Cozy Fleece Blankets!

With the fall weather upon us it is important to be as warm as possible. Being cold can be so uncomfortable sometimes. That is why this simple craft can prevent you from being cold! Fleece blankets have always been fun and easy to make! You can make them for any occasion and they are perfect for Christmas gifts! So, if you are looking for an awesome way to be innovative and make someone an amazing gift here is your chance!

What You Will Need

  1. Any kind of fleece from any craft store, in any color or print. It helps if you get two different kinds.
  2. Craft scissors that are made for cutting fleece (if you use regular scissors they won’t cut the fleece right and it could ruin the project)

Both of these products you can find on Jo-Ann Fabrics online or any other craft store in your area.

How To Make

First, make sure you get 4 to 5  yards of the fleece fabric that you want. It helps if they are two different kinds of prints or colors. For example, I made a blanket with one side black and the other side purple. Four years later it is still comfortable and I still use it! When you have the right length and colors you start cutting rectangle like cuts on all sides of the fleece that are two inches apart. You want to make sure both fabrics are cut even, that way the rectangles are even. It helps to measure with your fingers. Two inches is your finger tip and the rectangle long cuts is your whole pointer finger.  This picture below is from Pinterest, and should help with what the blanket should look like. When you have made these cuts in both fabrics evenly, the next step is to tie them together. When each slice is tied to the other it should also look like this picture as well. Make sure every knot is secure so the blanket does not fall apart. Viola! when each tie and knot is secure you now have a wonderful fleece blanket!

I have made this craft before for myself, and for gifts and it is super easy. The one thing I love about this project is that it is inexpensive and simple to make. Plus! If you are giving it as a gift it means more to people because you made it from your heart. This is one of my favorite crafts and I hope others think so as well!

NEXT WEEK: I will show you how easy it is to turn some old dressers into something new!

Decorate Your Glassware!


When it comes to plain glass ware it is not that decorative, or fun. However, there is a really exciting way to spruce up your glasses. Any kind of glassware will work! This craft is a perfect example of turning something ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY!

 What You Will Need

  • Any kind of glassware
  • Paint markers
  • Newspaper/paper towel

0007994675180_180X180_jpg-e1e88444fdebeed173bec1b215ffc26c903b6d09-optim-180x180, set out paper towels or newspapers on a solid flat surface. This will keep from paint getting onto your table or any surface underneath the newspaper/paper towels. When that is complete, you will then polish the glassware to make sure there are no stains or water marks. If there are any blemishes on the glass, it can cause the paint to bubble and look terrible. Then, take your magic markers and start creating your masterpiece. Make sure your glass ware is turned upside down and start from the bottom up. When you paint your glasses this way it prevents the paint from running in an opposite direction. Finally, when you have created any creation you want, let it dry for 2 to 5 hours. You can let it dry longer if you want true results. Also, when drying, dry upside down. After the project is complete, to wash, make sure you wash by hand gently. DO NOT PUT GLASSWARE IN THE DISHWASHER. If you wash with a dishwasher it will destroy the whole project.

How I Found This Idea

I saw this nifty idea from Pinterest while looking for craft ideas. The example on this Pinterest post is quite amazing. You can also find the paint markers and the glass ware at This craft idea is perfect for any occasion and is so simple. The only part that takes up an amount of time is the drying process.


NEXT WEEK:  We will see how to make a comfy fleece blanket!



Glow In The Dark Mason Jars!

Halloween is around the corner, which means people are getting ready to decorate! Decorations are key when it comes to Halloween. With all of the costumes and jack-o-lanterns, decorations are a vital role. One new decoration is a wonderful craft that takes about 20 minutes. It is glow in the dark mason jars and they are perfect for Halloween

What You Will Need


Mason jars

Glow sticks


How to Make

First you need to un-cap every Mason jar. Then, with the glow stick, cut off an end with a pair of scissors and pour it into the Mason jar. When all of the contents of the glow stick is in the Mason jar, simply pour as much glitter into the jar as you would like. Then with the glitter and the glow juice in the jar simply cap the top on and make sure it is screwed tight. Finally, shake the jar until all of the glitter and glow stick goo cover the sides. Now all you need to do is wait until dark and you have glow in the dark mason jars!


Finished Product

When everything is complete and all of the steps have been finished, your final
project should look like this when it is in the dark:

finished project

finished project


Inspiration from this project came from Pinterest and my own personalization as well. This craft is a really easy do it yourself because it is simply and takes up less time. I recommend this craft for Halloween because it is nifty and spooky.


Next Week:

Next week I will show you how to design simple glassware!



                With every social media site, there became numerous ways to express yourself. With creativity and Self Expression anything is possible! Making something with your hands gives a sense of self-worth and feeling incredible. Crafts are a main part of self-expression and feeling incredible! When you make a craft you can turn nothing into something. This blog is about ways to express yourself and how you can create items you never thought you knew! If anyone wants to learn new ideas on home décor, fashion ideas, or even anything nifty THIS is a blog worth noticing!

What Kinds..?

                Anything worth interesting that comes from your mind is worth crafting. When you put a little bit of self-expression into a project, it goes along way. Creating an item means you “Do It Yourself” (DIY). You can spark creativity from other ideas, but it is better to put your own spunk into a project.  Thanks to the internet ideas are everywhere! I am getting ideas from Pinterest, Google, Instagram, and other sites. These three are important to this blog because they are all social media sites that you can see future ideas.

What Will I Need?

            Every week I will be describing something new to create. I will say where my inspiration was from, give a list of materials needed, and show before and after pictures. I will also give a brief description of what the use for it may be and what to do with this new project.

For example:

How to Make Ice!

Ice is a common necessity used every day! You can use it in your drink, or you can use it for the ice bucket challenge! No matter how you use it you can’t live without it!

What You Will Need:

1. Water

2. A freezer

3.  Ice Trays

How to Make It:


  1. Put the water in the ice trays
  2. Put the trays in the freezer
  3. Leave it in there for a while.                                                                                                             That’s all to it!



I will show you how to make glow in the dark mason jars!