Decorate Your Glassware!


When it comes to plain glass ware it is not that decorative, or fun. However, there is a really exciting way to spruce up your glasses. Any kind of glassware will work! This craft is a perfect example of turning something ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY!

 What You Will Need

  • Any kind of glassware
  • Paint markers
  • Newspaper/paper towel

0007994675180_180X180_jpg-e1e88444fdebeed173bec1b215ffc26c903b6d09-optim-180x180, set out paper towels or newspapers on a solid flat surface. This will keep from paint getting onto your table or any surface underneath the newspaper/paper towels. When that is complete, you will then polish the glassware to make sure there are no stains or water marks. If there are any blemishes on the glass, it can cause the paint to bubble and look terrible. Then, take your magic markers and start creating your masterpiece. Make sure your glass ware is turned upside down and start from the bottom up. When you paint your glasses this way it prevents the paint from running in an opposite direction. Finally, when you have created any creation you want, let it dry for 2 to 5 hours. You can let it dry longer if you want true results. Also, when drying, dry upside down. After the project is complete, to wash, make sure you wash by hand gently. DO NOT PUT GLASSWARE IN THE DISHWASHER. If you wash with a dishwasher it will destroy the whole project.

How I Found This Idea

I saw this nifty idea from Pinterest while looking for craft ideas. The example on this Pinterest post is quite amazing. You can also find the paint markers and the glass ware at This craft idea is perfect for any occasion and is so simple. The only part that takes up an amount of time is the drying process.


NEXT WEEK:  We will see how to make a comfy fleece blanket!



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