HEALTHED 181 – Contemporary Health
An investigation of health areas and behaviors as they relate to the college student.

HEALTHED 382/582 – Elementary Health Education
Teaching and learning experiences in selected content areas of health
education. Designed for the elementary teacher. (D2L Web-enhanced, Hybrid)

HEALTHED 340/540 – Introduction to Health Issues and Secondary Health
Education – An introduction to various health belief models and philosophies with particular emphasis on health education content at the secondary level. (D2L Web-enhanced)

HEALTHED 490/690 – Sexuality Education for the K-12 Educator
This comprehensive (school health education) course is designed to add
to the K-12 educators knowledge and comfort in the area of teaching
sexuality education. Historical trends, past and future, will frame this
sexuality education course.

HEALTHED 445/645 – Teaching Health Education
A study of philosophy, trends and teaching-learning strategies. Emphasis will be placed on developing and utilizing models and strategies in health education. (D2L Web-enhanced)