Social Media Wrap-Up: Heather

Nervous, excited, and a slight bit nauseous – I was about to step into training for the Social Media Intern position for Career and Leadership Development, gulp! I was a new fifth-year senior, and nervousness aside, I was so excited to be a part of what has become the most rewarding internship I ever could have imagined.

Social Media Intern

Close to halfway through my college career I decided I wanted to switch my business major to public relations – no more economics classes sounded awesome to me! And through my journey I was introduced to so many social media platforms I couldn’t even keep them straight. Annoyed and overwhelmed at first, I began to open my mind to social media and really fell in love with it, and I thought – could this be my future career?

I saw the posting for the social media position and almost got butterflies, it was perfect! As you already know, I got the position. I was going to be managing the Facebook page, YouTube channel, and writing blog posts for the Career Spotlight Blog. As the year went on I not only saw progress in my social media skills and strategies, but I saw progress in myself as a person. One of the best parts of working for Career & Leadership Development is the diversity. I got to know people from all different backgrounds and walks of life. And as the year progressed I didn’t just have coworkers anymore, I had some awesome new friends.

After reflecting on this year I am proud that I can honestly say my fellow social intern, Kelsey, and I have taken the UWW Career social media to the next level. Going to work every day and loving what you do is a very special thing. I found myself working outside of the office almost on a daily basis because I could not get enough of it.

Here are some of my proudest and favorite moments of being the Social Media Intern for Career & Leadership Development:

  • Creating the Health & Wellness series for the Career Spotlight Blog
  • Getting to order a Face-In-Hole photo prop for Halloween tabling at Esker Hall
  • Dressing up as Batman for the St. Patty’s Day YouTube video
  • Having a 3,472 person outreach for the Make a Difference Day photo album on Facebook
  • Working with our monthly cover models
  • The excitement of a new Facebook ‘like’ notification on our page (not even exaggerating)
  • Taking the photos for our social media platforms
  • Having the freedom to push myself and my creativity
  • The relationship building for our second semester training
  • The Facebook page to reaching 750 ‘likes’ (and still counting!)
  • Attending networking events – especially the diversity dinner

Willie the Warkhawk
Overall, this internship has been a true blessing for me. Not only have I created some amazing friendships, gained vital career experience, and grown as a professional and a person, I found my dream career. I have learned that in order to succeed you must fail sometimes. And that is okay! One of the quotes I fell in love with after my first “failure” during this internship is by Henry Ford, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.”

Don’t ever give up on the things you love, Warhawks. Because if you love what you do and who you do it with, you will never work a day in your life.

Internship Wrap up

Photos by Heather Schwartz.