Sleep: Your New Favorite Hobby

Spring is finally here! Well, sort of. Warmer weather means going to baseball games, cooking out with friends, going to the beach, concerts, and late nights. But this doesn’t leave much time for sleep.

Getting enough sleep can not only reduce stress and improve memory, but it can also extend your lifespan! Here are some benefits and facts about sleep that you should be aware of.

Benefits of Sleep: Sleep Can…

  • Boost creativity
  • Reduce the risk of depression
  • Improve physical appearance
  • Sharpen your attention
  • Help with weight loss
  • Make you more alert
  • Help your body heal itself
  • Boost energy

The Facts

  • You should get between 6 and 8 hours of sleep each night
  • More than 70 million Americans live with over 85 types of sleeping disorders
  • Check out this awesome infographic: Sleep Facts
  • 77% of college students have trouble sleeping, according to the National Sleep Foundation


Sleep Trouble: Ways to Fall Asleep Easier

  • Turn off all electronics
  • Do not exercise in the late evening or night
  • Listen to calming music (Pandora has relaxation and meditation stations)
  • Do not eat a couple hours before bedtime
  • Do not play games on your phone or electronic devices (it will stimulate your brain and keep you awake)
  • Make lists and take notes before bed of what you need to do the next day (otherwise you will be thinking about it when you’re trying to catch some ZZZ’s)
  • Keep the room at a comfortable temperature (research has shown that people fall asleep easier in cooler temperatures)
  • Keep your room clean (clutter causes stress)
  • Limit your caffeine intake


So while making your spring and summer bucket lists, make sure to add sleep into your schedule. Happy snoozing, Warhawks!

If you want more tips on sleeping habits or have questions about health and wellness, feel free to email me at and use “Health and Wellness with Heather” as the subject heading.