Points of Pride

I often tell people I am CoBE’s biggest cheerleader, and it’s true. I’m so proud of the many amazing accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff! This week, I’d like to focus on a few of them.

Water Business

One area of entrepreneurial leadership is our Water Business Program. Did you know we have the only water business program in the world? The world’s fastest depleting natural resource is water. Companies across the globe depend on and impact the quality and quantity of the water supply, and this dependence and impact has economic costs that significantly determine environmental, economic and social sustainability. In partnership with the Milwaukee Water Council, our faculty, staff and students are committed to building the capacity to provide global solutions to one of the future’s greatest challenges. Stay tuned for our new Institute for Water Business expected to roll out this spring.

Entrepreneurship Major

And speaking of being entrepreneurial, I am very proud of our Entrepreneurship Program! The program is in its third year and has already grown to 143 majors and a new minor. Our Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) regularly sweeps awards at the annual national conference, resulting in two of our students being invited to the White House last year for an entrepreneurship summit. Our students consistently walk away either winning or in the highest ranks of the regions’ business plan competitions, including our own Warhawk CEO-sponsored competition, the Mason Wells business plan competition and the Governor’s business plan competition. Several of our outstanding entrepreneurship students have attracted substantial venture capital funding. This program boasts amazing, creative students and a committed, hard-working and talented faculty and staff of i-mentors.

Online Business Degrees

One final area in which we have long provided national leadership is in high quality, online business education. Our college has offered fully online business programs since 1998, with a constant commitment to the incorporation of new technologies and best practice to maximize student learning outcomes. Business schools across the country have contacted us for assistance, often resulting in visits to Whitewater or outreach consulting by our faculty and staff, because of our reputation for strength and quality in this area. And, of course, all of our initiatives are grounded in AACSB accreditation, an accreditation that holds us to the highest standards.

For all of these reasons and so many more, when we say a degree from CoBE is A Degree Above, we know it’s more than talk. It’s a way of life.

Written by: Dr. Christine Clements, Dean, College of Business and Economics

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