Job Posts on Twitter

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Every weekday on Twitter, we share a sampling of recent job postings from Hawk Jobs or other sources. We share opportunities from a variety of career fields. Follow @UWWCareer to receive our updates.

Here is our weekly job tweet schedule:

Mondays – Arts and Communication Jobs

  • Art, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Web Design, Arts Management, Journalism, Broadcasting, Advertising, Communication, Public Relations, Music, Theatre

Tuesdays – Education and Human Services Jobs

  • Teaching, Psychology, Social Work, Criminal Justice

Wednesdays – Humanities and Liberal Arts Jobs

  • History, International Studies, English, Foreign Languages, Political Science

Thursdays – STEM Jobs (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

  • Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Geography, Math, Statistics, Engineering, IT, Health Sciences, Safety

Fridays – Business Jobs

  • Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, HR, Operations/Supply Chain, Marketing