Study Abroad. Change your Life. Really.

  • Do you love to meet new people, try interesting food, and learn new customs? 
  • Are your fondest memories related to vacations with family and friends?
  • Have you ever changed the way you think and behave based on meeting someone or visiting a new place? 

You are ready to study abroad.

Oh, I know there will be arguments going on in your head.  It will be too expensive.  It will delay my graduation.  I’m afraid of being away from home and losing close contact with my family and friends.

But . . .when else in your life will you have the chance to live in another country for a semester, to meet others who are your age from all over the world, to take classes from a fully international faculty, to study, to live a different life?

CoBE and the Center for Global Education can make your dream of studying abroad come true.

Here are some facts:

  •   If you have financial aid, it can be adjusted to accommodate study abroad. And scholarships are available.
  •  For exchange programs, you pay UWW tuition, and your courses come back as UWW courses on your transcript.
  •   If you plan ahead carefully, you will not lose time to your degree.

Begin by visiting the Center for Global Education on the first floor of Hyland Hall, next to the Deloitte Café.  I’m prejudiced, but for business students, Arnhem Business School in the Netherlands is an excellent choice.  The exchange has operated successfully since 1994!  We have 3 Arnhem students here on campus right now.

To learn more about Arnhem, visit:

If you’d like to talk about Arnhem and your study options (all in English), email me at!  I’d love to talk with you.

Written By:  Dr. Lois Smith, Associate Dean, College of Business and Economics

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