Masters of Professional Accountancy

Did you know UW-Whitewater is the only regional Wisconsin university with a Masters of Professional Accountancy Program?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the employment opportunities for accountants will rise by approximately 16% between 2010-2020. The average annual salary for entry-level accounting graduates is $44,000-$56,000.

Many students wonder how to pursue an accounting degree. Most states require certified public accountants (CPA) to complete 150 credits of course work to qualify to sit for the CPA Exam. While students at many schools complete a double major to earn 150 credits, most UW-Whitewater students earn a Master of Professional Accountancy (MPA) and better prepare themselves for the CPA exam in the same time period. The MPA degree will help you extend your knowledge in accounting, business law, and professional ethics while meeting your advanced coursework requirements.

The combination of undergraduate and graduate program coursework has paid off for many accounting students at UW-Whitewater. Student success has been consistently proven through its high pass rates on the Uniform CPA Examination.

Candidates must complete four CPA exam sections before they can be licensed to practice as CPAs; auditing, business environment, regulation, and financial accounting. The CPA Exam is currently a computer-based exam; the four sections can be taken separately and in any order.

According to the results from the 2011 CPA Exam, UW-Whitewater students taking the CPA exam for the first time earned a 58.7% pass rate compared to a 49.8% for all candidates nationwide. In addition, UW-Whitewater’s scores for first-timers were higher than other regional Wisconsin universities.

UW-Whitewater MPA Program Director and Accounting Professor, Dr. Robert Gruber, believes one reason for UW-Whitewater’s successful students is the direct result of the unique preparation provided by the MPA program. Dr. Gruber explained, “The MPA program is tightly integrated and coordinated with the bachelor’s degree program in accounting (BBA). It builds upon and expands the BBA degree, culminating with the Comprehensive MPA Examination, which simulates and mimics the CPA Exam. Thus our students are provided a detailed self-assessment before they actually take the CPA Exam.”

The Uniform CPA exam is the only licensed qualification in accounting. All individuals seeking to become Certified Public Accountants (CPA) are required to pass the CPA exam.

Written By: Dr. Robert M. Schramm, Assistant Dean, College of Business and Economic

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