April Cover Model Winner

Congratulations to junior Hannah Jean, our April cover model winner! She had an internship with the Disney College program.

Hannah Jean

What did you love most about your internship?

My internship with Disney provided me many friendships and memories that I will never forget. Every day I went to work was wonderful because I was a part of the Disney magic, and I felt like I was a part of a family. Seeing smiles on kids’ faces because I gave them a birthday pin with their name on it or because I traded a pin with them that they had been looking for all day made each day not only magical for my guests, but for me as well.

One day, I was trading pins at the fruit cart in Tomorrowland. A little girl came up to me who had been looking for a specific pin, and I had it. She was so excited when she saw that I had it. The little girl and her dad thanked me, and left. A few moments later the little girl came back to give me a hug! Moments like this are why I loved my job so much.

Although I am back in Whitewater, the magic from my internship with The Disney College Program is still with me. I have an amazing team of campus representatives for the Disney College Program that make each day I spend with them full of magic!

What did you learn about yourself through this job/internship/career-related experience?

I learned how to live on my own and how to network with professionals. I also learned that you can make people happy even with the smallest actions.

What advice would you give students about the job/internship/career development process?

Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities. They can come from anywhere. I didn’t even know my internship existed until I walked into the University Center and saw that an information session was about to start. The process of finding a job or internship can be difficult, but I promise you it will pay off when you land one! There’s nothing like the feeling of being hired for a position you worked hard to get.

Photo by UWW Career.