Research Interests

I have two main research interests. My lab mainly uses the model terrestrial plant, Arabidopsis thaliana, as the experimental system to study the effects of high-volume pharmaceutical and personal care products on the environment. I am also interested in how various high-impact educational practices, including undergraduate research, contribute to deeper learning and better academic outcomes.

Effects of high-volume pharmaceutical and personal care products

The prevalent use of over-the-counter and household pharmaceutical and personal care products, such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, caffeine, and triclocarban (an antimicrobial), has led to increasing concerns about their potential accumulation in and effects on the environment. My lab uses Arabidopsis as a model system to study the effects of these chemicals on land plants, using a combination of genetic, biochemical, physiological and analytical chemistry techniques. Our results serve as a foundation for future work on the effects of pharmaceutical and personal care products on agriculturally- and environmentally-important terrestrial plants.

High-impact educational practices

The implementation of various high-impact educational practices has gained popularity as a strategy to facilitate student success and retention. What distinguishes truly impactful practices from the less successful ones? Are some practices more effective on particular student groups and campuses with specific characteristics than others? As an administrator, practitioner and advocate of high-impact educational practices, I study how they can be best used to support the needs of various students while honoring the unique cultures and circumstances of different institutions.