Building Your Experience: One Bullet Point at A Time

“Please attach your resume to the application.”

These words appear on every job application. Everyone always tells you to make sure that your resume stands out against the other candidates. How am I supposed to make sure that mine is different from all the rest? What are the important things that I need to include on it? These are all questions that come to mind when writing a resume.

I have read plenty of articles giving me all sorts of resume tips. I have been in classes where creating a resume was an assignment. How was I going to make sure that mine stood out?

I start from the top. Name, contact information, and education. Your name is important, so I make mine a little bit of a bigger font than the rest of my resume. I include my address, phone number, and email so that when the employer reads my amazing resume they knew how to get ahold of me. I put my school name, my major, expected graduation date, so the employer knows that I have the education background for the job that I want. This section wasn’t too bad.

In the related work section I make sure that I bold all of my position titles, places of employment, and the dates that I was there. This way, when the employer is scanning my resume they can quickly see the titles and then read on if they are interested. In the sub-points for each job, I describe what I did, always starting with a verb (this website has a great list of verbs that make your resume more powerful If I currently hold the position, the verb is in the present tense, if it was a past position, the verb was in the past tense. I put my experience in chronological order. You can choose to do it this way or you can order the positions by relevancy.

2Throughout college I have been involved in many different student organizations. My resume was a perfect place to show all of the relevant skills and experiences I have gained through those. This section is formatted just like the related experience section except instead of them being employment related, they are leadership and professional organization related.

The final step in my journey to make my resume one that would stand out to employers and land me that job is to get feedback. My family is happy to help, my friends are almost as happy, but I will have to read a couple of their resumes too. I will also take it to one of Career & Leaderships Resume Doctors so that I could get a more professional opinion on it as well.


After talking with these different people I also got some advice on what not to put on my resume. The two most important pieces of advice I received was to make sure that I did not have any spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors on my resume and that my resume was not more than one page long. These mistakes could take me one step back in my goal to look professional. Another piece of advice was to make sure that I am using an easy to read format so that the employer could easily follow my experience and skills and relate them back to the job. Finally, they told me to make sure that I am highlighting that I have the required skills and experience for the job. I can do this by taking out experiences that aren’t as relevant and elaborating a little bit more on what was.

A resume is never completed. With every new job and every new experience there is something to add. As time goes on there will be things that are no longer relevant. However, now after going through my resume and making sure that the basic layout is good, I feel a lot better about attaching my resume to the job application and sending it out to future employers.

5Note: It is not recommended to send out massive quantities of your resume unless it is tailored to each specific position.

Career & Leadership Development is a great place to get your resume reviewed no matter what field you are in! Call (262) 472-1471 to make an appointment today!

C&LD Internships: A Day in the Life

In present day, it seems like every entry level position out of college wants to see some sort of experience. This experience is usually gained through an internship. While the internship search can be daunting and challenging, there is a department on campus that offers great internships. As current interns for Career & Leadership Development, we spoke to other interns in the office to see how working here has not only given them job experience, but so much more.

We started in the SEAL office, where we talked to a few interns about what it is like being a part of SEAL and C&LD:


“I love being an intern because of how connected we all are yet our jobs are all different. I also like working in such a busy atmosphere.”

-Shawn Giese, SEAL Homecoming Chair 

“I have really enjoyed my internship position with Career & Leadership Development. It has helped me grow as an individual and has really shaped the person I am today. The endless amount of opportunities and experiences that I have gained throughout this internship has helped me further my education and career path here at UW-Whitewater.”

-Kayhla Sadowski, SEAL Social Media Intern

“My time in Career & Leadership Development (C&LD) has changed my life. I know that sounds cliché, but I have a family in C&LD on the SEAL team. While I have only worked here this year, I have learned so much about entertainment, marketing, and students on campus. Working as the Large Event Intern has been one of the best decisions of my life, and I hope to learn more and grow as a student while on campus for the next two years.”

-Jessica Faust, SEAL Large Event Intern

After talking to those SEALS, we decided to go over to the PB Poorman Pride Center to see what the PRIDE Interns had to say: 

“The past 2 years being a PRIDE Intern in Career & Leadership Development have been so crucial to who I am as a leader. Every opportunity I’ve had has shaped me in ways that will not only help me in my career, but throughout the rest of my life.”

-Alyssa Reetz, PRIDE Intern

“Working as an intern in C&LD has helped me value myself and develop a professional identity.”

-Lisa Helms, PRIDE Intern

“C&LD has adopted me into their family!”

-Connell Patterson, PRIDE Intern

The next stop on our journey through C&LD brought us to the Student Involvement Office, where we talked to Hope Schmidt, the Community Service Intern:

“The confidence I have gained as a C&LD intern has been tremendous. Things I never thought I could do…I can now say I do.  Because of this internship opportunity, I feel like a better-rounded individual. I have learned skills that I can now take with me wherever I go after I leave UW-W!”

After all this traveling, we ended up back in our office that we share with Jamie Hinze, the Human Resources Intern and she gave us some insight into her experience in the department:

“During my first year with Career & Leadership Development, I was employed as a Customer Service Associate working at the front desk. This was a fun and flexible position that taught me how to provide exceptional customer service and significantly strengthened my interpersonal communication and problem solving skills. Later, I earned the title of Human Resources Intern – a new position in the department in which I assist in the coordination of departmental student employee experience, specifically in selection, professional development, and evaluation. This internship has allowed me to explore my interests and career goals while giving me the opportunity to network with employers, students, and UW-Whitewater staff. My supervisors are incredibly supportive of my goals and needs as a full-time student and they have tailored the experience to fit me.”

As you can see, there are many different facets of C&LD and each offers a different experience. Whether you are looking to be a social media guru, coordinate community service events, or just learn something new about UW-Whitewater and what it offers to students, C&LD is a great place to gain all these experiences and many more.

The applications are open until March 3rd! If you are looking for an internship and want to be a part of the C&LD family, then go to and apply today!

Friday Favorites – 5 Reasons to Utilize Your College Career Center

Interested in the Disney College Program? We’ve got you covered. Not sure how to navigate Hawk Jobs? We’re on it! Do you want to have an international internship? We have the resources! Career & Leadership Development can help you with these and so much more.

C&LD Door

We as a career center know you have big plans during your college career and after. We plan to help you prepare for the ‘real world’ by offering these five services and much more. Career & Leadership Development can…

Help You Craft Your Resume and Cover Letters

I strongly encourage every college student to have a professional staff look over your resume before you submit it to the hiring manager of your dream job. Professional staff will see things you won’t, will notice little details that need to be added or taken away, and can provide great advice on formatting, layout, and style. The staff can also help you develop a cover letter and can give you advice on what to include, what to leave out, how to format it, and what kind of salutation would be appropriate.

Help You Find Resources to Find an Internship or Job

So, you know you need to have an internship under your belt before you graduate. That’s good! But, how do you go about finding one? The career counselors have many resources and websites to help you find an internship in the field you want to get into. They also know about many resources, online job boards, and about upcoming career fairs to help you find a job. Graduating seniors, it’s not too late to visit the career center and help you secure a job after you graduate!

Help You Prep for Interviews

Being interviewed is a scary thing! But wouldn’t you rather be prepared for one than not? The career counselors are more than willing to perform mock interviews with you – in person, over the phone, over a meal, or even over Skype! Career counselors may meet with you in their office, or you can ask to do it in the Bailey Interview Center.

Help You Get You on Track for Your Post-Grad Life

Unsure about what you want to do after you graduate? Grad school, travel, or find a job?! Or, if you aren’t graduating for a few years, are you thinking of internships, involvement, or various career paths? We provide many career assessments to give you an idea of what career path might be best suited for you, during college and after you graduate.

Help You Get Involved

Career & Leadership Development not only deals with career-related things. We also want you to get involved before you graduate. Getting involved in organizations and taking leadership positions will greatly increase your chance of receiving a job offer!

We encourage you to visit the Involvement Office, which is the room to the left of the Bailey Interview Center. Here you can find out about all the organizations on campus, about Greek life, and what kind of professional organizations you could join. The Connection Center, which is where WSG, LAU, and the Non-Trad Pad is located, is also a great way to get involved and to connect with organizations and students.

See all the great things Career & Leadership Development has to offer?! We’d love to help you in any way possible. If you need help in one or more of these areas, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with one of the career counselors. That is what they’re here for! Simply call Career & Leadership Development at 262-472-1471 or visit us in the University Center, up the ramp/stairs across from Freshens.

Photo by UWW Career.

Welcome Back Students!

The staff in Career & Leadership Development are here to help you with your career-related needs. We can meet with you in person, have a conversation over the phone, or electronically. Feel free to schedule with us by calling our main office at (262) 472-1471, or by stopping by our office located in room 146 of the University Center.

Let me introduce the career staff available to help you. The following staff work with students in each of these areas:

Brian Bredeson – All majors in the College of Education; All Science and Mathematics majors

Jason Brown – All Humanities and Social Science majors; Career assessment, counseling/planning

Kathy Craney – Veteran’s, Returning Adults, Federal Government jobs, and work visas; Career counseling/planning

Laura Jacobs – All majors in the College of Arts & Communications; Internships

Frank Lanko – All majors in the College of Business & Economics

Margaret O’Leary – Available to answer questions about your Hawk Jobs account

Eunice Lehner – Available to answer questions about our On-Campus Interview program

Here is an overview of how we can help you…

Career Exploration – Meet with a career counselor to talk about career paths that best align with your interests, values, and abilities.

Career Information – Staff can assist with your research into various careers and industries, and talk about employment trends.

Job Search Strategy – Discuss how to best organize and conduct your job or internship search. Learn to implement an effective process for finding a job, and about the resources we have online to help you with your search.

Help with Internship and Job Search – Whether you’d like your resume reviewed or help preparing for your interview, we can help you with all aspects of your search.

Developing Your Professional Network – Discuss how tactics such as informational interviewing can help you develop your professional network and help guide your job search.

Social Media – Do you want to know more about how to use LinkedIn for your job search? Other forms of social media? Staff are willing to review your profile and discuss how to effectively use these tools.

Advice About Accepting Offers – We’re here to offer advice on the “do’s” and “don’ts” when responding to employment offers.

Transition Into Work Issues – Staff are available to help talk through strategies for successfully starting your job or internship.

The Career & Leadership Development office is open from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, and 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. on Fridays.

Summer Services

UW-Whitewater students and alumni are encouraged to contact Career & Leadership Development for help with their career-related needs. Here is a summary of the career services we offer:

Self-Exploration Services – Meet with a career counselor to assess your interests, values, and abilities, and gain a better understanding of your career path.

Career Information – Staff can assist with your research into various careers and employment trends.

Job Search Strategy – Talk with a staff member about how to organize and conduct your job or internship search. Learn about how to follow an effective process for finding a job, and discover the resources we have online to help you with your search.

Help with Internship and Job Search – Whether you would like your resume reviewed or help preparing for interviews, we can help you be prepared for your search.

Developing Your Professional Network –  Discuss how tactics such as informational interviewing can help you develop your professional network and help guide your job search.

Social Media – Want to know more about how to use LinkedIn for your job search?  Other forms of social media? Staff are willing to review your profile and discuss how to effectively use these tools.

Advice About Accepting Offers – We’re here to offer advice on the “do’s” and “don’ts” when responding to employment offers.

Transition Into Work Issues – Staff are available to help talk through strategies for successfully starting your job or internship.

Major Specific Help – These staff work with students enrolled in the following academic programs, or students interested in these employment areas:

Brian Bredeson – All College of Education majors; and all Science and Mathematics majors

Ron Buchholz – All College of Business & Economics majors, including MBA and MPA

Kathy Craney – Anyone interested in Federal Jobs; Veteran’s; and Returning Adults

Laura Jacobs – All Arts & Communications majors; all Languages, Social Sciences, and Humanities majors

We’re available to meet with you in-person, on the phone, by using Skype, or via email. The Career & Leadership Development office is open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday during the summer. The best way to schedule an appointment is by calling (262) 472-1471.

Office Services

Here’s just a quick reminder of the services we offer for career development.

We are open 8-5p, Monday through Thursday, and 8-4:30p on Fridays.

There is a wealth of information available on our website including:

You can schedule appointments to meet with a career counselor by calling us at 262.472.1471 or stopping by our office in the University Center (Rm 146) across from Freshens.

Check out Hawk Jobs to apply to internship and job postings, find a job on campus, and explore resources such as:, Going Global, EmployOn, and Vault. You can also find lists of employers when career fairs are approaching. It’s FREE and all you need is your UWW username and password to login!

Visit us at our Resume Dr. table. We’ll be available for quick questions and resume reviews a couple different times throughout the semester in different buildings on campus. Stay tuned for date and location announcements. (Our first Resume Dr. is Feb 2-4! Click here for dates, times, and locations.)

You can “like” us on Facebook to find out about events, advice, and links to articles about what is happening out in the “real world” economy.

You can follow us on Twitter through @UWWCareer and @uwwinternships to learn about the changing landscape of the world of work, office events, and jobs and internships from local employers. You can also ask us questions through Twitter!