Use Your Child For Artwork!

If you have children you know their uncontrollable urge to paint or color everywhere. Even though coloring and painting is a good form of self-expression, it can get quite messy. This do it yourself craft is a way to turn your child’s form of “creativity” into a masterpiece. This craft will a fun bonding time for you and your children, or a stranger’s kid.

What You Will Need

  1. A child (preferably your own).
  2. Blank canvas
  3. Paint and sponge brushes and painters tape.

    sponge brushes

    sponge brushes

  4. Optional: depending on how messy your child it, use a paint tarp or sheet (click on the link to see funny pictures of kids covered in paint)


DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN!!paint-children-986870


How To Make

  1. Spread the optional paint tarp or blanket on the ground.
  2. Put the painters tape on the canvas in a pattern you like.
  3. Get the canvas and put it on the ground.
  4. Get your child ready for the mess
  5. Put out the paint and the sponge brushes
  6. Then let your child go at it!


Finnished Product

Finished Product

This picture is what the finished product will look like. This picture is taken off of Pinterest and is a great example of the child’s self-expression. Plus, you can hang it on your wall for years so when the child moves out or goes off to college, it will remind you of the child.  This project may take a while too depending on your child’s attention span.


Also if you want to see a funny youtube video of some kids covered in paint, click here


NEXT WEEK: I will show you how to make your own ornaments! Ti’s the season!!

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