The Road to Productivity: Exploring How Warhawks Persevere and Prevail

“There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes, but with hard work there are no limits!” –Anonymous 

It’s that time of the year again when workloads outweigh energy levels! Winter is quickly approaching and finals are right around the corner for us Warhawks. During this time of year it’s easy to become stressed out, burnt out, or just down right depressed from the amount of work you have to complete.  So in an effort to alleviate some of that stress, here’s what a few fellow Warhawks from Career and Leadership Development had to say about how they stay productive during late semester chaos:

Lisa Helms: PRIDE Intern

“With school it is a little harder for me to stay focused but I usually pull things together at the last minute. However with work, I stay focused by making to do lists when I get into the office. I start by checking my email to see if there’s someone that I need to communicate with right away and I just take it one step at a time.”

Cherish Golden: PRIDE Intern

“ I usually go to the library and sit at a table in a quite area to stay focused on academics. I don’t get on the computers because then I’d be distracted.  At work, when I’m all out of tasks, I just find little stuff to do to stay busy. Even if it’s just fixing the chairs, I have to stay busy and remain on my feet in order to be productive. “

Radaya Ellis: Biology Major

“Well I have a productive playlist that I listen to when its grind time to get me back focused. Artist on my productive play list include artist such as Lil Boosie, to help motivate me, and Kirk Franklin, to uplift me. Listening to artist along those parameters helps keep me motivated both in work and at school. “

Katie Barbour: Involvement Office Graduate Assistant

 “A lot of times around the end of the semester I have a lot of big projects to do. So for me this semester I have two large group papers, as well as projects in two different classes. So at this point, it’s really a matter of working effectively with my group members and trying to be a leader within those two groups to make sure we get things done. Especially since finals are right before graduation and that’s when those things are due, and frankly I don’t want to be overwhelmed with group projects that late in the semester. So I think just being proactive and making sure you get things done ahead of time really helps relieve some of the stress”

Becky Wintringer: Warhawk Connection Center Intern

Becky Wintringer

“To-Do Lists are a big thing for me. I have post-its and color coded notes and stuff all over the place. I use my calendar to color code everything! Blue things are for class, green things are for work, and purple things are for organizations. I just try to stay managed by plotting out certain times of the day for individual things so that I’m not just doing all homework for three hours but individual tasks during individual times.

Anthony Richardson: Seal Entertainment Intern

Anthony Richardson

“In order to stay productive I pretty much just remind myself of why I’m here and I use that as motivation to assure that I persevere throughout the rest of the semester.”

We hope these tips can help you achieve your fullest potential and maximize your productivity during stressful times. Be sure to finish up this semester strong and don’t be afraid to join the dialog. What are some strategies that you live by to manage  stressful times and remain productive? Comment and share your ideas.

Friday Favorites – 5 Professional Outfits for Women

For my last Friday Favorites blog post, I decided to feature some of my friends and coworkers in their favorite interview outfit. I’ve added some tips so you can see why they work, and maybe these outfits will inspire you to dress professionally when you have an interview, networking event or your first day of your new job coming up!

Outfits 5

Outfits 4

Outfits 2

Outfits 3

Outfits 1 Photos by UWW Career.

Friday Favorites – 5 Reasons to Utilize Your College Career Center

Interested in the Disney College Program? We’ve got you covered. Not sure how to navigate Hawk Jobs? We’re on it! Do you want to have an international internship? We have the resources! Career & Leadership Development can help you with these and so much more.

C&LD Door

We as a career center know you have big plans during your college career and after. We plan to help you prepare for the ‘real world’ by offering these five services and much more. Career & Leadership Development can…

Help You Craft Your Resume and Cover Letters

I strongly encourage every college student to have a professional staff look over your resume before you submit it to the hiring manager of your dream job. Professional staff will see things you won’t, will notice little details that need to be added or taken away, and can provide great advice on formatting, layout, and style. The staff can also help you develop a cover letter and can give you advice on what to include, what to leave out, how to format it, and what kind of salutation would be appropriate.

Help You Find Resources to Find an Internship or Job

So, you know you need to have an internship under your belt before you graduate. That’s good! But, how do you go about finding one? The career counselors have many resources and websites to help you find an internship in the field you want to get into. They also know about many resources, online job boards, and about upcoming career fairs to help you find a job. Graduating seniors, it’s not too late to visit the career center and help you secure a job after you graduate!

Help You Prep for Interviews

Being interviewed is a scary thing! But wouldn’t you rather be prepared for one than not? The career counselors are more than willing to perform mock interviews with you – in person, over the phone, over a meal, or even over Skype! Career counselors may meet with you in their office, or you can ask to do it in the Bailey Interview Center.

Help You Get You on Track for Your Post-Grad Life

Unsure about what you want to do after you graduate? Grad school, travel, or find a job?! Or, if you aren’t graduating for a few years, are you thinking of internships, involvement, or various career paths? We provide many career assessments to give you an idea of what career path might be best suited for you, during college and after you graduate.

Help You Get Involved

Career & Leadership Development not only deals with career-related things. We also want you to get involved before you graduate. Getting involved in organizations and taking leadership positions will greatly increase your chance of receiving a job offer!

We encourage you to visit the Involvement Office, which is the room to the left of the Bailey Interview Center. Here you can find out about all the organizations on campus, about Greek life, and what kind of professional organizations you could join. The Connection Center, which is where WSG, LAU, and the Non-Trad Pad is located, is also a great way to get involved and to connect with organizations and students.

See all the great things Career & Leadership Development has to offer?! We’d love to help you in any way possible. If you need help in one or more of these areas, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with one of the career counselors. That is what they’re here for! Simply call Career & Leadership Development at 262-472-1471 or visit us in the University Center, up the ramp/stairs across from Freshens.

Photo by UWW Career.

Friday Favorites – Five Worst LinkedIn Photos

As we wrap up the theme of LinkedIn this month, I wanted to leave you with five last tips about what kind of photos you shouldn’t have on your LinkedIn profile, and why they’re bad.

The Group Photo

Picture 004

Which one of these lovely ladies’ profile am I viewing?! Don’t leave potential employers confused! While it’s understandable that you want to impress potential employers with how social you are, leave that for Facebook and Twitter.

The Cropped Photo

Picture 006

This one is a profile picture favorite, for any social network. It looks awkward, weird, and completely unprofessional. You literally have a hanging limb in your photo. I totally understand that you might look gorgeous in that one photo that you took that night, and only a Photoshop magician would be able to remove that awkward arm, but please, for the love of professional networking social media sites, stop with the cropped profile photo!

Distance Photo

Picture 005

While the tree is lovely, and having McGraw Hall in the photo will show your Warhawk pride, what employers really want to see is your face. Even if you’re at the Grand Canyon, the Appalachian Mountains, or in the middle of Times Square, the background should be the least interesting aspect of your photo. Keep the focus of your profile photo on your face.

A Photo of Your Pet

Simba baby 9

Don’t. Just don’t. No matter how cute your pet is, resist!

Not Having a Photo

LinkedIn 4

Yes, not having a photo is just as bad as having one with red Solo cups in it. As bad as it might sound, this is one instance where what you look like is important. So throw on that blazer, ask a friend who’s handy with a camera to help you out, and snap a few photos.

Or better yet, attend our free LinkedIn photoshoot on November 20 in the UC!

The other social media student manager and myself will be taking professional photos for free for you to use for your LinkedIn profile, or any other online profile! Please come and take advantage of this free service and get to know more about what Career & Leadership Development can offer you!

For more tips like these, check out The Worst LinkedIn Photos You Can Have.

Photos by UWW Career.

Friday Favorites – Five Social Media No-No’s

Raise your hand if you have Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Raise your hand if you’ve ever posted something you regretted. Now, I can’t see you reading this, but I can imagine you have posted or tweeted something you later regretted, whether it was bashing your former boss, your ex-boyfriend, your professors, your parents, or the driver who cut right in front of you during rush hour.

Bad-mouthing (or should we call it bad-tweeting?) is just one common mistake that many people make online. The thing about having social media accounts is that it lets you ‘hide.’ It provides you a sheath. This can be both good and bad, but when it comes to entering the professional world, which many upperclassmen are about to experience, you shouldn’t have to hide behind the computer.

Social Media apps

The hard truth is this: employers WILL not only Google you, but they will search you on Facebook, Twitter, your personal blog if you have one, and of course, LinkedIn. You do not want a potential employer to see a negative tweet and exile you from the list of promising candidates. Here are five short and sweet tips for what not to do on social media:

Don’t Bash Anyone

This includes former coworkers and supervisors and current coworkers and supervisors. I know it can be tempting to post something about how the person who beat you for the big promotion sounds like a hyena when she laughs, but keep it to yourself or tell a close friend (someone who isn’t your coworker, preferably).

Why not try talking to that person directly about what made you upset? It will show maturity and professionalism, whereas bad-mouthing someone on social media will make you seem immature and ignorant. Also, what’s worse than being called into your supervisor’s office because you tweeted about how your supervisor is just terrible at running meetings? You might get fired, so there’s that.

Don’t Use Expletives

This one should be common sense, right? Wrong. So many people my age swear to their heart’s content on Twitter and Facebook. It’s tasteless, unclassy, and extremely unprofessional. Also, keep slang terms and terms you’ve found on Urban Dictionary down to a bare, BARE minimum (I’m looking at you, YOLO).

I understand that the occasional swear word can help in some extreme cases, but keep it to a minimum. Unless you plan on being a comedian. And if you are, good luck with that.

Don’t Post Inappropriate Pictures

This one should also be common sense, but I see this on Facebook way more often than I’d like to. I understand that many college students want to celebrate their 21st birthday, graduation, and St Patrick’s Day and Homecoming. I get it – I’m a college student, too! Take as many pictures as you’d like – but make sure that the worst ones don’t end up on Facebook. Employers may interpret your constant party pictures as wildly inappropriate and something that wouldn’t fit in to their office culture.

Not sure about which photos to keep and which to delete? Check out this article – 12 Facebook Photos You Should Delete Now

Don’t Pick Fights

We’ve all seen them – the infamous Facebook arguments. Someone posts about a controversial topic, someone else comments about it, more people comment, and all hell breaks loose. While these are undoubtedly hilarious, they’re also embarrassing if you’re caught in the middle of one. Facebook is not the place to have an argument, especially one about politics or religion. I know it’s hard to resist, but your professionalism depends on it!

Don’t Post Without Proofreading

While having a post with a few typos isn’t as bad as having a post filled with swear words and inappropriate pictures, it’s still a bad thing. Potential employers will see your text speak and wonder if you ever went to college. You do not want potential employers to wonder about that sort of thing! So, just like you would with any document, essay, article, or e-mail, proofread your work before you hit ‘send.’

One way to let your feelings out is to write on the computer what you’re mad about. You can even go so far as enter it into the Facebook post box or Twitter tweet box, but before you hit ‘send,’ delete it. Getting your feelings out can make you feel a hundred times better.

I’m not saying that you should not have a personality when you tweet – because by all means, tweet to your heart’s content! But be smart about what you post. Your social media presence should be squeaky clean, especially for those of you entering the workforce!

This post was very negative, but next week’s post will be all positive! It will be all about how to post things of substance, how to connect with potential employers, and how to have a positive experience on social media.

Photo by Jason Howie.

Friday Favorites – 5 Favorite Tips to Succeed on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the top professional social media network out there. Surprised? Probably not. Here are five tips for you to take the most advantage of this website.

Succeed on LinkedIn

Have an Appropriate Picture

  • One thing that I see all too often are inappropriate, awkward, or just plain terrible headshots on LinkedIn. Having a great picture with a webpage full of text will really balance things out. People will also be able to place a face with a name if they view your profile and then meet you sometime later.
  • If you need a professional headshot, Shannon, the other social media student manager, and I will be providing free headshots at our LinkedIn photoshoot sometime in November. We hosted a LinkedIn headshot photoshoot at the Hawk Career Fair last week and it was a great success! More than 200 students were photographed. You can view the photos on our Facebook page, and stay up to date on the next LinkedIn Headshot Photoshoot through our social media channels.

Make a Unique URL

  • One cool thing you can do on LinkedIn is to create a personalized URL. When you first make a LinkedIn profile, your URL will look something like: This looks really messy! Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do this:
  1. Hover over Profile and click Edit Profile.
  2. Click Edit next to your given URL.
  3. There will be a box on the right side of the screen saying Your Public Profile URL. Underneath, Customize Your Public Profile URL
  4. Here is where you can personalize what comes after Most people use their full names when creating a new URL.
  • By personalizing your URL on LinkedIn, it will help your profile look more professional. People will remember rather than This process is really easy but many people don’t take advantage of it.

Give and Receive Recommendations

  • This is probably my favorite aspect to LinkedIn. When you first filled out your profile, you might have listed some skills you possess. These show up under the Skills & Expertise section in your profile. Once you start getting connected with people, they may recommend you for your skills. This is similar to when you +1 on Google+.
  • It’s always nice to get recommended for your skills by your peers and colleagues. As an etiquette tip, always recommend them for the skills they have back!

Join Groups

  • If you’re really interested in your field of study or a specific aspect of it, join a group that is catered to that. Groups on LinkedIn are great ways to connect with your university’s alumni, professionals, staff members, and potential employers.
  • But, don’t go overboard. You only need to join as many groups as you want to have networks in the professional world. You don’t need to join the 3,701 Public Relations groups – only join the ones you are really interested in.

Read Your Home Feed

  • Treat LinkedIn’s home page like you would your Facebook wall. Scroll through it and see if anything catches your eye. Check out some articles, see what your friends are up to in the professional world, and get a feel for what the professional side of LinkedIn is really about.
  • Pro tip: ‘Liking’ an article or commenting is a great idea! Also, if you know of any articles that are relevant to your field of study or things that you want to share with your network, go ahead and share it! You never know who will ‘like’ or comment on it, and who knows what could spark from that conversation.

Starting Your Job Search Early

Seniors graduating in December – this post is for you! It is imperative to start your job search months before you graduate, because you don’t want to graduate in December and not have a job lined up. Job searching is a full time job in itself! That’s why you should start early and set yourself apart from the rest of the competitive candidates.

Career Fair 12

Below I’ve listed five of my favorite job search tips that have worked for others and will probably work for you, too!

Attend the Hawk Career Fair

The Hawk Career Fair, an annual event put on by Career & Leadership Development, will be held on Wednesday, September 25 from noon to 4 in the Williams Center. You can RSVP to the fair through our Facebook page to get updates and information about the fair. More than 100 employers will be there looking for interns and employees. Some employers include Target, Maurices, Generac, We Energies, and Quad/Graphics.

Juniors and seniors are strongly encouraged to attend the Hawk Career Fair. Business professional or business casual dress is recommended. What else should you bring besides your snazzy self? At least ten copies of your resume, a padfolio (we’re going to be giving away a bunch of padfolios during the school year, so keep us on your radar!), pens, and business cards, if you have them. Also make sure to prepare your elevator speech. We’ll be going over more information about the career fair in the next few weeks.

Attending the career fair will help you get your foot in the door, especially if you want to work for one of the companies attending the fair. Make sure you do your research on the fair, which can be found on Hawk Jobs, to secure a great job after graduation.

Create and Maintain Relationships

As a senior, you’ve probably made tons of friends and connections, through your peers, coworkers, professors, supervisors, and friends-of-friends. Remember when you were a freshman and didn’t know anyone, not even your roommate? Look how far you’ve come. Use those connections to your advantage!

Having lots of friends isn’t just good for your social life. It’s good for your professional life as well. Knowing people is everything. You may have gotten to know professors, managers, student leaders, or advisors. Spread the word that you’re looking for a job in a particular field, and one of your colleagues or friends may stumble upon something that is right up your alley.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

I’ll admit it – I’m a Twitter fanatic. Having been the UWW Career Twitter manager for the past year, I know a bit about utilizing Twitter to your advantage. There are many ways you can get resources off of Twitter. For example, you can search for something using hashtags. The #1 word to find a hiring company is… #hiring. Next up? #tweetmyjobs and #jobopening. Why not tweet and give it a shot?

You can also follow career centers on Twitter. My favorites are Career Bliss, Career Realism, Brazen Careerist, and Career Builder. These accounts constantly tweet out job openings, interview tips, job search advice, and interesting career-related articles. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, too!

Visit Career & Leadership Development

If you’re a senior and you have yet to take advantage of our career services, it’s not too late! We would rather see you late than never at all. Some of our services include resume checking, doing mock interviews, helping you get involved, and figuring out your career path. The career staff also has many resources to help you find a job in the field you want to get into. They may refer you to job boards such as Big Shoes Network (most commonly used by students in the College of Arts & Communication) or Hawk Jobs (our own job board).

Polish Your LinkedIn Profile

While some may say that your online presence may replace resumes in a few years, you can’t argue with the fact that what you post, tweet, or blog about online is more influential than ever. Once you click send, that tweet or blog post is on the Internet forever. If you want your digital footprint to be a positive and professional one, make sure you have a profile on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a networking tool that helps you discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business partners.’ It is a great website to be on, so I highly recommend setting up a profile. If you do already have a profile, start networking with other professionals on LinkedIn. Connect with your peers, endorse them for skills, join groups, and have conversations. Make your presence known. Who knows – maybe that HR professional you had a conversation with on a LinkedIn article will mention a job to you?

Many of my peers have LinkedIn profiles, but not the best profile pictures. Having a professional picture is key – that is one of the first things employers look at when they view your profile! The two other social media managers and I will be hosting a free LinkedIn Headshot Photoshoot outside the Hawk Career Fair on September 25. It will be quick and painless, and we encourage you to stop by and get your picture taken!

December grads, what other steps have you taken towards your job search?

Photo by UWW Career.

Friday Favorites

For the last Friday Favorites of the school year, I’ve rounded up five of my favorite events that Heather and I put on while we were the social media interns for the 2012-13 school year. Enjoy!

The first big event that Heather and I worked at was the Hawk Career Fair in September of 2012. I was live tweeting and Heather was taking pictures of students and employers. To see more pictures, visit our Facebook page.

Career Fair 1

Heather and I hosted a Halloween Table at Esker and the UC with a custom-made Face-In-Hole! It was a huge hit and Heather snapped a lot of photos of friends pretending to be Frankenstein and Mrs. Frankenstein.

Halloween Table 1

Heather and I hit it off right away. I’m so lucky to have had such an awesome coworker. We bonded over many things, but the one thing we really had in common was our love for social media. We went on a little photoshoot down by the lakefront last semester and got some great pictures!

C&LD Intern Shoot

Heather and I did a lot of tabling during different times during the school year. It was really important for us to get out name out and to represent Career & Leadership Development in a positive light, so many of our tables included free goodies and chances to win padfolios.


Valentines Day Table

Tabling 2

The last big event Heather and I worked at was Make a Difference Day. I live tweeting and Heather took pictures during this event.


I know I can speak for Heather and say that we’ve had an amazing and successful school year. This internship was a dream come true for both of us and we gained so much experience and knowledge. I hope you’ve enjoyed the posts on this blog. Be sure to check it out next year for even more great blogs posts!

Photos by UWW Career.

Friday Favorites – Make a Difference Day

Last Friday, the staff of Career & Leadership Development, Greek organizations, and other prominent UW-Whitewater students and staff took part in Make a Difference Day. The weather was beautiful and everyone volunteering was smiling and having a great time! Enjoy some pictures from the event!


Career & Leadership Development staff Brian Goetsch, Jay Bazylewicz and Nicole Golden.


Career & Leadership Development staff Glenn Carson, Jessica Kearney, Cat Gangi and Mandy Shepherd.


Check out all the volunteers in their bright yellow t-shirts!


Career Social Media interns Heather Schwartz and Kelsey Welke.


Chancellor Richard Telfer made an appearance at the event!


Here are some volunteers cleaning up the parking lot by Drumlin Dining Hall.


These volunteers picked up trash in downtown Whitewater.


After the event, we celebrated by eating Qdoba and Toppers in Starin Park!


The Community Service intern Jay Bazylewicz did an amazing job managing the event!


Here we see Career & Leadership Development associate director Jan Bilgen and Kristi Pedersen share a moment.

To see more pictures from Make a Difference Day, check out our UWW Career Facebook page.

Photos by Heather Schwartz.

Friday Favorites – Career Lessons From Popular TV Shows

Lessons can often come from unexpected places, such as from television shows. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, The Real Housewives, Arrested Development, or other popular television shows – read on! These 10 tips from popular shows give you perfect career-related advice, ranging from dealing with drama in the workplace to how to craft your personal brand, from dealing with your mistakes at work to how to deal with time management.

Kittens watching TV

The Walking Dead on Job Hunting

‘There aren’t zombies roaming the streets yet, but in some ways, the post-grad climate is not unlike the post-apocalyptic world facing the gang on The Walking Dead. It can be filled with uncertainty, anxiety and the occasional zombie-like former college roommate.’

One lesson from The Walking Dead is to always be on the lookout. In this show, someone in the group is always perched on Dale’s RV looking out for killer zombies. After you graduate college, you won’t need to search for zombies – you’ll need to search for jobs! Job hunting can be exhausting, just like running away from zombies can be exhausting, but your hard work will pay off once you score an interview! (Or kill a zombie!) For other tips on how to survive your post-grad life (or a zombie apocalypse), check out this article, Five Post-Grad Lessons From The Walking Dead.

Mad Men on Working Hard

‘Everyone scoffed when Peggy tried to break into the boys’ club at the agency, but it didn’t take long for her hard work and perseverance to pay off. She had to endure a fair amount of grief, but eventually she surpassed many of her naysayers and landed a role she loved.’

While you probably shouldn’t look up to the men of Mad Men’s conniving ways, you should look up to Peggy and how headstrong she is. Many people didn’t think Peggy could land a prestigious job, for she was only Don Draper’s secretary. But she had a dream in her mind and didn’t give up on it. Work hard for what you want and you’ll eventually climb your way up the ladder at work. For more tips from this show, check out 5 Career Lessons I’ve Learned From Mad Men.

The Big Bang Theory on Grad School

In this popular TV sitcom, four brainy scientists interact with a waitress, Penny, who lives across the hall from them. In this article, What The Big Bang Theory Teaches Us About Grad School, it states that those in the science fields may make fun of you if you stop at a masters degree.

‘Some people will not take you seriously if you stop at a masters. You know the saying, the masters is the new bachelors? Well now it’s becoming, the PhD is the new masters. Soon the post-doc is going to be the new PhD. If you can’t find a job, keep going back to school. But this will also narrow your job search,’ my older sister, Beth, said, who is currently attending grad school in Indianapolis.

If you’re thinking of going to grad school, don’t worry too much about being made fun of. ‘The show’s chemistry is not complex: It’s funny, we laugh. Take the grad school lessons with a grain of salt and a smile.’

Catfish Host on Success

‘When Nev Schulman found himself in the middle of an online fake relationship, he could have either been embarrassed and receded into a dark corner or have made a documentary chronicling his situation for the world to watch. He chose the latter.’ From Catfish Host Shares Advice.

Schulman found success unconventionally. ‘Catfish’ was originally a homemade movie turned into a television series on MTV. ‘‘I failed my way to success’,’ Schulman declared, quoting Thomas Jefferson. ‘I’ve done a lot of things that haven’t worked out.’ It’s okay to fail. Remember to pick yourself up, brush it off or laugh at yourself, and move on. The only way to be successful is to fail. And remember – not everything on the Internet is true!

Jersey Shore on Personal Branding

Jersey Shore. You either hate it or you love it. But if I showed you a group picture of the guidos and the guidettes, you could probably recognize and name every one. There’s Snooki, with her signature hair poof, there’s ‘The Situation,’ with his six-pack abs, and there’s Pauly D, with his spiky hair and cheesy smile.

These celebs have branded themselves by their looks, which is important in the workplace (just remember to take it easy on the tanning and wear professional clothes!), but there are more ways to brand yourself than by appearance. You can brand yourself by what you put on your online profiles, how you walk, talk, and even how you interact with others. You are living your personal brand 24/7. For more tips from our favorite guidos, read 5 Career Lessons From Jersey Shore, or check out The Power of Personal Branding.

The Real Housewives on Drama in the Workplace

‘If there’s one thing you learn from ‘The Real Housewives’ series, it’s that cattiness should be left in high school. We all went through our gossiping, rebel phase in high school, and that phase should not be brought into college or into the workplace.’ via Four Real Life Lessons of Reality TV.

‘The prevalence of reality TV has made it acceptable for almost anyone to ‘act out’ in the office,’ Amanda Mitchell, founder of Our Corporate Life, said. ‘There have always been ‘drama queens’ at work, but it seems that they are more accepted and that there are more of them now.’ via Coping With Drama in the Workplace. If you associate yourself with the workplace drama queen, or if you are the drama queen yourself, your credibility and reputation may suffer. Stay away from the drama and your satisfaction at work will increase.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians on Pushing Through Hard Times

If you feel like you’ve been slacking at work, dropping the ball on projects, or pushing aside work-related problems, if might feel like you are Scott Disick, the boyfriend of Kourtney, who we all love to hate. Scott and Kourtney have had struggles defining their relationship and he has repeatedly bailed on her, according to How The Kardashians Can Help You Succeed In College.

My advice? Don’t become a Scott Disick! Even when you get handed a project you might not be able to handle on your own, or if your coworker is driving you nuts, don’t push things under the rug, and don’t throw a temper tantrum like Mr. Disick. When things get tough at work, there are many ways you can ride it out. Talk to your coworkers to compromise, have a discussion with your supervisor, expand your social circle at work. Things will get a lot better, I promise.

Game of Thrones on Public Relations

‘Drinking while hunting on horseback might not be the wisest of decisions, as King Robert quickly learns. Using one’s better judgment in social media management is certainly not life or death, but a misguided or accidental post can cause problems.’

Make sure you don’t link your work social media accounts with your personal social media accounts, otherwise your tweet about your wild birthday party could do some serious damage to the company you work for. For more social media tips from the Stark family, Daenerys Targaryen, and your other favorite Game of Thrones characters, visit this article, 3 Social Media Lessons From Game of Thrones.

Arrested Development on Admitting When You Make a Mistake

There is rarely an episode that goes by without one of the main characters exclaiming with disdain, ‘I’ve made a huge mistake.’

When you make a mistake at work, own up to it! Your supervisor or boss will appreciate your honesty. The worst part about making a mistake is having to explain to your boss what went wrong. After that, you can learn from it and do better the next time. For more tips from this funny sitcom, check out 7 Career Lessons From Arrested Development.

Duck Dynasty on Time Management

A popular quote that the bearded men on Duck Dynasty like to live by is, ‘If you’re too busy to duck hunt or fish, you’re too busy.’ The Duck Dynasty family will occasionally leave their work to host donut-eating contests. But, at the end of the day, their work always gets done, according to 4 Management Lessons From Duck Dynasty.

Take the Robertson family’s words of wisdom and apply it to your job. Everyone needs a vacation once in a while! While I don’t recommend hosting donut-eating contests during your lunch break, take advantage of your weekends to de-stress and unwind. When you come back to work on Monday, you’ll be refreshed and ready to take on a new project. Your happiness and satisfaction will be sure to increase.

Here’s a bonus tip from Dr. Seuss – ‘You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go.’

Take charge of your life! You have so many opportunities to connect with people, volunteer for a good cause, or work for your dream company. Forge your own path and make things happen. ‘You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So … get on your way!’ For more tips from our favorite children’s book author, check out 15 Social Media Tips from Dr. Suess.

Do you have any career-related tips from popular TV shows?

Photo by shellac.