Scott Pelley Video Response

This week in Journalism 347 we had to watch a video on Scott Pelley speak about journalism ethics. I found it a little hard to catch on to what he was speaking about so I hope I interpreted it right.

I took the speech as a way of Pelley speaking about how Journalism is failing at its job right now. How the media has become the downfall rather than the truth. In a way I think the media is becoming too bias causing the truth to be skewed.  It also becomes difficult when citizen journalism is becoming so popular. During the speech I often thought a lot about how people post cop violence videos and how without close inspection the video can give off a bad perception when in reality that isn’t what really happened. So many people are worried about posting the story first that they aren’t taking the time to check the facts and really look at what they are portraying.  In a way journalists are fueling the fire and Pelley is trying to  say that journalists need to be more ethical in their decisions and writing. They need to speak for both sides of an argument.

This is what I took from the speech. I feel as though it could be interpreted in many ways. Click here to view the speech.

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Social Media aids in the Chennai Rescue Efforts

Heavy rains in Chennai caused major flooding and took down a  lot of the communications in the city. In wake of the crisis, according to an article from Hindustan Times, Facebook activated its “safety” feature just as they did for the Paris attacks. This helped spread across news feeds and helped family and friends connect with each other.


Twitter also helped play a role in rescue efforts. Many people offered their services and alerts as to where people could find milk, water, cloths and towels.


 “Pandian Stores, Village Road #Nungambakkam selling #towels,#underwear, #blankets at no profit rates call 044-2827 2940.”

One man even went on Twitter to seek help for a pregnant woman severely waterlogged, according to this article. As a result the woman made it to a  hospital and delivered a healthy baby.

“VERY URGENT. PREGNANT LADY IN LABOUR PAINS. NEED VOLUNTEERS. PLEASE RT.#ChennaiRainsHelp,” Shreyasi tweeted from her handle @gshreyasi.

What do you think about social media becoming an aid in times of crisis?  I personally think it is awesome, especially the new “safety” feature on Facebook.  I know whenever a big event happens or I am worried about someone who has just had something bad happen, the first thing that I do is go to their Facebook page to see if anyone made any updates as to their status. In a world with constant natural disasters and terrorist threats, it is crucial to have away to communicate. It is good to see the positive side of social media especially after the negative response for the planned parent hood shooting that I spoke about in my last blog post.



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Negative Response in Support of Planned Parenthood Shooting

As some of us may have seen on the news, there was a planned parenthood shootout in
PPColorado where 3 died and 9 were injured. There has been a lot of controversy over the response to the shooting on social media. Some people have been posting tweets in support of the Planned parenthood killer and feel no empathy for the women who were killed at the facility.

On the reverse side, there have been even more support for PP as a result of the shooting from celebrities and other supporters. They have started a twitter movement to donate and support not only a place that gives women choice but also medical care for those who can’t afford it.pp2

I find it so sick that people condone the man responsible for the shooting. In no exception is a mass shooting okay nor is anyone deserve to go through such a traumatic event. I am sure it is already hard enough for those women to go there. I think it is situations like this where social media has a negative effect on people to spread such bad messages to people. I am happy to see many thought leaders such as Kathy Griffith, Hillary Clinton and Chrissy Teigen supporting Planned Parenthood. What do you think about people supporting a mass murderer?

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Something different: A Movie Review

So yesterday I went to the movies and I had heard some good reports about the movie Creed on Facebook and Rotten Tomatoes also had good reviews so I thought I would give it a try. I am not normally a Boxing movie type girl. According to a Business Insider Article, Creed had the second biggest opening box office for a Rocky movie ever. Creed_poster

I was amazingly shocked at how much I loved this movie. It is about the legendary movie boxer Rocky training his rival Apollo Creed’s son. The story line of this movie was amazing being intricately thought out from beginning to end. There were many positive messages through out the movie that made it very refreshing. I also saw Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 2 and I by far loved Creed more…and this is coming from a Hunger Games super-fan. If you get the chance to go see Creed, please go! I am very picky with movies and I truly believe this movie would please anyone.  If you have already seen the movie, What do you think about it? If not, do you plan to see it?

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Blog Spotlight: My three favorite blogs

Today I am writing a slightly different post. I wanted to talk about three different blogs that I personally follow and the things I like best about them and how they are successful in their blogging.

First is Ramblings of A Suburban Mom. For the past few years I have really been into the idea of monthly subscription boxes. I think receiving packages in the mail is fun! Jennifer is the author of the blog and she not only lists every subscription box ever released, she also reviews them. Her blog has such a large following, often companies send their products to her free of charge to review. I really enjoy how she gives an honest opinion on everything and also is very conversational in her tone making her relatable. She uses TONS of links in her posts so you can always find any service or item she is reviewing. Jennifer also keeps her running list of subscription services updated so you know if a company no longer offers the service. She posts several entries a day.

My second favorite blog is Cosmetic Sanctuary. It is a nail polish blog run by Lisa Heath. Not only have I had the honor of her reviewing my polishes, she is the most down to earth person and so sweet. She has over 1 million followers on her blog and on Facebook. I think part of her success comes from being very timely on her posts and also she is very active on social media posting in different groups about her blog. She reviews so many different brands you can usually use her blog as a one stop to find a review on any upcoming collection you are looking for.

My third favorite blog is Free Stuff Finder. I used to be heavy into extreme couponing and this blog was just so in depth about every savings deal you could find. She even made it location friendly where you could select which state you were from and the site would only show stores located in your state. I believe this is the writers full time job as she posts numerous times a day constantly searching and updating new deals. She breaks down each deal  and what coupons to use and where you can find them. She even offers several tools such as a coupon database and couponing 101 instructions appealing to beginner and advanced couponers. While her site is very busy, it is still very navigable and has an excellent search function.

What is a blog you like to read and would recommend? I am always interested in finding to blogs to read!

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Instagram and Creating a False sense of Reality

Recently there has been talk about model Essena O’Neill and her leave of absence on social media. Apparently she felt as though it was taking away from who she really was.  As a result, another model, Stina Sanders decided to run an experiment on Instagram to show how despite so many people frowning upon perfect edited images, they don’t want the real deal. Instead of posting her usual modelesque selfies and bikini photos, she posted everyday unedited photos of herself doing things that most people do everyday but would be embarrassed to post on social media.  1inmF72

Sanders posted pictures that included going for a colonic irrigation for her IBS, bleaching her upper lip peach fuzz, and not wearing any make up. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, Sanders knew the pictures weren’t going to get a lot of likes. However, Sanders ended up losing more than just likes. She lost almost 5,000 followers just because she posted real pictures of herself in everyday life.


Instagram: “De-Fuzzing”

After reading this article, I instantly went on Instagram and followed her. I think it is awesome what she is doing being real. We have such a problem in media today with role-models, especially women, not being realistic. I think the movement towards realism in media and advertising is slowly moving forward. However what does it say when real people stop following someone because she posted  pictures that could actually relate to people. I wish more celebrities were like Sanders. For now, I can only hope that in the future “real” becomes the “in thing”. What do you think about this experiment and what it says about our media?

See the article about Essena O’Neil here

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Black Friday: How technology is changing the shopping process

Developing_Delivery_Drones_heroAs technology has improved more people have been participating online for black friday sales to avoid the post holiday crowds. According to an article by Dan Majors, technology beyond just the internet is making. Currently Amazon is working on drones that deliver their packages to customers house. Is that Santa on the roof? Nope..just a creepy drone dropping on your presents. The idea of having drones with packages flying all over the sky is somewhat unsettling. While the technology is nearly ready to go, the legalization of delivery drones has yet to be worked out.  blackfriday

Another company that is working to improved the Black Friday experience is Uber. While the Uber app is mainly used as a taxi service run by local citizens, the company is stepping up to now offer a delivery service. This would include paying a driver to go pick up and deliver your store items to you. I am not sure how effective this would be since you could probably just buy online and pay shipping or get free shipping for the item. What are your opinions on a delivery taxi service? What instances could you see it useful?

Even apps are being made specifically for the Black Friday shopping event. is a subscription service where you can get access to Black Friday deals early for your wishlist items and also get text message alerts if that sale starts early. The app also tells you were you can get the best deal on the item according to the ads. It takes the work out of having to compare prices on an item from 10 different store ads. I think this app sounds super helpful to those who chose to participate in the shopping holiday.

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100 Years of Fashion


I came across this video the other day on Facebook and it really intrigued me to see what the popular fashion was 100 years ago and how it compares to today.

You see how certain trends come and go. You can find out so much information about an era just from the clothing. You can see how modesty and the value of the clothing changes as each era has different priorities. This made me think about some other trends such as how technology has changed over the years. It just shows how technology effects everything as it becomes more  advanced changing the way we define our culture. I think it is important to always remember that while trends do change they always move forward and  plan for these trends. It will be cool to see how technology and the impact on the media and society looks in 20 years.Phone-40th  If you have time give the video a watch, it is only 2 minutes long and let me know what you think about it!

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Upgraded Blog Design!

Happy Sunday!

Today, I wanted to note some design changes I made on the site! First I completely switched layout themes as you can probably tell. I wanted to have a layout that not only formatted my posts nicely but also had better  side navigation so you don’t have to scroll all the way down to find the older articles.

I changed my head image to represent the beautiful fall woods of Wisconsin. I think it adds a calming effect to my site.

I also made the background a maroon shade. While I know blue is the most loyal and appealing color, I decided on maroon not only to go with my head image but also to represent the fall season.  I think it is still vibrant without being in your face. Either way my last layout had too much white space. What do you think about the new design?

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Ten Places I Would Like to Travel to

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