Social Media Wrap-Up: Heather

Nervous, excited, and a slight bit nauseous – I was about to step into training for the Social Media Intern position for Career and Leadership Development, gulp! I was a new fifth-year senior, and nervousness aside, I was so excited to be a part of what has become the most rewarding internship I ever could have imagined.

Social Media Intern

Close to halfway through my college career I decided I wanted to switch my business major to public relations – no more economics classes sounded awesome to me! And through my journey I was introduced to so many social media platforms I couldn’t even keep them straight. Annoyed and overwhelmed at first, I began to open my mind to social media and really fell in love with it, and I thought – could this be my future career?

I saw the posting for the social media position and almost got butterflies, it was perfect! As you already know, I got the position. I was going to be managing the Facebook page, YouTube channel, and writing blog posts for the Career Spotlight Blog. As the year went on I not only saw progress in my social media skills and strategies, but I saw progress in myself as a person. One of the best parts of working for Career & Leadership Development is the diversity. I got to know people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. And as the year progressed I didn’t just have coworkers anymore, I had some awesome new friends.

After reflecting on this year I am proud that I can honestly say my fellow social intern, Kelsey, and I have taken the UWW Career social media to the next level. Going to work every day and loving what you do is a very special thing. I found myself working outside of the office almost on a daily basis because I could not get enough of it.

Here are some of my proudest and favorite moments of being the Social Media Intern for Career & Leadership Development:

  • Creating the Health & Wellness series for the Career Spotlight Blog
  • Getting to order a Face-In-Hole photo prop for Halloween tabling at Esker Hall
  • Dressing up as Batman for the St. Patty’s Day YouTube video
  • Having a 3,472 person outreach for the Make a Difference Day photo album on Facebook
  • Working with our monthly cover models
  • The excitement of a new Facebook ‘like’ notification on our page (not even exaggerating)
  • Taking the photos for our social media platforms
  • Having the freedom to push myself and my creativity
  • The relationship building for our second semester training
  • The Facebook page to reaching 750 ‘likes’ (and still counting!)
  • Attending networking events – especially the diversity dinner

Willie the Warkhawk
Overall, this internship has been a true blessing for me. Not only have I created some amazing friendships, gained vital career experience, and grown as a professional and a person, I found my dream career. I have learned that in order to succeed you must fail sometimes. And that is okay! One of the quotes I fell in love with after my first “failure” during this internship is by Henry Ford, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.”

Don’t ever give up on the things you love, Warhawks. Because if you love what you do and who you do it with, you will never work a day in your life.

Internship Wrap up

Photos by Heather Schwartz.

How to Boost Your Creativity

Many people think of creativity in terms of painting a masterpiece or drawing a flawless self-portrait; but creativity can be anything from creating a new entrée from scratch to submitting an original idea during a work meeting.

Be Creative

Here are some things you can try to boost your creativity:  

Take a Walk
Walking is usually associated with exercise, but it can also boost creativity. Take a 20 minute walk and allow the world to just be. Leave your electronics at home. Watch things. Stop and smell the smells. Notice wildlife and all the beautiful things around you!

Genres, Genres, Genres
Another way to boost creativity is experiencing new things in your every day life. Always watch comedies or read mystery novels? Try switching it up and rent an action-filled flick or read a romance novel.

See Things Differently
The best way to do this is take photos. And I don’t mean the normal stand-and-click type of photography. Get dirty. Lie down on the ground and shoot from foot level. Or climb a tree and see how the world looks down below. Seeing things in a different way will not only open your mind but it will also make you more willing to try new things and be less intimidated by things that are different.

Find Your Inner “Artist”
I have heard it time and time again, “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” But I believe everyone can become creative in their own way. When people think of being creative or being an artist they always seem to think about painting, drawing, sculpting, or crafting. Maybe you cannot draw an exact picture of your dog, but you may be strong in another area of creativity.

Here are some things you can try to find your inner creative skills:

  • Take a dance class
  • Sing karaoke
  • Write poetry
  • Design a new outfit
  • Learn to play an instrument
  • Dabble into interior design
  • Draw tattoo ideas
  • Experiment with food/plating design
  • Plan a garden
  • Start a landscaping project
  • Build something out of wood
  • Try new hairstyles
  • Play around with clay
  • Take a makeup application class
  • Make your own jewelry
  • Write a song

Build a Curiosity
When I say be more curious, I am not saying question and over-analyze every little thing. But it is important to keep your mind going. Next time you are applying for jobs, don’t just look into what your field of study is. Explore other options and see what is all out there. It could surprise you!

Don’t Expect Perfection
Have you ever gone to a photo gallery and wondered, “How is that even art?” Well, it’s because art is very subjective. You will start to notice a slump in your creativity when you are constantly trying to make your creations or projects “perfect”. Not having as many expectations will leave room for risks and new ideas to surface.

Use Your Hands
Doctors Carrie Barron and Alton Barron, authors of The Creative Cure, advise us to step away from the keyboard and pick up a pen instead. Writing with a piece of paper and a pen can actually be very calming and peaceful. And sometimes the whole experience of writing by hand will get the creative juices flowing.

Change Your Environment
Sometimes when we are stuck in the same office or room, our creative juices can stop flowing. Your boss wants you to come up with a new design for the company flyer and all you have is a blank sheet of paper? Step out into the hallway or lounge to change your environment up a little bit.

Here are some more quick ways to boost creativity:

  • Meditate – The perfect cure for a mental rut! It promotes divergent thinking, a state of mind in which we’re able to generate new ideas.
  • Get other opinions – Getting other people’s perspective may give you new ideas and start a new stream of thought.
  • Look at something blue or greenThe colors tend to improve performance on cognitive tasks. Research has shown that we associate blue with the ocean, sky, and openness in general, while green signals growth. Different colors are very powerful for the process of creativity!
  • Laugh – This will not only put you in a better mood but will clear your mind as well. When we are stressed or worried about things, our minds can get fogged. Lighten up a little bit and you will see your creativity sky-rocket!
  • Make a Creativity Board – Find photos in magazines, quotes online, or anything that inspires you and post them onto a poster or cork board. Hang it up in your office or the place you need a creativity boost.
  • Spend time alone
  • Write ideas down
  • Keep a notebook by your bed

If you want more tips on boosting your creativity or have questions about health and wellness, feel free to email me at and use “Health and Wellness with Heather” as the subject heading.

The Ultimate Guide to De-Stress

The end of the school year is coming up fast and we all know what that means: late night study sessions, hectic schedules, and high stress. But there are plenty of ways to take the edge off and relax before summer.

Get Some Shut-Eye

For many students, exam time means pulling all-nighters and loading up on tons of coffee and energy drinks. If you look back at my early college years, I did the same thing. But taking an exam or going to a meeting on little sleep and high amounts of caffeine is never a good idea.

Not only will your body feel awful, your mind will not be as sharp either. So make sure to get your 7-8 hours to feel fresh and more relaxed for what you need to accomplish the next day.

Take Some “You-Time”

This time of year can be hard to find time for yourself. Between studying for finals, job searching, and everything else on your hectic schedule, there is little time for relaxation. Make sure to take some breaks. Even if it is just setting your textbook down for a half hour and taking a walk, it will help!

Our minds and bodies can only take so much information and stress at a time. Find little things you can do throughout the day to keep yourself level-headed and relaxed.

Use Your Weekends

A rule of thumb I like to use to de-stress is to always to use my weekends to my advantage when possible. During the week I am jam-packed with internship duties, class, projects, and meetings. So as long as I don’t have something on the weekends that I HAVE to accomplish, I use it to enjoy myself and unwind.

If you are really stressed, I would not recommend participating in crazy, extravagant weekend plans. Do something to escape your week-day reality a little bit. Here are some things you can do to take the edge off without going overboard:

  • Go see a movie
  • Go to a local museum
  • Watch a local band
  • Have dinner with friends
  • Spend an afternoon at Barnes & Noble (reading is free!)
  • Go to a karaoke bar
  • Try a yoga class
  • Cook or bake
  • Perform an act of kindness
  • Take a social media break (yes, I said it.)
  • Enjoy the outdoors (if it warms up out there!)
  • Get a professional massage
  • Shop around local thrift shops for hidden treasures

Hit the Gym

Nothing says de-stress like a good workout! It goes without saying that working out does amazing things for your body and mind, and finals are the perfect time to get in the routine.

Don’t like working out in public? Here are some awesome workouts you can do in  your office, apartment, or home.

Don’t Procrastinate

We all procrastinate at times. But it does nothing but makes us more stressed and rushed. An easy way to keep from procrastinating is make a detailed schedule and checklist. There are many apps you can download to have a detailed schedule and to-do lists right at your fingertips. My favorites are the Cozi and Paperless apps.

Also make sure to keep close communication with your boss, professors, and others you need to work with to ensure everything is on schedule so that you are keeping on track.

Laugh Until Your Abs Hurt

According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter lightens your mental load and actually causes positive physical changes in your body. Here are some other benefits of laughter:

  • Promotes creativity
  • It’s contagious
  • Treats insomnia
  • Makes you more approachable
  • Boosts immune systems
  • Lightens the mood
  • Lowers blood sugar levels
  • Creates a more enjoyable work environment

Can’t seem to work up a good laugh? These might help:

Start implementing these tips into your hectic schedule and you will de-stress in no time!

If you want more tips on stress management or have questions about health and wellness, feel free to email me at and use “Health and Wellness with Heather” as the subject heading.

7 Ways to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Did you know there is a place where there is little excitement, minimal room for growth, and large amounts of boredom and fear? It’s called your comfort zone!

I think it’s time to stretch those limits a little! Not only will your life become more exciting, but you’ll also build confidence, meet new people, experience new things, and diminish fear.


Here are some ways to start stepping out of your comfort zone.

Try Something New Every Day

Don’t be intimidated by this! When I say try something new every day I don’t mean bungee jumping one day and swimming with sharks the next. It can be the teeny tiniest thing: trying a new food, taking a new route to work, or smiling at strangers.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a marathon, not a sprint. Sometimes the littlest changes can make the biggest difference.

Stop Comparing

Social media makes this one a little difficult, but it is doable. If you are constantly looking at your friends’ profiles and seeing posts like, “Just booked a ticket to Africa, leaving tomorrow!” or “So many great things happening to me; ready for this new chapter in life!” it can make your life seem dull in comparison and can be discouraging.

Comparing our lives to others is not realistic. Everyone has different opportunities, financial stability, and lifestyles. So try to not compete with others and just challenge yourself in your own ways. Here’s something to try: When you see pictures on Facebook of someone jumping out of a plane from thousands of feet, instead of being envious, ask yourself if you would even want to do something like that if you had the chance. Personally, I’d rather check swimming with dolphins off my bucket list!

So if you start doing things that are important and fulfilling to you trying new things will come a lot easier!

Take Opportunities

Okay, I’m guilty. There are plenty of times that sitting on my couch watching my backed up TiVo seems more appealing than taking up an offer to join a cupcake decorating class with friends.

But if you don’t start taking opportunities that are presented to you, then you might really be missing out. The next time your friends ask if you want to try a charity run or take an acting class, do it! You never know when that opportunity will come again.

Make a Bucket List

I’m proud to say my bucket list has hit three pages already! Making a list of things you want to do in your life will not only be motivating, but it will be a constant reminder of the things that spark your interest.

Not sure where to start with your bucket list? Here is a great website of bucket list inspiration.

Learn to Laugh at Yourself

One of the biggest reasons people don’t step out of their comfort zone is because they are afraid of being embarrassed or failing. But if you learn to be a little more light-hearted and laugh at things that don’t always go right, trying new things will be a no-brainer!

The next time you take a pottery class and your pottery wheel gets a mind of its own and your clay flies up against the wall (yes, this happened to me), just make a joke out of it and keep going!

Embrace Your Fear

Sometimes the fear of the unknown is a big reason for staying in your comfort zone. But the key is to turn that fear into excitement.

Have you ever caught yourself in the same boring routine? Or always doing the same things over and over again? Well the reality is there is no excitement in always knowing what will happen next. So embrace the mystery of the unknown and give them a try. The outcome could be life-changing!

Involve Friends and Family

It’s okay to have security blanket outside of your comfort zone. Having friends or family there to try new things with you will not only make you feel more comfortable, but also make you more likely to keep trying new things.

UntitledIf you want more tips on stepping out of your comfort zone or have questions about health and wellness, feel free to email me at and use “Health and Wellness with Heather” as the subject heading.

Sleep: Your New Favorite Hobby

Spring is finally here! Well, sort of. Warmer weather means going to baseball games, cooking out with friends, going to the beach, concerts, and late nights. But this doesn’t leave much time for sleep.

Getting enough sleep can not only reduce stress and improve memory, but it can also extend your lifespan! Here are some benefits and facts about sleep that you should be aware of.

Benefits of Sleep: Sleep Can…

  • Boost creativity
  • Reduce the risk of depression
  • Improve physical appearance
  • Sharpen your attention
  • Help with weight loss
  • Make you more alert
  • Help your body heal itself
  • Boost energy

The Facts

  • You should get between 6 and 8 hours of sleep each night
  • More than 70 million Americans live with over 85 types of sleeping disorders
  • Check out this awesome infographic: Sleep Facts
  • 77% of college students have trouble sleeping, according to the National Sleep Foundation


Sleep Trouble: Ways to Fall Asleep Easier

  • Turn off all electronics
  • Do not exercise in the late evening or night
  • Listen to calming music (Pandora has relaxation and meditation stations)
  • Do not eat a couple hours before bedtime
  • Do not play games on your phone or electronic devices (it will stimulate your brain and keep you awake)
  • Make lists and take notes before bed of what you need to do the next day (otherwise you will be thinking about it when you’re trying to catch some ZZZ’s)
  • Keep the room at a comfortable temperature (research has shown that people fall asleep easier in cooler temperatures)
  • Keep your room clean (clutter causes stress)
  • Limit your caffeine intake


So while making your spring and summer bucket lists, make sure to add sleep into your schedule. Happy snoozing, Warhawks!

If you want more tips on sleeping habits or have questions about health and wellness, feel free to email me at and use “Health and Wellness with Heather” as the subject heading.

8 Ways to Boost Your Confidence and Overall Happiness

We all need a little pick-me-up or self-esteem boost every once in awhile. But if you’ve been feeling down in the dumps lately, it’s time for a change! Confidence and self-esteem are not only essential for success but also for overall happiness.

Regaining Confidence

It is important to remember that there is no secret formula for happiness, and each person can find joy in different ways. But here are eight effective ways you can start living life to the fullest and become a more confident person.

Discover What YOU Like
After years of going through the interview process, I am proud to say I can honestly and confidently answer the question, “What do you like to do outside of work?” One of the most important parts of being a confident person is knowing who you are and what you like. Always be open to trying new things, joining new organizations, and exploring new territories. The more things you try, the easier it will be to find the things that bring you joy.

If you are a UW-Whitewater student, check out our Student Involvement Office to join one of more than 200 Student Organizations, get a job on campus, join an intramural team, volunteer your time as a Warhawk Ambassador, or to go Greek!

Master the Game of Balance
Life is all about balance. In order to be a happier person you must be able to balance a handful of tasks, relationships, and plans. It is easier said than done, but by keeping things organized and prioritized you will be able to keep your stress under control and really enjoy your life.

You can find more tips on how to keep balance in my previous blog post, College: The Game of Balance.

Inside and Out
Sometimes we forget that taking care of ourselves means several different things. In order to become a more confident person, it is important to exercise your body AND mind.

This can be difficult – I know from experience! The times I am really focused on getting into shape, my academics and work start to suffer. And when I focus all my energy on classes or getting ahead at work, my workout routine suffers. So make sure to schedule your time accordingly and fit both in. You’ll thank me later!

Stay One-Of-A-Kind
An amazing thing about being human is that each person is different, but sometimes we forget to celebrate the things that make us unique.

Unfortunately, media and society have portrayed beauty, success, and happiness in very specific ways. And when certain parts of our lives don’t measure up to the “status quo,” it can get discouraging.

The important thing to do is to create your own definitions of beauty, success, and happiness. You can do this by surrounding yourself with those who love and support you, accept and embrace who you are, set personal goals, do the things you enjoy, and start using positive self-talk.

Stay Motivated
A great way to stay self-confident is to have goals and to always be working towards something. I know the days I lounge around my apartment and watch TV, a typical Sunday, I don’t feel 100 percent. Those are the days I don’t have a lot of energy, I lack motivation, and I don’t feel very good about myself.

So even if it is taking the dog for a walk or getting a jump start on a project, make some sort of small goal each day you want to accomplish. That way when you accomplish it you will feel great about yourself!

Stay Humble
It is important that when you do have moments of success to not let it get to your head. There is a quote I always tell myself to stay grounded, “Never let failure get to your heart, and never let success get to your head.”

Don’t get me wrong, achieving your goals is an amazing accomplishment, and you should be proud! But it is important to remember if you put yourself on a high horse you could have a harsh fall.

Here is a list of 50 ways to stay humble.

Stay Optimistic
Guess what, the world didn’t end in 2012! So that means it is no longer an excuse for our actions and emotions. When things get overwhelming it can feel like the end of the world, but it is important to remind yourself it really isn’t.

A good way to stay optimistic is remind yourself of the good things and people in your life. Another great way to stay positive is to restore your faith in humanity. Here is a Pinterest board filled with amazing stories and photos that will help you stay positive when you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Give to Others
One of the best ways to boost self-esteem is to help out others. There are many opportunities out there to get involved. Find a cause you care about and boost your self-esteem by getting involved with your time.

Here are some community service opportunities through UW-Whitewater.

If you want more tips on how to become more positive or have questions about health and wellness, feel free to email me at and use “Health and Wellness with Heather” as the subject heading.

Photo by Heather Schwartz.

7 Ways to Spice Up Your Workspace

Let me ask you a question. Would you rather work at an empty desk surrounded by bare, white walls or a space that was a reflection of the things you love and your personality? Personally, I would go with the second option!

No matter if you’re working from home, your dorm, or an office, if your workspace is bland your work and your mood will start to be the same.

Here are some ways to spice up your space:

Sit Comfortably
If you have the money and your workspace allows it, buy your own chair. Make sure it is customized to what you need and what you like. I know I would much rather work on a padded chair with armrests than a rock-hard folding chair. Make sure you are getting the support you need so you can resist back and neck aches.

Friendly Faces
When work gets overwhelming and stressful, it’s nice to have ways to stay grounded. Have a picture of your dog or a family photo from your favorite vacation. Seeing the people you love and care about will keep your stress levels down. It will also remind you there is more than just that presentation you need to finish.

See Things in Color
Have you ever noticed that you feel refreshed and energized on a bright and colorful spring morning? But on a snowy and dull winter day you aren’t as chipper?

Many studies have been done on the effects of color and how we feel. Some research has shown that the color green can help eliminate stress, red can make your feel more detail-oriented, and blue can boost creativity.

Check out this short, fun color quiz to see what kind of colors you need in your life!

Decorate to Motivate
A lot of people are visually motivated. Put motivational saying on your desk, corkboards, and around your computer. Sometimes we just need a little reminder to keep us going.

Here are some motivational sayings you can decorate your space with:

  • “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”
  • “The expert in anything was always a beginner.”
  • “The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.”
  • “Tell that negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down and shut up.”
  • “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.”
  • “Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your heart.”
  • “Work for a cause, not for applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don’t strive to make your presence noticed, just make your absence felt.”

Make the Space Your Own
It is very important that your workspace reflects who you are as a person. If you are really into dogs, you wouldn’t have pictures of cats everywhere, would you? Find decorations and little things you can put in your space that will make you feel good.

A key to being successful and being a good worker is loving and knowing who you are as a person. Embrace your individuality and let your workspace show it.

Use your Resources
You don’t have to be an interior designer to have a rocking workspace. There are many magazines, websites, and stores that can help you out. My favorite place to look up new décor ideas is through Pinterest. But be careful, it can be addicting!

Have Fun with It
Work does not always have to mean work. You should enjoy what you do and have fun with it. The best way I like to do that is to have quirky things around to keep things more interesting and light-hearted.

Here are some places you can find unique and eccentric things for your workspace:

Photo by PB Teen.

5 Simple and Effective Office Workouts

Are you someone who just can’t find the time to exercise? I know I am! So I came up with a short, yet effective, office workout routine that you can do in the convenience of your workplace or home.

Office Workouts

Even if your schedule is jam-packed, you can always find time for a quick workout. Here are the 5 simple workouts you can do to get started on the path to a more healthy and active lifestyle.

1. Chair Dips (Arms and Legs Exercise):

  • Start by supporting your arms on the chair
  • Then sit at a 90 degree angle off of your chair
  • Start with straight arms then lower yourself by bending at the elbows
  • Then straighten your elbows back into the starting position
  • Do 3 sets of 10-15 reps

2. Wall Sits (Leg Exercise):

  • Position yourself up against a sturdy wall
  • Put yourself into a sitting position at a 90 degree angle
  • Hold this pose for 60 seconds
  • Do 3 sets

3. Feet Raises (Abs and Legs Exercise):

  • Start in a sitting position
  • Lean back slightly
  • While in the sitting position, lift your legs a few inches off the ground
  • Then lower them without touching the ground
  • Do 3 sets of 20 reps

4. Chair Lunges (Leg Exercise):

  • Position a chair behind you
  • Lift one leg onto the chair
  • Bend the leg remaining on the floor to a 90 degree angle then lift yourself to your starting position
  • Do 3 sets of 10 reps per leg

5. Desk Push-Ups (Arm Exercise):

  • Position yourself a generous distance away from your desk or table
  • Place hands firmly on the edge of the desk or table
  • Lower yourself into a push-up position then lift to your starting position
  • Do 3 sets of 10 reps

Remember, you can always increase the number of sets reps and sets. Start off at a level you are comfortable with and make sure to stretch when needed.

Would you like to see how these workouts are done? Check out our Office Workouts video!

Health and Wellness Extra: Are you interested in really super charging your health and fitness? Feel free to check out my post on how to eat healthy on a budget.

If you want more tips on how to stay fit or have questions about health and wellness, feel free to email me at and use “Health and Wellness with Heather” as the subject heading.

College: The Game of Balance

College is a game of balance. Attending classes, studying, part-time jobs, extracurricular activities, and finding time for friends, family and yourself can be very difficult.

College BalanceThe following tips will help you stay balanced and stress-free:

Get Organized
It took me almost all of my college years to acknowledge this one. Organization is one of the hardest things to get the hang of for many of us. But there are many resources that you can use to get become more organized.

The best thing to do is make organization binders. This way you can organize everything from work, projects, to-do lists, grocery lists, meal plans, bills, personal documents, and everything else you need to keep track of.

Here are some of my favorite free printables for getting everything in your life in order:

Once you know what needs to be accomplished, it’s time to prioritize. This means figuring out which tasks are most important and which ones need to be completed first. For example, if you have to plan a friend’s birthday bash for next month but also have a presentation due tomorrow for your internship, you should do the presentation first.

When you prioritize, you are able to avoid the problem of, “I have so much to do, and don’t even know where to start.” Make a list and number your tasks in order of importance and by the date each needs to be completed.

Avoid Procrastination
Oh yes, the dreaded “P” word! If I had a dollar for every time I saw a Facebook status or tweet from a college peer about procrastination, I wouldn’t need a job after graduation.

We all procrastinate, but here are some ways you can avoid it:

  • Make lists
  • Make a specific time-frame for downtime
  • Be around enthusiastic and driven people
  • Get into a routine
  • Reward yourself for completing tasks (perhaps some frozen yogurt after you finish that English paper?)
  • Avoid distractions – go to the library, a café, or somewhere it is easy to focus
  • Divvy up the time for larger tasks and project
  • Put motivational photos and quotes on a bulletin board in your office
  • Do simple tasks right when they come up

Have “Me” Time
Trying to balance everything can be very stressful and overwhelming. It is important that you make time for yourself to reenergize and keep your sanity. It is okay to tell your friends you can’t go out one night because you want to catch up on Walking Dead  and Duck Dynasty episodes.

Having balance means making time for the  things that bring you happiness. Haven’t opened up a new book in months? Well it’s time to burst open the binding and get lost in some you-time!

Know When to Say “No”
Sometimes we college students feel like we need to be superheroes and balance the weight of the world on our shoulders. However it will do nothing but hurt you in the end. In order to keep balance in your life, it is important to not bite off more than you can chew.

For example, if you have an academic overload and your boss asks you to participate in planning a charity event, it is okay to turn it down. Do not simply say, “no,” but explain that you have a lot of things on your plate right now for school and to please have your boss keep you in mind for the next opportunity.

Find Ways to Move
For many of us it isn’t realistic to make it to the gym every day. So find ways that you can stay moving throughout the day and won’t take away from other things you need to get done.

Here are some ways to keep your body going outside of the gym:

  • Stand instead of sit
  • Walk to class instead of driving
  • Take the stairs
  • Clean your place (talk about killing two birds with one stone!)
  • Park further from buildings
  • Fidget at your desk
  • Dance around to your favorite music
  • Do crunches, squats, or burpees during TV commercials

Explore Your Options. Get Help.
The awesome thing about college is there are resources everywhere. You typically can find guidance from your professors, advisors, tutors, a health clinic, and counseling centers. Don’t hesitate to ask for help or be embarrassed. We are all human and need help at times!

Here are some links for resources on the UW-Whitewater campus:

If you want more tips on how to balance college life or have questions about health and wellness, feel free to email me at and use “Health and Wellness with Heather” as the subject heading.

Photo by Heather Schwartz.

Eating Smart and Healthy on a College Budget

Healthy and Smart Eating on a College Budget

We have all said it, “Food is so expensive!” But the good news is, it doesn’t have to be! Here are some simple tips for getting more for your buck. Not only that, but having healthier food options.

Eating on a Budget

Shop with the Seasons

Fruits and vegetables that are in season are much cheaper. For example, berries are summer fruits and you can buy a container of strawberries for $6.99 in winter – compared to half that if they were in season.

Here are the seasons for some popular fruits and vegetables:

  • Fall-Broccoli, Cranberries, Cauliflower, Grapes, Pineapple, Pumpkins, Sweet Potatoes
  • Winter-Grapefruit, Kiwis, Oranges, Pears, Collard Greens
  • Spring-Apricots, Asparagus, Corn, Limes, Mango, Peas, Honeydew
  • Summer-Cucumbers, Blueberries, Bell Peppers, Cherries, Eggplant, Strawberries, Raspberries

Cut those Coupons

No, you don’t need to become an extreme couponer. But it is important to get a deal when you can. Search through local papers and ads to find coupons for items you actually eat! Don’t buy something just because you can get a dollar off but you don’t really like it. It will most likely end up in the garbage.

Here are some websites to redeem free grocery coupons:

Fresh is Best

Always look at the expiration dates on food, especially produce and dairy. This will make your food last longer after purchasing.

Spoiler Alert! Stores place older items in the front and newer items in back. You will have to dig but your wallet will thank you!

Have a Plan

Making a grocery list will help you stick to your budget. If you just go into a store with no plan you are more likely to buy things you don’t need. So try to avoid impulse buys and make a strict “I NEED” list.

Also try to avoid the grocery store on an empty stomach. Have you ever heard of the term, “your eyes are bigger than your stomach?” Well when you’re hungry and grocery shopping, you will probably fill your cart with anything and everything to satisfy that hunger craving.

The Freezer is your Friend

One of the biggest ways for food to suck up your money is wasting it. If you make a pasta sauce and there is half of the pot left over, don’t throw it away! Put it in a container and pop it in the freezer. Then you can thaw it different day and have another meal ready to take to the office or use for a last minute meal.

You should also do this with fruit and meat. I’m a girl who loves smoothies. But I always had problems with my fruit going bad before I could use it all. Now I make my own smoothie–bags. Take a Ziploc bag and mix in all of the fruit you need for a single smoothie. Then when you’re ready to indulge in a fresh drink, you’re all set!

Another perk of freezing fruit for smoothies is the fruit will replace the ice cubes. The drink will be chilled and you can say bye-bye to watered-down drinks.

Office Meals

Vending machines and cafeterias can really shrink your wallet and expand your waistband. Make sure to pack your lunches the night before! This is a time you can utilize your freezer meals (as long as your office has a microwave or way of heating your food) or make a brown-bag lunch.

And if you can’t heat up your meals, here is a list of 90 no-heat meals for the office.

More for Your Buck

Check out these awesome price comparisons! Who would have thought you could get so much healthy food for these prices?

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

Check out the rest of the comparisons, here.

If you want more tips on how to eat healthy on a budget or have questions about health and wellness, feel free to email me at and use “Health and Wellness with Heather” as the subject heading.