Friday Favorites – Five Worst LinkedIn Photos

As we wrap up the theme of LinkedIn this month, I wanted to leave you with five last tips about what kind of photos you shouldn’t have on your LinkedIn profile, and why they’re bad.

The Group Photo

Picture 004

Which one of these lovely ladies’ profile am I viewing?! Don’t leave potential employers confused! While it’s understandable that you want to impress potential employers with how social you are, leave that for Facebook and Twitter.

The Cropped Photo

Picture 006

This one is a profile picture favorite, for any social network. It looks awkward, weird, and completely unprofessional. You literally have a hanging limb in your photo. I totally understand that you might look gorgeous in that one photo that you took that night, and only a Photoshop magician would be able to remove that awkward arm, but please, for the love of professional networking social media sites, stop with the cropped profile photo!

Distance Photo

Picture 005

While the tree is lovely, and having McGraw Hall in the photo will show your Warhawk pride, what employers really want to see is your face. Even if you’re at the Grand Canyon, the Appalachian Mountains, or in the middle of Times Square, the background should be the least interesting aspect of your photo. Keep the focus of your profile photo on your face.

A Photo of Your Pet

Simba baby 9

Don’t. Just don’t. No matter how cute your pet is, resist!

Not Having a Photo

LinkedIn 4

Yes, not having a photo is just as bad as having one with red Solo cups in it. As bad as it might sound, this is one instance where what you look like is important. So throw on that blazer, ask a friend who’s handy with a camera to help you out, and snap a few photos.

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Photos by UWW Career.