Love Online

This short article is a personal story from the author about how he joined his son a trip to Omaha Nebraska to meet a girl that his son has been online dating. The author seems to be open to the idea of online dating, he compares it to how his grandparents would communicate by mail due to being separated due to World War 1. He also goes into detail about how they would interact online, and how it’s mostly stuff normal couples would do. The main point of the article appears to be that online dating is not that different to how normal dating works, but due to the internet, we are able to meet people that we would have normally never been able to meet. We are more likely to meet people that we would be more romantically interested in.

It Takes a Village to Find a Phone

This article is about a woman named Ivanna who loses her phone, and inadvertently starts a massive online event trying to get her phone back. She did this by going to her friend

Evan who in turn created a post about it on a website called digg. People saw this post and it started to pick up steam, and eventually it got enough of a following where Evan justified creating a whole website dedicated to getting Ivanna’s phone back. Ivanna got a new phone, and because her information was stored by her service provider she was able to figure out who had her phone. The teenager who had her phone refused to give it back, which lead to the events of the creation of the digg post and website. Eventually they went to the cops and they were told because it was lost and then found they couldn’t do anything about it. Evan was able to use this massive following to pressure the cops into reclassify the phone as stolen. They arrested to teenager who had the phone, and the rest was history.

The importance of this situation is it shows the power of the internet when it comes to getting a group together. If it was not for the internet Evan would have never fulfilled is vigilante dream. The internet gave him the ability to get all these people together, and it was because of that he was able to pressure the police into arresting the teenager and getting the phone back.

The internet is a very powerful tool, it allows people to create groups with more members which gives them the ability to do things that a single person would never be able to do.

The architecture of participation is when a community of users contributes to a larger idea or project. The way that the community on the website acted in a way where they helped get attention illustrates this point perfectly.

Communication is very important to humans, some might even say it’s the most important aspect of how humans managed to create a society. When communications change it has such a large impact on the way society works, it forces it to change. In this article, we were able to communicate so widely that people that would have never interacted with anyone directly involved. Basically it gives us access to more information,which allows us to form more opinions. Communication is very important to us, the internet allows us to communicate with more people which is very attractive to people who are more social.

This article has helped me realize just how powerful the internet is.