Final Blog Post

This week in class we took a look at mobile journalism.   There are lot of ways that you can make your site mobile.  Some organizations have made apps, and some of just gone with the responsive design side of things.  For example, ESPN has an app where you can get your news, but you can also access all that information where not on the app.

Blogger does a really good job with mobile design on their blog sites.  They give you the option to decide how your site can look from both the computer as well as mobile. They give you some templates and you can decide how your blog will look not only online but on mobile devices as well.

For my sports blog,  I went with the one of the darker templates.  This might have been because I thought the other ones wouldn’t really fit well with a sports blog.  That’s just my opinion.


Blog Post Week 12

With Brewers blog, social media wise it does a good job.  I know that the blog has it’s own twitter account. They also have a Facebook page as well, and a lot of the content from the blog’s twitter and Facebook pages are the content on the blog.  They leave the this happened in Brewers history and player profiles out of the Facebook page.  I think this might be because to make sure they don’t post too much content in given day.

On the twitter account, in addition to posting stories, they also engage their followers by tweeting them back. They also often tweet with Adam McCalvy and Tom Haudricourt, who are some of the Brewers big beat writers. They still post the on this day this happened or what they learned from the week. This is a cool thing because it gets their followers interested in the content.  They obviously post about rumors, news, and trades that the Brewers are involved in.

On the Facebook page, they do the same with the twitter account.  They post the stories that they post on the blog.  On Facebook and they also do this on their Twitter account with photos. On their Facebook account they had a snapshot of Joe  Block’s tweet about that Carlos Gomez would have been free agent this off season if the Brewers wouldn’t have signed him to a long term deal. This is informative because it provides the readers with something that they probably didn’t know.  I know obviously I follow the Brewers really often, I know they signed Gomez to that deal last year, but I didn’t know he could have been a free agent this off season if they didn’t sign him to a deal last year.


Blog Post Week 13

With the Brew Crew Ball blog, the headlines are all right. A lot of the stories are rumors or game recaps, so you can only get so creative with it. Its more about the facts than being witty or funny. Its hard to make a creative headline about the team possibly being interested in Logan Morrisson. However, there are some interesting stories on the blog that can create some interesting headlines that draw a reader in. One of the recent stories on the blog is about the fact the MLB might install metal detectors in all 30 stadiums. That is really interesting because it is putting a higher emphasis on player and fan safety.

San Francisco Giants v Texas Rangers, Game 3

Even though its the off-season, the blog still does a really good job at putting content up on the blog. Since the season has been over, they’ve updated the blog by putting up content that has recapping last year’s Brewers team with features on the players that were on the roster last year. To me this is a good thing because baseball season is never really over with the moves in the off-season. A lot of those moves can create some buzz like the Prince Fielder for Ian Kinsler trade did.

The blog still continues to do a good job with multimedia. The blog still uses pictures with almost every story. With the features on the players from last year for example, they use photos of the players. For example there is one on John Axford from last year, so there is a picture of him on the mound.

Blog Post Week 10


The comment moderation on the Brew Crew Ball site is similar to other sites because you have to sign for an account in order to contribute to the post. It is kind of a mix of full moderation and user enforced because you don’t know if how closely monitored before they are posted. At the same time, you can clearly see the role that others have in the postings on the blog.

On my blog, D-Shot’s Sports Outlook on Blogger, is different from that blog because you can choose who can comment. It can be someone who has a Google account or just anyone. If someone were to comment on my blog, I would be able to see who commented because I set the preferences. I would also be able to monitor it because if I don’t like a comment or I feel that a comment was too offensive to me I would take that off.

Both blogs are similar because they both allow comments. The way they monitor comments are different because my blog has preferences where anyone can comment. The Brewers blog that is kind of the same, but the person commenting must have an account to be able to post a comment on a story on the blog.

Blog Post Week 9

The Brew Crew Ball blog in terms of the variety of things we have discussed in class including copyright and spreadsheets.   Recently, we discussed the issue of copyright in class. In terms of copyright, they do a good job avoiding issues by citing where the picture came from. For example, they have a picture of Carlos Gomez chewing bubble gum, and to help avoid any copyright issues they cited that it came from USA Today.  It’s very smart that they sited the picture because with blogs anyone can just look up a picture of for instance Carlos Gomez and put on their blog without siting it. They could have gone with a photo that they shot themselves, but they would probably have to get some kind of permission from the team to use it.

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee Brewers

In addition to copyright on photos, they also have videos on the site. One of the most recent videos they have up is on a few of the prospects that participated in the Arizona Fall League. The video is from, so as a blog they definitely should have gotten some sort of permission to use the video. They also have a photo to go along with the post that is in fact cites MLB. So analyzing that the blog should be fine on the copyright issues on that.


Another thing the blog does in terms of interesting content. The blog just put up a post that compares all the BBWAA Award winners against the Brewers. The post also contains a lot of the content we’ve discussed in class. For stats on those winners, they used a spreadsheet to help sort the stats. The stats include how the players or managers did against the Brewers this year. Then they go and back it up with how the Brewers helped those players cases to get the awards. Another thing the blog post uses a photo of NL MVP Andrew McCutchen, which also is cited by USA Today.



Blog Post Week 10

This week I’m going to compare both the Brewers blog with my blog. One of the differences between my blog and the Brewers blog is that the Brewers blog is updated a lot more than mine is. I try to update every once in while depending on what I want to write about. I try to write about current topics with Wisconsin sports a lot. The Brewers blog does a good job at keeping the content fresh.

The thing about my blog it is really easy to find out how many views per post I’m getting. It is very interesting that my Warhawk Football preview  has gotten more views than my MLB Division previews. That might be because that specific blog post got shared a lot more on social media and with the writers on FS Wisconsin. Page views are important to me on my blog because I can see how many views I’m getting. On the Brewers blog, there’s not really a clear cut way to determine how many views their blog is getting.

MLB: World Series-Boston Red Sox at St. Louis Cardinals

On the Brewers blog, it’s fresh content on recent Brewers news. This week, they had a post about if the Brewers are interested in Ryan Dempster. Honestly, I think maybe they could him up. They’ve always had interest in him, and they could always have some more pitching. From that maybe I should do something like that on my blog, where I could discuss rumors going around with Wisconsin teams. Never really thought about it before, and it might seem like a good idea to pursue. Lately, all my post have been my thoughts on sports topics and previews of teams.

Week 7 blog post

This week, I looked at my sports blog that I operate.  There are several things that I can say about my blog that I can incorporate from class.  This week we are talking about measuring an audience online.  Blogger does a really good job at providing a measurement of how many page views the blog is getting. My UW-Whitewater Football Preview has gotten more reads than any of my MLB Division Previews. The reason for this is with that specific post I expanded my audience. I shared it with people at FS Wisconsin because they recently had done a piece on the team. I always share my posts with my Twitter followers and on my Facebook, so that gets a lot of clicks and it really shows how much people like reading and seeing my content.

With every post on my sports blog, I try to put some sort of picture that relates to the post. I do  this to draw the readers in. With the Football preview, it was a picture of head coach Lance Leipold. With my recent UW-Whitewater Men’s Basketball preview, the picture was a picture of me holding the National Championship trophy with 2012 Division III National Athlete of the Year Chris Davis and Quardell Young. The picture in that blog post kind of previews what how deep I think the team can go this year.

With website color and design, black is the main background color, which is a universal color. In terms of my blog, you can associate with many things. Black can be associated with Whitewater sports. It can be associated with the NFC North, with it being known as the “Black and Blue Division.”

Week 8 Blog Post

I went back to the Brew Crew Ball site for this week. In terms of this week’s content from class, an example of a datebase would be the Brewers schedule. Why is up there to let fans know when the team is playing? It can also let people know key match ups. It also has from previous season’s schedule blog content from the games. This helps out with the site because it shows what they wrote specifically after those games.

In terms of spreadsheets, on the site it has polls. I know that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel does this a lot on their site. They have a lot polls on the Packers, Brewers, and the other teams in Wisconsin. It really keeps the readers of the blog involved. Anytime you put something interactive whether it is multimedia or just a poll. It can be a plus because it will draw readers to the site more.


In terms of community blogging, the Brew Crew site is probably ran by writers who volunteer. I know the former sports editor of the Royal Purple writes for a Bucks related blog. It really gives college students, who are just starting to get out there, some experience.

For this week, I decided to shy away from the usual Brewers blog I write about. I’m going to use Tom Pattison’s blog “Voice’s Eye on Football,” which is a blog that talks a lot about Warhawk Football. Tom really does a good job with it. In fact, he’s actually looked at a lot of my sports blogging. I wrote a Warhawk Football preview this summer that he told me he enjoyed.

In terms of content, Tom updates everything really frequently considering there’s usually a game every week or so. For last week’s game against UW-Eau Claire, he wrote about the fact that it was black out game, and even had the advertisement for the game. He has photos of people tailgating at the games. Also in terms of content, he has the information on where to listen to the game, the live video stream, live stats, and game notes from the game against UW-LaCrosse.


The background color really works well with his blog. The background is black and sometimes people associate either the color black or purple with Warhawk Football. He has the title of the blog included with a shot of Perkins Stadium at the top of the blog. This really adds to the site because it clearly describes that this blog is about Warhawk Football and only that. The pictures also show that it is a blog devoted to only Warhawk Football. Tom has pictures from the Alumni Event on September 28th that included the WIAC champions from the past and numerous alumni. Really contributes to the site.


Tom also includes multimedia to the site besides photos. He also includes his podcasts of Warhawk Football this week. He has one from after the Waldorf game. This contributes to the site because it put’s his voice on the site. It promotes his insight to the blog with interviews with Lance Leipold, assistant coaches, and players. These often featured on the game broadcasts on Kool 106.5 during the Saturday games during the season.