Field Work Experience

My fieldwork experience was fairly average. I knew I had an idea of the people I wanted to interview as many people are torn on this issue in the Media Arts and Game Development major. A lot of students feel that with the addition of New communication technologies, professors are relying too much on them to teach classes. some people believe that it has started to feel like we pay to watch online tutorials. While some students really feel the value of the addition, and that the ability to learn outside of class bolsters the learning experience. So the two views really interested me so I got one student from each different side of this issue, but I also wanted to get a professor who I knew used various new communication technologies while teaching his class. I feel as if these interviews were useful, but I believe that they would have been better and more insightful if we were allowed more time. For the audio, I took audio clips from the video and introduced the question, however, the file was lost and I could not recover it. With the pictures, I was trying to show various students using new communication technology to work on a 3D modeling project. This issue is one that really interests me because it affects me directly, and I see things from both sides of the issue. It would not be too much of a stretch to say that I chose this topic because I was still confused on where I stand on the issue.

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