How to Be a Leader in a Technology-Driven World

This post was written by Career & Leadership Development Leadership Advisor Melissa Grosso.

Being a leader can be tough in the most perfect of circumstances…add technology into the mix and it can be a downright pain!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people are always on their phones or tablets in meetings or while they are having conversations with you and it what they are doing on their said phone or tablet has nothing to do with your meeting or conversation. My second pet peeve is that we have forgotten about the old school “face to face” meetings.

Cell Phones

Not everything can be communicated or solved through technology. Here are my top 5 tips for being a leader in a technology-driven world:

Not everyone has a smartphone or uses social media, believe it or not!  Branch out and use other “old school” methods. For example, if you want to communicate a conference schedule to the group, using an app like Involvio or Guidebook is great for those who have smartphones, but also remember that not everyone does. Have a handful of paper copies available for those who don’t have smart phones.

There is nothing better than a face to face, in the same room conversations! Understanding when to have an in-person conversation is a skill that many people, due to technology, are lacking. Don’t send a text or email to ask how your performance at a job has been or that you need to resign from your position. It’s always best to have these types of conversations in person. Intent or meaning can be lost when NOT communicating face to face.

LinkedIn is a great tool to network with, however, it drives me nuts when people I don’t know try to connect with me and they keep the generic “I’d like to add you to my professional network.” Well that’s awesome, but why should I connect with you, especially if I don’t even know you? I know there isn’t a lot of space in the box, but give the person you are trying to connect with a reason to connect with you – they will be happy to connect with you once they know the reason why.

Everyone learns or hears about things differently! Don’t always use just one form of communication when trying to connect with others. Try to figure out their preferred method of communication and use it. It might take longer, but in the end you will have a much more connected group with individuals who know you care.

Put down technology and have an honest uninterrupted conversation. These conversations can be the most powerful conversations where both people are engaged. The meaningful conversations that can come from being technology free are priceless.

Do you have any other tips or tricks of the trade for living and leading in a technology-driven world?

Photo by Irving Martinez.