the name of The Self-Styled Siren and constantly refers to herself as The Siren in each article she writes started this film blog in ’05. I first stumbled upon it back in June when I was perusing the Internet, probably drooling over celebs or some new movie I saw. (I see a lot.) She wrote an article about the on-again, off-again relationship between Shakespearean actor John Barrymore and his wife, Elaine Barrie. Here’s a link to that article if anyone is interested. It really struck me, for some reason. The Siren has a way of speaking so eloquently. She is so knowledgeable about film, I actually envy her a lot. She has every right in the world to brag about her talents and knowledge, but refrains from doing so.

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