The Road to Productivity: Exploring How Warhawks Persevere and Prevail

“There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes, but with hard work there are no limits!” –Anonymous 

It’s that time of the year again when workloads outweigh energy levels! Winter is quickly approaching and finals are right around the corner for us Warhawks. During this time of year it’s easy to become stressed out, burnt out, or just down right depressed from the amount of work you have to complete.  So in an effort to alleviate some of that stress, here’s what a few fellow Warhawks from Career and Leadership Development had to say about how they stay productive during late semester chaos:

Lisa Helms: PRIDE Intern

“With school it is a little harder for me to stay focused but I usually pull things together at the last minute. However with work, I stay focused by making to do lists when I get into the office. I start by checking my email to see if there’s someone that I need to communicate with right away and I just take it one step at a time.”

Cherish Golden: PRIDE Intern

“ I usually go to the library and sit at a table in a quite area to stay focused on academics. I don’t get on the computers because then I’d be distracted.  At work, when I’m all out of tasks, I just find little stuff to do to stay busy. Even if it’s just fixing the chairs, I have to stay busy and remain on my feet in order to be productive. “

Radaya Ellis: Biology Major

“Well I have a productive playlist that I listen to when its grind time to get me back focused. Artist on my productive play list include artist such as Lil Boosie, to help motivate me, and Kirk Franklin, to uplift me. Listening to artist along those parameters helps keep me motivated both in work and at school. “

Katie Barbour: Involvement Office Graduate Assistant

 “A lot of times around the end of the semester I have a lot of big projects to do. So for me this semester I have two large group papers, as well as projects in two different classes. So at this point, it’s really a matter of working effectively with my group members and trying to be a leader within those two groups to make sure we get things done. Especially since finals are right before graduation and that’s when those things are due, and frankly I don’t want to be overwhelmed with group projects that late in the semester. So I think just being proactive and making sure you get things done ahead of time really helps relieve some of the stress”

Becky Wintringer: Warhawk Connection Center Intern

Becky Wintringer

“To-Do Lists are a big thing for me. I have post-its and color coded notes and stuff all over the place. I use my calendar to color code everything! Blue things are for class, green things are for work, and purple things are for organizations. I just try to stay managed by plotting out certain times of the day for individual things so that I’m not just doing all homework for three hours but individual tasks during individual times.

Anthony Richardson: Seal Entertainment Intern

Anthony Richardson

“In order to stay productive I pretty much just remind myself of why I’m here and I use that as motivation to assure that I persevere throughout the rest of the semester.”

We hope these tips can help you achieve your fullest potential and maximize your productivity during stressful times. Be sure to finish up this semester strong and don’t be afraid to join the dialog. What are some strategies that you live by to manage  stressful times and remain productive? Comment and share your ideas.

This Week in Hawk Jobs

What’s new in Hawk Jobs for the week of October 7, 2013.

Job Tip 5

Business & Finance:

  • Accounting Intern – Digi-Star LLC (Job ID 24523)
  • Sales & Marketing Internship – Scot Forge (Job ID 31259)
  • Accounting Administrator – (Job ID 31286)
  • Manager – Milwaukee Grill (Job ID 31258)

Art & Communication:

  • Weekend Weather Anchor/Multimedia Journalist – WIFR-TV (Job ID 31301)
  • Communications Program Manager – Alliant Energy, Inc (Job ID 31302)
  • PR/Social Media Intern – Communication Strategies Group (Details)
  • Marketing Specialist – Design Partners (Details)

Education & Social Services:

  • Behavioral Health Program Manager – Door County (Job ID 27659)
  • Math Teacher Residency – Match Education (Job ID 25880)
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Urban Ecology Center (Job ID 31269)
  • Professional Tutor, Mentor, and Role Model – City Year (Job ID 31278)


  • Law, Government, Non-Profit Internships – WISH Internships (Job ID 29065)
  • Graduate Public Service Intern – University of Illinois Springfield (Job ID 27843)
  • Safety Intern – Silgan Containers Manufacturing Corporation (Job ID 31310)
  • Visitor Services Coordinator – Visit Eau Claire (Job ID 31295)

Science & Technology:

  • Software Developer/Programmer – Dart Chart (Job ID 9337)
  • Part-Time Safety Assistant – Jones Dairy Farm (Job ID 31223)
  • Environmental Specialist – Alliant Energy, Inc (Job ID 31273)
  • Data Processor – Mandli Communications, Inc & Roadview, Inc (Job ID 31240)

For more student jobs, internships, entry level positions and campus interviews visit:

Use our hashtag #HawkJobs on Twitter for anything related to Hawk Jobs or jobs that you’ve found through the website!

Photo by UWW Career.

Friday Favorites – Five Awesome Upcoming Events

This semester, Career & Leadership Development, as well as other UW-W departments and colleges, are hosting five exciting events coming up which you can all take part in!

C&LD Front Desk

UWW Career Cover Model: Valentines Day Contest

The other social media intern, Heather, and myself, will be hosting a Facebook Cover Photo Contest that starts today! Students can submit a completed form explaining their experiences from a job, internship, or career-related experience that they loved. The chosen student will be featured on our Facebook Cover Photo and this blog and will also recieve some awesome prizes! For more details, visit the official contest rules and entry form.

Remember, this contest starts today and ends on February 7th so hop on the UWW Career Cover Model Contest bandwagon and start sending us your submissions!


Resume Doctor

The career counselors of Career & Leadership Development will be holding their annual event, Resume Doctor, on Tuesday, January 29, Wednesday, January 30, and Thursday, January 31, from 1-4pm in the Andersen Library. There are separate Facebook event pages for each day: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

  • What do you need to bring? Your resume, a pen, questions, if you have any, and a good attitude!

Look out for three more Resume Doctor events at the end of the semester, on Tuesday, April 2, Wednesday, April 3, and Thursday, April 4. They will be from 1-4pm in Andersen Library as well. There are separate Facebook event pages for each day: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Individuals in need of accommodations or those with questions should contact Laura Jacobs for more information.


Multicultural Career Fair

‘The Multicultural Career Fair is an annual event co-sponsored by the College of Business & Economics, the College of Education and the UW-Whitewater Minority Business and Teacher Preparation Program. The event will include freshman through graduate students and will provide them with the opportunity to network with the representatives from the public and private sectors, as well as with school personnel.’ This information was taken from the College of Business & Economics website.

The Multicultural Career Fair will take place on Wednesday, February 6, from 12-4pm in the UC Hamilton Room. For more information, contact Freda Briscoe or Kathy Milnar. Check out the Facebook event page too!


Disney College Program Information Night

For those of you who are interested in the Disney College Program, there will be an information night on Tuesday, February 19, from 5:30-6:30pm in the Timmerman Auditorium, Hyland 1000. Be sure to sign up on the Facebook event page.

If you’re ready to apply to the program now, you can attend the Disney College Program Apply NOW Session or sign up on the Facebook event page. The UW-Whitewater campus advisor for the program, Laura Jacobs, will be hosting the event along with the UW-W Campus Reps, students who have already completed the Disney College Program. They will be able to offer assistance and answer any questions you may have. This event will be held on Wednesday, February 20, from 5:30-7:30pm in McGraw 19A, which is a computer lab. You can stop in whenever you can and don’t need to stay for the whole time.


Community & Human Services Career Fair

The Community & Human Services Career Fair helps to connect students in Psychology, Sociology, Social Work, Women’s Studies, and Counseling with employers looking for interns, volunteers, or permanent employees. It is a smaller fair with only 20-30 organizations who will be present, but it is very focused for students looking to go into the human services profession or nonprofit sector.

This event will be on Wednesday, April 10, from 2-5pm in the UC Hamilton Room.


I hope you all take advantage of these great events throughout the semester! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to send an e-mail to Have a great semester!

Photo by UWW Career.

Veterans and Service Members Recognition Week

This week my blog will not be a typical career blog, but will cover some of the events happening at UW-Whitewater, as we come together to honor and remember our veterans past and present. There are a variety of exhibits, presentations, and events in which everyone from the university or the community at large can participate and from which we can learn. A complete list of all the activities can be found at I would like to point out a few of the activities the Veteran/Military Service Member Committee has planned as well as take time out to thank the many generous organizations and people who have helped bring this together for what I believe will be a moving and fun experience for those who choose to participate.

Spirit box exhibit pays tribute to fallen service members – This is a powerful and moving memorial to the 106 Wisconsin military men and women who died fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Be sure to stop by the Fiskum Art Gallery to see this exhibit. It’s an experience you’re not likely to soon forget. I’m very excited about the opportunity we have to see this exhibit right in our University! According to Elizabeth Watson, Director of the Center for Students with Disabilities at UW-Whitewater, “When you can stand and see these faces, it’s very personal and intimate. I think it’s important to pause and recognize these individuals who served.” For a longer description and more information about what you will be seeing, go to: .

Another event, in which everyone can participate, is the Honor Tree. It will be found in the University Center. You may choose as many ribbons as are appropriate to you to tie on our tree to say thank you to our veterans. Choose a color that indicates your support and honor to our veterans.

Are you a faculty or staff member who wants more information regarding the process our veteran students go through returning to school after being in combat? Then I suggest attending From Combat to Classroom: Transitions of Modern Warriors” presented my Cari Myles, an independent clinical Social Worker. Ms. Myles worked as a civilian social worker on US military installations in Turkey, Germany and Okinawa, Japan.

Check out the complete list of activities and take advantage of as many as possible. Be sure to note, if you are a veteran, there are many activities available to you, specifically.

Because I am a Career Counselor and I work with our veteran’s on campus, I would also like to invite you to come in to see me if I can help with any of your questions or related career needs. You may email me at or schedule an appointment by calling our office at 262-472-1471 and ask whoever answers the phone for an appointment with Kathy. And once again, thank you for all you have done for us!  We really do appreciate it!

Make A Difference Day

Last year over 4,500 UW-Whitewater students participated in volunteer service projects on-campus, in the community, and internationally. Collectively these students amassed more than 31,000 hours of service, and raised and donated in excess of $94,000 to local and national charities. UW-Whitewater students have consistently been generous with their time and talents, and have demonstrated the compassion and commitment to make a difference in our world.

What does this have to do with career development? Well, everything. Especially in more in-depth volunteer service roles, students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and practice skills that serve as valuable evidence in their job search process. During an employment interview you will be asked to give an example of a time when you worked effectively as part of a team, for example. It doesn’t matter whether or not the evidence you provide is part of a paid, work experience, or a volunteer service experience – the fact that you have evidence is what’s important to the individual conducting the interview. Collectively and individually, your service experience provides evidence of the knowledge and skill you would bring to the job.

On April  29th, UW-Whitewater and the City of Whitewater will again sponsor the annual Make-A-Difference Day. This service activity accommodates hundreds of student and community volunteers, all working together to contribute to the public good. For those students who have yet to begin their service journey, the Make-A-Difference Day event is a great introduction to the benefits of service, and I encourage both experienced volunteers and those new to service to participate in this wonderful event. Students (and faculty and staff) can register by going to their MyUWW site. Community members should go to the City of Whitewater site to register for the event.