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Past Exhibitions

Fall 2011 Exhibitions

Sobreviviendo: Manejese con Cuidado (Surviving: Handle with Care)

Exhibit continues through October 8

Gallery Director Michael Flanagan traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico with Printmaking Professor Max White and Political Science Professor Charles Cottle along with second year art student Irasema Villarreal. Max White conducted a two-week printmaking project with advanced students through our friends at Taller Juan Alcázar (a printmaking facility).  The workshop site was La Galeria Mano Mágica.  Michael Flanagan worked with students on a museum studies program where we discussed the basics of gallery management. Our study group then used artwork from the UWW permanent collection and advanced student work combined with works borrowed from collections in Oaxaca, notably Taller Rufino Tamayo, a prestigious regional printmaking facility and our host site La Galeria Mano Mágica.  The workshop culminated with an exhibit and reception along with a presentation of the prints produced in Max White’s workshop.

You may be interested in the following blog post about UW-Whitewater artists in Oaxaca.

As an additional part of our trip south, we returned with a portfolio of prints produced in Oaxaca under the direction of Juan Alcázar.  The theme of the portfolio is focused on endangered animals in the region of Oaxaca and is titled, Sobreviviendo: Manejese con Cuidado (Surviving: Handle with Care ).

Ratón, Álvaro Santiago

The prints will be displayed in the Crossman Gallery beginning September 12 and Juan Alcázar will be present for the opening as will staff members of Taller Juan Alcázar.

Across the Divide

October 17 – November 16

Informational Video with artist interviews:


The Crossman Gallery, together with the Visual Arts Center at the University of Texas at Austin, is organizing an exhibition of twenty five contemporary Chinese artists who are currently working in academia across the United States.

Curators and Project Directors: Exhibition Curator, Professor Chris Miles, Chair of Art Department at California State University Long Beach; Project Director Professor Yu Ji at California State University Long Beach; faculty organizers Xiaohong Zhang at UW-Whitewater and Beili Liu at the University of Texas at Austin.

Featured artists:Fang Chen; Amy Cheng; Brian Chu; Xia Gao; Jiawei Gong; Yu Ji; Lin Xia Jiang; Lampo Leong; Ying Li; Beili Liu; Jun-Cheng Liu; Qingyun Ma; Xuhong Shang; Tiffany Sum; Liqin Tan; Ying Tan; Howard Tran; Yida Wang; Xiaoze Xie; Rebecca Ruige Xu; Lawrence  Tzuchi Yun; Wanxin Zhang; Xiaohong Zhang and Ying Xue Zuo.

Select the link below for video of the individual artist presentations during the symposium.

“This exhibition, as exhibitions often do, involves variations upon a theme, but here the theme and variations have as much to do with the artists and their lives and careers as with the work presented.  These artists have in common life experience as well as creative and scholarly experience, in the Sino-Asian region, and they also have in common life experience, creative experience, and academic experience, as both students and teachers, in the United States.  But beyond this core theme, the variations are vast, because the variables that have shaped them are many and complex.”

From the Curator’s Statement by Professor Christopher Miles, Chair, Department of Art, California State University, Long Beach

A full color exhibition catalog is available for $15, plus shipping.

The exhibit will open at the Visual Arts Center, University of Texas at Austin on January 27, 2012.  Select this link for more information:


Scholarship and Creative Achievement Exhibition

The Twenty-fourth Annual Recognition Reception will take place on Tuesday November 22, 2011 from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm in the Crossman Gallery. The exhibit will be open for viewing on Tuesday, November 22, from 10am-5pm and 6pm-8pm.

BFA Entry and Junior Review

November 28 – December 2
Faculty members utilize the review to select new students for entry into the BFA Program and to assess the progress and graduation status of Junior BFA track students.

BFA Exhibition

December 5-10

Reception, December 5th

from 6 until 8 pm

Featuring: Melissa Rataczak, Michael Rybicki and Rachel Walling

Senior Show

December 12 – 17

Reception: December 12th from 6 until 8 pm

Featuring: Landin Fleres,Tia Fossen, Shelby Helmbrecht, Jeanne Holmes, Melissa Hurckman, Nicole MacMartin, Danielle Mill, Alexandra Pitsch, Evan Schmidt, Kala Schmitt and Christina Staskewich.  Students graduating from the Department of Art and Design present their creative work in these group shows. The exhibits typically feature works in all fine arts media including painting, drawing, printmaking, book arts, sculpture, metals, ceramics and computer assisted design.

Summer 2011 Exhibitions

Gallery hours during the summer are limited to 10 am – 4 pm weekdays

Omowale: A Son Returns

Photographs by Dr. Mark Lawrence McPhail

Omowale: A Son Returns

June 22 – July 14

Closing Reception: July 14 from 4-6 pm.

From Dr. McPhail’s artist statement:  The name of the exhibit comes from the Yoruba language: “Omowale” means “a son who has returned home.” The inspiration comes from my encounter with one of the security personnel with the United Nations. Driving me to the airport after my time in Tanzania, he asked me if I had been to African before. “This is my first time,” I replied. “Well, then,” he responded. “It has taken you a long time to come home.”

You may follow this link to an interview with Dr. McPhail produced by our News Service office:


Wisconsin Regional Art Program

June 6 – 25

Workshop, Saturday, June 25

Spring 2011 Exhibitions

The Crossman Gallery welcomes everyone back to campus for the Spring 2011 semester with a new exhibition, The Art Department Faculty Show, which will open with a reception on Thursday, January 20th  from 6-8 pm and continue through February 12th.

The exhibit features examples from faculty and staff members of the department in a variety of media.  It is also a great opportunity to see work by new faculty members as well as the results of ongoing creative research by established faculty.

Dean Mark McPhail and Gallery Director Michael Flanagan hang work in the gallery.

Students will gain access to the results of ongoing research and exploration in the visual arts and can learn by example.  We are also pleased to include the work of Emeritus Faculty in the show along with the work of our new College of Arts and Communication Dean, Mark McPhail.


41st Annual Ceramics Exhibition

Historical, not Hysterical

February 21 – March 18

A national invitational exhibition of ceramics work with an emphasis on the historic is being organized with Ceramics Area Faculty member Jared Janovec.  Examples on loan from Douglas Dawson are shown on the right and include a variety of styles, techniques and geographic areas.

Douglas Dawson will be making a special visit to campus on Thursday, March 3rd and will discuss the works on display at a free presentation at noon in the Crossman Gallery. You can visit the Dawson Gallery site here: Douglas Dawson Gallery

Annual Juried Student Exhibition

Installation view of the Student Show

April 4 – April 9

All students are eligible to enter the professionally juried show where over $1000 in cash and merchandise awards will be given to selected artists. The juror for this year’s show will be Kristen Ferrell. You can see more about Kristen Ferrell at her web site:

Kristen Ferrell


Art Department Scholarship Exhibition

April 12 – April 17

Reception: Sunday, April 17 from 6-7:30 pm,
College Awards Presentation and unveiling of the Wall of Appreciation begins at 6:45 pm

Students who have received Art Department Scholarships for the coming year and past Scholarship recipients will be recognized in this exhibit.

Mary Weiser Art Studies Award:Kara Slamka
Roberta Avonn Fiskum Memorial Scholarship: Katharine Dodge; Heather Harris; Hannah Hein; Nicole MacMartin; Anna Wentzel
Fishman/Flanagan Book Arts Scholarship: Alison Bailey
Max White Printmaking Scholarship: Alex Mehring
Amy E. Arntson Scholarship: Zachary Manners
Beth Blumberg Award: Rebecca Gentil
Edna Grinstead Scholarship: Ethan Eichstedt-Anderson

Scholarships will be presented during the April 17th  reception.

(Photo: Evan Moldenauer with Emeritus Professor Robert and Mrs. Fiskum.)


BFA Entry and Junior Review

Students installing work in the Fall Review.

April 18 – April 21

Faculty members utilize the review to select new students for entry into the BFA Program and to assess the progress and determine the graduation status of Junior BFA track students.

Entry Review: Eric Irving, Katie Swanson, Zach Manners, Helene Ramsdell, Ellen Benway

Junior Review: Nancy Dimiceli, Michael Rybicki, Beth Zarden-Benson, Leticia Castillo, Whitney Schutte, Kara Slamka, Chanda Droske, Abigail Fitzsimmons, Rebecca Devries, Madeleine Porter, Samantha Downham


BFA Exhibition

April 25- April 30

Reception and welcoming remarks: April 25 from 6 until 8 pm

Exhibiting Artists:  Nicolle LaMere, Kraig Przybylski, Andrea Miller and Sam Van Galder

BFA Exhibition

May 2-7

Reception and welcoming remarks: May 2 from 6 until 8 pm

Exhibiting Artists: Sharayah Honeyager, Brett Roberts and Jeremy Jansen

Senior Show

May 9 – 14

Reception and welcoming remarks: May 9 from 6 until 8 pm.

Exhibiting Artists: Te Bates, Ashley Dietscher, Nancy Dimiceli, Ashley Eklund, Michelle Fritsch, Heather Hoberg, Jade Jacobson, Matthew Johnson, Philip Leggate, Kayla Magnor, Jaimie  Mahoney, Michael Schoenherr, Carly Solberg,  Dessa Thompson, Christopher Watkins, and Julianne Schnuck

Students graduating from the UW-W Art Department present their creative work in these group shows. The exhibits typically feature works in all fine arts media including painting, drawing, printmaking, book arts, sculpture, metals, ceramics and computer assisted design.

Fall 2010

The Hanoi Photography Project

Hanoi: A Portrait of a City
Ha Giang, Vietnam—Ethnic Minorities and Water Issues

Recent Works by Lawrence D’Attilio
September 7 – October 9

Lawrence D’Attilio is a fine art photographer with years of experience.  His exhibit will feature photographs of Hanoi (Vietnamese: Hà Nội) today that are going to constitute the first book of essays and photos of Contemporary Hanoi published in the US and planned for early 2011 release.  Lawrence has spent 12 months over the last three years engaged with Vietnamese citizens through much of Hanoi and has created relationships and contacts useful for educational, cultural, health, business, and financial interests in Wisconsin.  Lawrence is a Rotarian who is also engaged in promoting the concept of  micro lending through another photography project he made in Vietnam.

In addition to the photographs from Hanoi, a second component of the exhibit examines the tribal people who inhabit Ha Giang, Vietnam, the mountainous region of northern Vietnam adjacent to the border with China.

Lawrence D’Attilio’s photography work in Vietnam has been made possible with financial assistance from The Ford Foundation—Vietnam, The Underwood Foundation via an Anonymous Donor, The Underwood Foundation—Direct Grants, Dr. Thom R. Feroah—Individual Grant, and the Greater Milwaukee Foundation Mary L. Nohl Suitcase Fund.  Exhibition prints and mounting have been generously supported by a Gift in Memory of Richard Watkins Foard Jr.

Vietnam Economic and Cultural Development Conference (public invited), October 7, 2010, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., UW-Whitewater’s College of Business & Economics Global Business Resource Center will present an all day conference on Vietnam for people interested in the evolving economic relationship between Vietnam and the United States.  Presentations in the morning will discuss why Vietnam has become one of the most important nations for economic opportunities now.  An afternoon session will consider the problems and solutions for doing business in Vietnam.  This site will be updated with additional information about the conference.

Speakers with personal and business experience in Vietnam will address the afternoon session to explore problems and solutions when doing business in that country.

The lunch keynote speaker will be photographer Lawrence D’Attilio, who will talk about the need for cultural understanding as a precursor for a successful Vietnam business model.  The talk will cover the how tos for developing business by becoming an insider through constant contact with influential Vietnamese in the arts, industry, NGOs and government.

Question: Identity – Fences: Wrong Answer
LGBTQ Perspectives

October 18 – November 13

Artists selected for their approaches to life and loss, love and sorrow in the LGBTQ community organized in cooperation with the campus LGBTQ organization.  The exhibit is slated to coincide with the presentation in the Young Auditorium of The Laramie Project and The Laramie Project – Ten Years Later, An Epilogue (performances on October 18th and 19th). The Laramie Project is a play by Moisés Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theater Project about the reaction to the 1998 murder of University of Wyoming gay student Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming.  The murder is widely considered to be a hate crime motivated by homophobia. The Laramie Project is based on interviews with Laramie residents shortly after the time of Matthew Shepard’s murder twelve years ago and again ten years later for the second production. Artists include Madison photographer Paul Baker Prindle, UWW faculty member Max White, UWW alums Amber Van Galder and Christine Fotorny, current UWW student Tabitha Dankert, Lawrence (WI) University Professor Benjamin D. Rinehart, UW-Stevens Point Dean Jeffrey Morin (SailorBOYpress), Arkansas metalsmith David H. Clemons, California metalsmith Kira Williams, Colorado painter Jack Balas, Wisconsin photographers Shimon and Lindemann, and Julia Taylor, New York photographer Kai Kaden and Amsterdam/New York City based painter Daniel Bodner.  Examples of work by the late artist Tee Corinne will also be exhibited. (Image by Tabitha Dankert, “Why Can’t I Love Her?”)

Scholarship and Creative Achievement Exhibition

Reception and display: Wednesday, November 24 from 10:30 am – noon.  Program at 11 am
Faculty and Academic Staff are provided a forum for the display and acknowledgment of published research and creative work from the previous year. The exhibit offers visitors the opportunity to examine scholarly publications and creative achievements from a diverse range of disciplines and investigative pursuits.

BFA Entry and Junior Review

November 29 – December 3
Faculty members utilize the review to select new students for entry into the BFA Program and to assess the progress and graduation status of Junior BFA track students.

BFA Exhibition

December 6-11

Reception, December 6th from 6 until 8 pm

Features new work by Gretchen Yeo (Metals) and Angela Banike (Design).

(Bush poster by Angela Banike)


Senior Show

December 13 – 18

Reception: December 13th from 6 until 8 pm

Students graduating from the UW-W Art Department present their creative work in these group shows. The exhibits typically feature works in all media including painting, drawing, printmaking, book arts, sculpture, metals, ceramics and computer assisted design.  Exhibiting students are: Natalie DiChiria, Lauryn Durtschi, Nicholas Forslund, Dawne Fowler, Samantha Hanson, Leon Keller, Katherine Lagman, Sam Matter, Natalie Quinnies, Geoffrey Robichaud, Stacy Rowan, Rachel Sarow and Heidi Walbert.

Spring 2010

Permanent Collection ExhibitionCrossman_Gallery_727

January 21 – February 13

Reception: January 21st , 5-7 pm

Selected works from the Permanent Collection featuring new additions of Andy Warhol photographs from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts; major gifts from Karen Lennox, Henry Ostberg, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Pollock, and Alan Ichiyasu; Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity)works on paper from Marvin and Janet Fishman; prints from Kent and Diane Anderson; new gifts from Ruth and Robert Vogele, outsider works donated by Beth and Jim Arient and Diane and John Balsley; and examples of Cypripedium Unbound, a collection of mailed art works compiled by Peter Whitson Warren donated by Karen Gunderson.

40th Annual Ceramics Exhibition

The Alumni Invitational Show

February 22 – March 19

A national invitational exhibition of graduates from the Art Department Ceramic area. Invited artists include: Zacaria Anny, Jason Brabender, Jenni Brant, Jason Briggs, Jeff Campana, Greg Cochenet, Katheryn Corbin, Jimmy Eddings, Ben Fiess, Michael Gross, Kathleen Guss, Jesse Hull, Chuck Johnson, Diane King, Kathleen Miller, Sarah Mizanin, Lauren Simon Neese, William Pariso, Stephen Robison, Jim Rowe, Brock Rumohr, Amanda Salov, Michael Schmidt, Nick Toebaas, Dan Van Tassel and Kevin Van Winkle. Former faculty members invited to participate include: Clayton Bailey, Don Bendel, Karl Borgeson, Verne Funk, Steven Kemenyffy and Harvey Sadow.

Fall 2009

Chicago Imagists: Works on Paper

September 10 – October 17

Chicago Imagists: Works on Paper will be an exhibit utilizing drawings, prints, watercolors and mixed media pieces on paper created by artists collectively known as Chicago Imagists. The show includes links through the works of Ivan Albright, Leon Golub and Nancy Spero. Influences from professors at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago include Ray Yoshida. Other artists whose works planned for inclusion aree are: Don Baum, Roger Brown, Gladys Nilsson, Jim Nutt, Ed Paschke, Christina Ramberg, Barbara Rossi, H. C. Westermann, and Karl Wirsum. Additional works by Robert Lostutter, Ellen Lanyon, Phyllis Bramson and Michael Noland show the reach of the Imagist influence on the work of associated artists.

Alumni Exhibition

October 23 – November 14

Picture 1

The Crossman Gallery is hosting a new exhibit featuring the work of seven Art Department graduates in a group show. The Alumni Exhibition provides an opportunity for visitors to see the current work of artists attending the university from the 1970’s to more recent graduates. The show also allows for a look at how graduates from the Department have used skills obtained during their years at UW-Whitewater to achieve careers in the arts. Disciplines from education, studio art production and related professional careers in design and photography are all ably represented in the exhibit.

While each artist in the exhibit is unique, a common theme in this exhibit is an interest in the human figure, and the multiple approaches to the depiction of the figure provides some insight into the varied processes utilized by the artists.

My personal thanks are extended to all the artists: Jenni Brant, Greg Gent, Mutope Johnson, Frank Korb, Rachel Roemer, Ralph M. Selensky, and Patrick Turner. Special thanks are also due to Patrick Turner’s family and friends for assistance in providing his artwork for the show.


39th Annual Ceramics Exhibition 2’X2’X2’: A Mixed Bag of Small Ceramic Wonders

February 23 – March 19 Reception: February 23, 6-8 pm

Organized in co-operation with the Ceramics Area and curated with the assistance of Assistant Professor Jared Janovec. An examination of the grand history of art provides ample proof in support of the argument that scale is a relative issue; quantity is not quality, less can be more and bigger is certainly not always better. These aforementioned maxims provided the genesis for the 39th Annual UWW Ceramics Exhibition, 2’X2’X2’: A Mixed Bag of Small Ceramic Wonders. In selecting artists for the exhibition, both potters and sculptors, scale was the obvious primary motivator, however, quality within a diverse spectrum of ceramic art was also in the forefront of the decision making process. The works in the exhibition also provide viewers with a wide-ranging scope of materials, techniques and processes relative to studio ceramics. Ultimately, this exhibition aims to provide its viewing audience with proof that small does matter and that the act of making, relative to ceramic art objects, is alive, potent and kicking.

Exhibiting artists: James Aarons, Chris Antemann, Chuck Aydlett, Susan Beiner, John Chwekun, Cynthia Consentino, Chad Curtis, Lindsay Feuer, Ilena Finocchi, Debra Fritts, Wesley Harvey, Garth Johnson, Kate D. Macdowell, Richard Notkin, Vince Palacios, Kadri Pärnamets, Katy Rush, Ted Saupe, Jay Strommen, Rob Sutherland, Wendy Walgate and Valerie Zimany.

Art Department Faculty Exhibition

January 22 – February 14, 2009

This exhibit provides an opportunity for the faculty and staff members in the Art Department to exhibit their latest creative work. Examples of work by studio artists using ceramics, computer assisted design, drawing, electronic imaging, metals, painting, photography, prints, and sculpture will be included in the show. There will also be examples of scholarly works produced by art historians on the faculty.

The exhibit also allows visitors to view the variety of fine arts produced by our talented faculty and gives students access to the results of ongoing research and exploration in the visual arts conducted by Art Department faculty and staff. We are also pleased to include the work of Emeritus Faculty in the show along with the work of Tom Parker, a former faculty member now Art Department Chair of Drury University.


Women of Metal: Innovation, Connection and Education

September 9 – October 18
Women of Metal: Innovation, Connection and Education is an exhibition of artwork by first and second generation women jewelers/metalsmiths who have a professional and educational relationship to metals as an arts discipline in Wisconsin. The goals of the Women of Metal Project are to celebrate the art work of women jewelers/metalsmiths in Wisconsin; to examine their work – its evolution and influence in the context of historic/contemporary metals practices; to explore and reveal relationships between art and craft practices; to consider the role of education and mentorship in the professional development of women in metals; to increase public awareness of the contributions of these artists to the cultural history of Wisconsin; and to inspire further scholarship into the lives and work of these pioneering artists. To achieve these goals, project coordinators Teresa Faris and Susan Messer have developed a number of related educational projects and public activities concurrent with the exhibition.


Ruins: An Exhibition of New Video and Photography from China

October 28 – November 22

Organized by the Institute of Visual Arts, Peck School of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Zhang Zhaohui has curated an exhibition of new photography and video by 14 Chinese artists. RUINS directly addresses the tension between a rapidly developing and urbanizing society and its traditional history and culture. Zhang Dali, Li Wei, Liu Wei, the Gao Brothers, Liu Jin, Chen Qiulin, Huang Yan, Ma Yongfeng, Xing Danwen, Zhang Wei, Li Luming, Sheng Qi, Cheng Qingqing and Ng Fong Chao pick through the debris of China’s recent past and consider the possibility of building a new cultural identity on the ruins of that past.

38th Annual Ceramics Exhibition: A New Breed

January 24 – February 16, 2008

The 38th Annual UWW Ceramics Exhibition explores a variety of approaches by young emerging ceramic artists. Contemporary ceramic art is rich with a multitude of approaches to vessel, sculpture and installation based works and much of this richness is being defined by a new generation of artists working with clay. The 38th Annual UWW Ceramics Exhibition has been organized to provide an examination of artworks from a select group of emerging artists in this country. Represented in this show are merely a small fraction of artists within this new generation but one word was crucial in bringing this show into fruition: Variety. This presentation of ceramic art strives to provide to its audience the opportunity to view works that vary in form, surface, content and imagery and, ultimately, to provide a glimpse at the strengths and diversity of 21st century ceramic art. Jared Janovec, Exhibition Curator

Graphic Novels, Zines and Comix: from Hogarth to Robert Crumb
February 21 – March 20

estesforweb.jpg rabbitmerchant.jpg
I Responded by Max Estes The Rabbit Merchant, c. 1800 by Thomas Rowlandson

With the growing interest in the genre of illustrated storytelling in book form, this exhibit will explore the breadth of works by a group of invited artists. The exhibit will take a broad approach to looking at the form including some fairly diverse material including a mid 15th century Book of Hours, early historic works by William Hogarth, Honoré Daumier and Thomas Rowlandson, early 20th century pieces by Max Ernst and Lynd Ward, prints by Robert Crumb and vintage comic book material including original examples of underground books. The exhibit will also feature a selection of works by younger artists from the region including Max Estes as well as nationally recognized artists like Jessica Abel, Amos Kennedy, Loren Kreiss, and Matt Madden.

Annual Juried Student Exhibition
April 7 – 16

All students are eligible to enter the professionally juried show where over $1000 in cash and merchandise awards will be given to selected artists. Dara Larson, an artist and faculty member at Alverno College, was the juror for the exhibition.

Best of Show / Commercial Bank of Whitewater and Janesville 
Cassisus Cox, The Atrium Blues
1st Prize / Dean Richard Haven 
Christine Fotorny, 28 Days Later
2nd Prize / Chair Robert Mertens 
Erica Meier, Four Barrel
3rd Prize / First Citizens Bank 
Jeremy Uglow, Social Dissonance

BFA Exhibition

May 5 – 10
BFA candidates include: Deborah Blackwell, Benjamin Fiess, Christopher Gerber,
Tanya Keating, Nathan Mortensen and Dan Van Tassell

Senior Show
May 12 – 17
Students graduating from the UW-W Art Department present their creative work in this group show. The exhibits typically feature works in all fine arts media including painting, drawing, printmaking, book arts, sculpture, metals, ceramics and computer assisted design.

Neue Sachlichkeit: works from the collections of Marvin and Janet Fishman and Kevin and Margaret Kinney

February – March, 2006




Neue Sachlichkeit, or New Objectivity, is a form of German Expressionism, the powerful art movement that took place between the two world wars. German paintings, drawings and prints on paper created during this era will be selected from the Fishman Collection, one of the leading collections in the world of its type. Additional pieces will be selected from the collection of Kevin and Margaret Kinney, Milwaukee collectors who are also noted for the strength of their holdings of German works.  Guest lecturer Corinne Granof, Associate Curator of the Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, spoke on February 28.

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