Page views not valued as much?

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When we talk about how to get an audience for a website, page views are one of the most important things to keep track of. But in this article in Newspaper Death Watch, it says differently. While page views are important, they don’t necessarily translate to an audience that stays on the website. Basically, people visit the page because they find a title very interesting, then never come back. So is there an alternative to getting more readers on websites?

Time spent on websites is also important, but like the article says, people keep tabs up all the time, so the time spent is most likely too inconsistent to take seriously. Everything else that we keep track of (time spent on site, page views, etc.) are all important, but I think the most important stat to keep track of is how much audience interaction happens on a website. This way, you know who’s interacting and who’s not and if the site you put up is as effective as you intended it to be.



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Journalism heading the wrong way?

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When reading this article by Jim Romensko, all it took for me to be amazed was the title. But, I still kept reading on why journalism was heading in the wrong direction. In 2013, 6 out of 10 journalists think journalism in the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction and work forces have shrunk in the past year. One encouraging stat I saw from this article was that the amount of women journalists have increased by 4.5 percent this year.

There are a lot of stats that this article lists, but the bottom line is, journalism is heading in a different direction than past year, not necessarily the wrong way. You can be the deciding factor of where journalism is going in today’s world, but there’s no denying that overall, journalism is changing.



directionAll of the stats in the article, including this chart, are from the University of Indiana

Finding new ways to tell stories online?

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When reading this article about new ways to tell stories online, I was surprised at what I read on the site. Koci Hernandez from USC thinks that there is still time to experiment with storytelling on the internet. He says that visual journalism is the new way to deliver the news to the public. Hernandez says “My charge is that we must experiment.  What can story be?  This is what I’m most inspired by; the Johnny Cash Project could not have been told without the Web.” The Johnny Cash project allows users to take an image of Cash and create personal portraits, which are incorporated into a custom video of a Cash performance.

I think that expanding how we do things, in general, is a good thing for all of us. This is a great example of how we are always finding new ways of expressing ourselves and, especially for journalism, that’s important. Hernandez found a great way to express himself as well as help others express themselves. Hernandez admits that when business journalism gets tough, it boils down to the decision for individual journalists.



Advertising on paper in decline?

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In an article that I read on Reflections of a Newsosaur, print ads at nation’s newspapers fell 8.6% to $17.3 billion in 2013, while digital ads went up 1.5% to a total of $3.4 billion. It was not long ago that print ads hit a record $47.4 billion achieved in 2005, according to NAA (Newspaper Association of America). Now, print advertising has achieved barely a third of that record number in 2005. But since then, print ads have been on the decline every year. The 2013 totals for print are the lowest since 1982, which means that there is a significant switch between print and digital.

I feel like this is the inevitable switch that everyone is seeing. Digital is taking over print, whether its news or ads. Digital is simply more accessible than print. I don’t think print will be going anywhere anytime soon, but that being said, I think Digital is making great strides to eventually take over as the primary source for news and ads. In other words, Digital is starting to “evolve” into what most people in today’s world saw when digital advertising started to become popular.




TV station turns in riot video to law enforcement!

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In Santa Barbara, KEYT-TV showed footage  in Northern California of a Deltopia riot and told their viewers that they would be sharing their footage with the sheriff’s department and the district attorney’s office. One Romenesko reader said “There is no concern about precedent, or perhaps being viewed as agents of law enforcement with their actions.”

I found it interesting that the reporters who were covering the riot had connections with the police and a judge. KEYT-TV director Jim Lemon said that he decided to give up the video to the sheriff and the D.A. because “he knew he was going to subpoenaed”

I find this article interesting because I’ve never seen a news station having to turn in their footage and actually report on how they had to hand over their footage. I think it’s funny that something like this could raise rumors that a news station could actually be  a law enforcement arm. It’s good that the station complied with the law because this could have been a bad situation for them if they didn’t turn over the footage.



Phone app helps report the news?

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There are many ways to tell a story in the news industry. One reporter told her story in a brand new way. Beth Parker at Fox 5 in Washington D.C. used an app on her phone called Videolicious to cover a story about an aftermath of a storm that went right through the home of a blind woman.

Videolicious allows a journalist to record his or her own voice, shoot the necessary video clips that go along with the story and drag and drop them into place within seconds. She was able to edit and upload the video from her phone onto Facebook and Twitter for everyone to see.

“I was able to take still photos and video on my phone and create a condensed version of my story to get the information out and tease ahead to the show,” Parker said.

This app reminds me a lot of Vine, another app that allows you to capture yourself on a quick video to show to followers. I think this was really cool because I never seen or even heard a news story that was covered by a phone app. I think this could be a way for journalists to send quick stories to everyone on what’s going on at the site that they are at. Much like Twitter, its fast and easy to use for anyone. Just like that, there’s another way to share a story in the journalism world.





Media companies competing for readers’ loyalty

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In an article that I read on Newspaper Death Watch, U.S. news sources are getting their readers, but in a different way. Through Facebook and other social medias, news sources are getting their stories read by readers that either find it on their newsfeed or from search engine results, which means that there aren’t many readers that are actually loyal to a news source and type in the address to the website on their access bar.

The chart below by Pew Research Journalism Project depicts how much time readers take to read stories, depending on how they found the chart. As the chart shows, readers who get their news by going directly to the news site take more time to read the story and visit more pages on the website. Those who find stories via Facebook or search engine spend less time and read less pages than loyal readers to news sites.



This is very interesting to me because I get my news when someone shares it on Facebook most of the time. Most people that I know get their news this way as well. This just shows how important Facebook and search engines like Google really are to our culture. Sites, such as Buzzfeed and Upworthy, that share random stories for all genres and ages of readers are starting to take over as main news outlets, which will slowly decrease the amount of readers on main sites, such as CNN, FOX, etc. for news.


Charge for repeated errors?

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An article that I read today from Connecticut talked about how press plates are being used up so much due to the journalists making too many mistakes and causing the paper to change the press plates constantly. Well, the journalists may have been given an incentive to look over their stories at least one more time. The Connecticut paper has told their employees that if they need to make a change on an error that’s in their story by changing the press plate, it will cost them $15 to get it done.

I have been through so many classes that talk about how looking over your work and editing it is key to having success in journalism. Articles like this where newsroom superiors actually have to do something to their employees surprises me because these employees have gone through the same or similar education. This article proves how editing in the journalism world is vital to a journalist’s career.



Drug use observed by Minnesota Daily?

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In the article, ” Minnesota Daily Documents Drug Use in Dorms” by Jim Romensko, a Minnesota Daily reporter and photographer Lisa Persson went through the dorms of the University of Minnesota to listen for students that made noises that could lead someone to think that drinking or drugs are in the room (lighters sparking, bottles clinking, loud music, etc.) When knocking on the students’ doors, the reporter asked if she could observe what they were doing for a little bit and told them that their names would be anonymous and pictures were taken from every room they went to. A couple days later, editor in chief Anthony Wagner made sure that there was a follow-up with the students that were involved to get consent from them before writing and posting pictures of that night.

I think this was a great story to write on because of how common it is in college for students to drink while underage and do illegal drugs. I like how the newspaper confirmed with the students that posting the pictures of the drugs and alcohol were OK to them after their night.

passPicture taken by Lisa Persson



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