What’s New In CoBE Tech?

The College of Business and Economics support team has always believed that technology can be a critical factor in creating a superior learning environment for our students, faculty, staff, and outside stakeholders.  The constant advancement of technology means that we can never sit still.  We must continue to research new technology and implement the best strategies for our College stakeholders.  This year proved to be a busy time for technology initiatives in Hyland Hall.  College staff worked closely with central IT staff to add the following technology to Hyland Hall:

New Media Recording Equipment

We built three new student project/recording rooms (HH3100A, HH3100B, HH3104) for students.  These rooms include a 55 inch screen to enhance group work and allow for students to record media for class assignments.  Some classes already using this new recording technology include Advanced Sales Techniques, Career Planning and Business Communications.

Piloting New Classroom Recording Solutions

In addition to the student project/recording rooms, we are piloting two new classroom recording solutions.  These solutions will allow faculty and/or students to record class lectures and presentations.  The recordings can then be played back at later times to assist students with studying and reviewing for exams.  We plan to continue piloting these two solutions through Spring Semester and make a final selection in Fall 2014.

CoBE Student Organizations Can Record Promotional Segments

Media is becoming a critical part in transforming the higher education learning environment.  UW-Whitewater College of Business and Economics faculty have already created over 2000 media segments to be used in online and traditional courses.  Now it is the students turn.  The new student project/recording rooms will add a new layer to our learning environment.  Students can also use our media studio to create CoBE organization related media.  You can see an example of the AMA promotional media at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEZUJXFrAgs.

If you are interested in adding media to promote your CoBE organization, please contact our CoBE helpdesk at 472-4981.  College of Business and Economics student organizations can record media on Mondays and Fridays between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.

New IT Project Room/Study Area (HH3013) 

Infrastructure Technology students moved into a new IT Project Room/Study Area including large screen monitors, couches, bean bags, and study tables.   IT students can use this space for classroom/business related projects or just relaxing after a long day.

New Computers in HH3101 Computer Lab

Our largest computer lab, HH3101, received new all-in-one Hewlett Packard computers this year.  These computers are more powerful than the older models and the compact, all-in-one design allowed us to hide wires to create a cleaner workplace for students.

New Group Collaboration Set Up In the IT Computer Lab (HH3106)

Students taking IT related courses were happy to see upgraded computers with a new desk design to allow individual and group work.  Students can work individually on their own computer or simply slide the monitor into a desk pocket to provide improved communication with others.


Please stop by and say hi to our friendly staff in the Online Education and Technology Support Center.  We are located in HH 3001.

Written By: Dr. Robert M. Schramm, Assistant Dean, College of Business and Economics

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