Glow In The Dark Mason Jars!

Halloween is around the corner, which means people are getting ready to decorate! Decorations are key when it comes to Halloween. With all of the costumes and jack-o-lanterns, decorations are a vital role. One new decoration is a wonderful craft that takes about 20 minutes. It is glow in the dark mason jars and they are perfect for Halloween

What You Will Need


Mason jars

Glow sticks


How to Make

First you need to un-cap every Mason jar. Then, with the glow stick, cut off an end with a pair of scissors and pour it into the Mason jar. When all of the contents of the glow stick is in the Mason jar, simply pour as much glitter into the jar as you would like. Then with the glitter and the glow juice in the jar simply cap the top on and make sure it is screwed tight. Finally, shake the jar until all of the glitter and glow stick goo cover the sides. Now all you need to do is wait until dark and you have glow in the dark mason jars!


Finished Product

When everything is complete and all of the steps have been finished, your final
project should look like this when it is in the dark:

finished project

finished project


Inspiration from this project came from Pinterest and my own personalization as well. This craft is a really easy do it yourself because it is simply and takes up less time. I recommend this craft for Halloween because it is nifty and spooky.


Next Week:

Next week I will show you how to design simple glassware!

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