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The first blog I would like to focus on is Grantland. Grantland is a sports blog site that has some of the top writers and journalist in the sports world. They are renowned for their writing and in depth analysis on the hottest topics in sports.

Grantland uses top of the line reporting as its in with sports enthusiasts. Writers like Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe cover topics in a unique style that will get all of its readers to the bottom of any issue that they are covering. They are both respected for the way they go about reporting and analyzing their stories. Grantland keeps a special focus on not only what is going on in the sports world, but also on pop culture. They continually combine stories that are not only popular to sports fans, but also to the fan of Hollywood and news around the world.

It is this unique coverage that has made Grantland a household name across the country and they continue to play to their strengths by combing with ESPN and Sports Illustrated. By receiving national coverage on not only television and radio, but also through their print magazines and websites. Bill Simmons is featured on ESPN’s NBA Countdown show and Zach Lowe is featured regularly writing for Sports Illustrated.

In order to continually build its audience, Grantland focuses a lot of time and energy on the true investigative end of sports and pop culture journalism. When Ray Rice faced suspension for his involvement in physically abusing his then girlfriend, Grantland was right their covering the story and all the deep details that kept the readers intrigued and ultimately led to Ray Rice receiving a season long suspension. Because of these stories, readers are always waiting for the next big story to hit and for Grantland’s great writers to cover it in their own unique style.

Grantland’s Link: http://grantland.com/


Mashable is a blog website that focuses on tech, entertainment, business, social media, lifestyle, and world news. The reason I enjoy Mashable so much is because of its convenience. While I am visiting the site I can get not only my daily entertainment and world news, but they are also updating and keeping you up with the latest tech and business information across the world.

Mashable’s number one strength is their ability to attract such a wide range of individuals. You can either be a tech geek, someone looking for the latest happening in the Middle East, or looking for a good business article and you can find all of that on one location.

Mashable plays to that strength by making the website very easy to navigate and to find exactly what you are looking for quickly. They not only update their content daily, but several times a day. This makes it easy to visit several times a day and continually having something different to look at.

Mashable builds its audience by allowing them the opportunity to contribute to blogs and by appealing to a wide range of people. Again, they do not specifically focus on one genre, and because of this they garner a wide audience that continues to grow.

Mashable Link:http://mashable.com/

Brew Crew Ball

Brew Crew Ball is a blog that focuses solely on the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team. Since I am a die hard Brewers fan I love this blog because I am always up to date with everything Brewers.

Brew Crew Ball is great at keeping their feed up to date with not only the latest news that involved the Brewers, but they also continually have articles that contain projections, rumors and news about players and what to expect in the next game and news during the offseason.

They do a great job playing to their strengths by knowing their audience well. They know this is a blog that is followed by basically only Brewers fans and use that to their advantage. They are always on top of the team and the opponents the Brewers will be facing. In the offseason they focus on possible free agent and trades the Brewers are rumored to be involved with.

To continually grow their audience they have a strong social media presence and I also follow them on twitter for constant updates on my Brewers.

Brew Crew Ball Link:http://www.brewcrewball.com/

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About ME

Name:  Cody Erickson       Year:  Senior      Major:  Broadcast Journalism    Minor:  Business Management

Hey guys, my name is Cody Erickson and I am currently a senior here at UW- Whitewater.  I am a big sports guy and enjoy following the NFL, NBA MLB, and  Division I and III sports very closely.  I have been the sports director here at UWW for the campus radio station, 91.7  The Edge, in the past and hosted daily sports talk show during that time.  Over the past three years I have started my own business and built it into a $600,000 company.  During this time I recruited and hired college students to help me market and sell my product.  This was a life changing experience and has opened many doors for me.  I think both positions I’ve held while in school will greatly benefit me going forward, and thats what its all about at our age, opening as many doors as possible.  I look forward to meeting everyone else in this class and reading what you have to say this semester.

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