Friday Favorites – 5 Reasons to Utilize Your College Career Center

Interested in the Disney College Program? We’ve got you covered. Not sure how to navigate Hawk Jobs? We’re on it! Do you want to have an international internship? We have the resources! Career & Leadership Development can help you with these and so much more.

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We as a career center know you have big plans during your college career and after. We plan to help you prepare for the ‘real world’ by offering these five services and much more. Career & Leadership Development can…

Help You Craft Your Resume and Cover Letters

I strongly encourage every college student to have a professional staff look over your resume before you submit it to the hiring manager of your dream job. Professional staff will see things you won’t, will notice little details that need to be added or taken away, and can provide great advice on formatting, layout, and style. The staff can also help you develop a cover letter and can give you advice on what to include, what to leave out, how to format it, and what kind of salutation would be appropriate.

Help You Find Resources to Find an Internship or Job

So, you know you need to have an internship under your belt before you graduate. That’s good! But, how do you go about finding one? The career counselors have many resources and websites to help you find an internship in the field you want to get into. They also know about many resources, online job boards, and about upcoming career fairs to help you find a job. Graduating seniors, it’s not too late to visit the career center and help you secure a job after you graduate!

Help You Prep for Interviews

Being interviewed is a scary thing! But wouldn’t you rather be prepared for one than not? The career counselors are more than willing to perform mock interviews with you – in person, over the phone, over a meal, or even over Skype!¬†Career counselors may meet with you in their office, or you can ask to do it in the Bailey Interview Center.

Help You Get You on Track for Your Post-Grad Life

Unsure about what you want to do after you graduate? Grad school, travel, or find a job?! Or, if you aren’t graduating for a few years, are you thinking of internships, involvement, or various career paths? We provide many career assessments to give you an idea of what career path might be best suited for you, during college and after you graduate.

Help You Get Involved

Career & Leadership Development not only deals with career-related things. We also want you to get involved before you graduate. Getting involved in organizations and taking leadership positions will greatly increase your chance of receiving a job offer!

We encourage you to visit the Involvement Office, which is the room to the left of the Bailey Interview Center. Here you can find out about all the organizations on campus, about Greek life, and what kind of professional organizations you could join. The Connection Center, which is where WSG, LAU, and the Non-Trad Pad is located, is also a great way to get involved and to connect with organizations and students.

See all the great things Career & Leadership Development has to offer?! We’d love to help you in any way possible.¬†If you need help in one or more of these areas, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with one of the career counselors. That is what they’re here for! Simply call Career & Leadership Development at 262-472-1471 or visit us in the University Center, up the ramp/stairs across from Freshens.

Photo by UWW Career.