A New Form of Vases!

When it comes to home d├ęcor, anything you make by your self is treasured. There is also so much room for your own creativity in your house. These wine vases are a way to express yourself. When it comes to turning something that can be recycled into a decor object, this do it yourself idea becomes intoxicating. Get it? This craft is perfect to put fake flowers in and put light into a room.


What You Will Need

  1. Empty wine bottles with all labeling off.images
  2. Your favorite color of yarn.untitled
  3. Hot glue gun.untitled 2
  4. Any decorations you want to put on the bottles.untitled 4untitled 3


How to Make

  1. If the labels on the wine bottles are not peeled off, peel them off. Also make sure that there is no liquid inside.
  2. Heat your hot glue gun and make sure it is ready.
  3. Start at the rim of the bottle and glue the yarn to the bottle.
  4. Make sure you wrap the yarn and hot glue it evenly.
  5. This may take a while, but make a pattern to wrap the yarn and hot glue it to the bottle evenly.
  6. When the bottle is completely wrapped with yarn, start decorating.
  7. You can hot glue flowers or letters, or anything you would like to the bottles.
  8. Let it dry and then place it wherever you like.


This picture is the finished product taken from Pinterest and it looks absolutely gorgeous! The bottles of wine anywhere. Just make sure when you open the bottles, drink responsibly before you start this project.


NEXT WEEK: I will show you how to turn your toddlers artwork into something beautiful.

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