Crew 66 videos

Author Insights: This video clip has the author describing how each of the 8 characters in CREW 66 were named. Insider information about where the initial idea for the book was  conceptualized as well as information about Lone Star and Mr. Tangen are revealed.

The Nut: Watch this video to find out who Tinkertoy, Sniffie McGee and Nutsy Nu are, and what this “person” has to do with the National Health Education Standard of analyzing influences.

Smoking Suzie: The author describes a first year teacher blunder related to conducting a Smoking Suzie demonstration to teach students about the risks associated with smoking. The National Health Education Standard of decision making is addressed.

Stop, Drop, and Roll: Did you ever wonder if you would recall the skill of stop, drop and roll if you ever caught on fire? The author describes making a midnight snack and going up in flames!

Mississippi River Rat: The author describes another first year teacher blunder related to understanding your target audience as a teacher. She relates this story to CREW 66 and the diversity of ideas presented within the curriculum.