So, it’s the third week of the spring semester and registration for summer courses begins next Monday, February 11th. As one semester starts, we’re working on the next. I think I’ve mentioned that in my blog before, but I’m just pointing out that it’s still true! And the fall timetable is due soon…

We’re in the throes of change here in the Assistant Dean’s Office, which I guess is appropriate for what is loosely termed the “spring” semester. (It is snowing as I write this.) Anyway, we’re growing a bit. I hope that very soon we will begin a search for a new advisor to assist with sophomore level concerns, such as the transition to CoBE advising, making connections with majors and departments, and advising, in general. Eric Roche, our senior advisor will continue, and the three of us will work together on Learning Communities, sophomore programming, advising, and more!

One change for me is working with the Business Communication program. We’ve been having meetings to consider changes to the Business Communication course and to improve business writing, in general. We will be looking at ways to weave writing throughout the curriculum and to build continuity among courses such as Business Communication and Career Information. Good writing requires practice and reinforcement, and we hope to find ways to assist in those endeavors.

Students on the BBA online track and students earning second majors and degrees will now be advised in the Assistant Dean’s Office, as well. Chris Kutz was formerly the advisor to these students, but her advising load has increased significantly, and she will advise only graduate students. It looks like we’re growing in two directions: advisees and advisors. Even more advisors would be nice!

As we make changes to the advising structure and the business communication areas, I welcome input from faculty, staff, students and others. Please let me know if you have insight or suggestions.

Written By:  Janet Olson, Assistant Dean, College of Business and Economics

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