Sport Enhancers 8-11

  • From playing sports I have encountered a few people who have used sport enhancers when playing sports. Most times it was in football when I notice that when some of are skill players went down they always went to the locker room with are trainer and would always return to the game that they were hurt in. I also know of a now a United States ranger who took human growth hormones in high school to try to get taller but just worked out. For myself I have taken steroids after I fractured my knee. I declined to take do surgery and instead had weekly monitored steroid shots into my knee to head build my strength back.


  • For my recommendation I talked to several coaches from around the area as well as a few personal trainers who have worked with high school kids. They told me that they have always tried to stop kids and some trainers and coaches from doing sport enhancers and believe that it destroys the nature of the sports themselves. A trainer I have personally worked with told me that if you can’t beat an opponent in a far game then maybe you should have worked hard or even not have played in the first place. He also said that the laws trying to prevent people who use sports enhancers are not just trying to stop them from their sports but trying to stop people from doing illegal drugs in the first place. The NCAA, NFL, NCAAF and other sports want to try to help are younger generations know that with hard work you can win without doing illegal things like sports enhancers.
  • My personal recommendation to stop people from doing sports enhancers is to go to the source and educate the youth. The doctors and trainers who prescribe anabolic steroids or anything need to know the people they are giving them to. To give them things like steroids or human growth hormones is like adding fuel to the fire. There has to be more restrictions on about when people are allowed to take them. Having the person come in like they did me is a very good idea, even if it is just a pill form. Also to stop the first from happening we have to look at children. Today sports athletes are some of the best the world has ever seen and children want to be like them whatever the cost is, even sports enhancers. Are top athletes need to show that to be successful in athletics you have to be willing to put in the work and give the time you need to become the best athlete. Also athletes themselves need to go out against sports enhancers for the simple fact is they have people looking up to them and if people believe that the only reason the athletes got to the place they were by sports enhancers then people who do the same. And finally I want to talk about the coaches in schools. Some coaches and schools only care about winning so they will bend the rule for their students like curving test scores or looking the other way when the students do bad things. We need to send a message to these people to show that not only are the students going to be in trouble but they will as well.


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