Six Major Tips for Researching Employers to Leave a Good Impression

Facebook…Twitter… You Tube… Wikipedia… We all visit these platforms weekly, if not daily. Some consider these platforms to be no more than the Mount Rushmore of procrastination, but in actuality they are massive hubs of information that we waste time on use to interact with others and gain knowledge. As a result, those who use these tools certainly have developed great research skills.

Hawk Fair 2

The Hawk Career Fair is just barely two weeks from today. If you are interested in making a great first impression to secure an internship or employment, knowledge of employers is critical. Let’s put those exceptional research skills to practice! Here are six ways you can engage in employer research to get hired by employers!

1. Access the Employer Attendance List from Hawk Jobs

First things first – use Hawk Jobs to find out who will be in attendance. We have a great step-by-step explanation of navigating Hawk Jobs to obtain the list of employers.

2. Make a List of Employers You’re Interested In

Hawk Jobs does a great job of listing the fields of each employer and the positions for which they hire. Employers aren’t fond of the “What jobs do you guys have?” question, and they expect students to have an idea of the positions being offered. Identify employers of interest who you think you can speak with in the time you spend at the fair, so you know exactly who you’ll speak with during the fair.

3. Take a Look at Employers’ Website

When you approach employers, it’s hard to leave a good impression when you are spending precious minutes asking basic questions about the company. Take a few minutes to review the key information from employer websites including the mission/vision/values, the company services, and the careers sections. This will lead to more informed questions and a demonstrated knowledge of the employer.

4. Search for Employers on Social Media

See if the employer has an account on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or other social media platforms. These accounts can provide useful information about current events and specific department updates.

5. Research Employers in the News

Google has a fantastic option called “Google News”. Type in the name of an employer of interest and find out what others are saying about them. Recruiters will be impressed if you share a positive, current events story about the new designer working with the store or a current rise in profits.

6. Learn about Experiences from Employees

Some things, you will never know until you have heard it from an employee. Use Glassdoor to search through company feedback provided by current and former employees or connect with employees on LinkedIn for an informational interview. It is even better if can speak with a friend of family member connected to the company.

If you can use Wikipedia to get Breaking Bad season 5 refreshers, then you can definitely obtain the information needed to engage with employers. Once you have identified and researched employers, your anxiety is sure to decrease and you will surprise yourself and impress employers with your passion and knowledge for their company.

Feel free to check in with the Career and Leadership Development career counselors to continue employer research, building your resume and other preparation for the Hawk Career Fair!

Photo by UWW Career.