Friday Favorites – What is Your Dream Job?!

Over the past month, I’ve asked UW-Whitewater students, ‘What is your dream job?’ The responses were widely diverse and very interesting. Take a look to see the dream jobs of your peers!

Dare to Dream

Brittney Weiland – ‘To be a press secretary for a politician.’

Jamie Selck – ‘My dream job would making Excel spreadsheets all day long.’

Brian Goetsch – ‘My dream job would be to work in the finance and accounting department of an international insurance company. I would love to travel to different countries for my job.’

Justina Baker – ‘To be a risk analysis.’

Roman Powers – ‘To own a golf course!’

Erin Powers – ‘Working for the Brewers.’

Abbie Reed – ‘A book reviewer!’

Zach Hicks – ‘Sports Illustrated feature writer.’

Danielle Johnson – ‘To be a sports medicine doctor.’

Leah Wasylik – ‘My dream job would be a successful actor on Broadway or in film work!

Dan Schultz – ‘To be a community developer for Google headquarters in Silicon Valley, California.’

Ryan Kolter – ‘Being an involved student leader here at UW-W has already helped me secure my dream job – working for Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity!’

Emily Borkowski – ‘A Walt Disney World College Program Internship Recruiter.’

Allison Duch – ‘My dream job would be opening my own fitness center.’

Anna Seely – ‘A financial investor in real estate.’

Mike Mifflin – ‘To be a professor that engages my students to think openly and critically about life and their purpose in it.’

Patrick Johnson – ‘My dream job is to be an Orchestral Conductor for major symphonies around the world. I dream of conducting symphonies by Mahler, Bruckner, Brahms, and Sibelius. And of course traveling the world performing in Vienna, London, Seoul, New York and Australia.’

Jay Brannan – ‘In my dream job, I would be a Human Resources Consultant for the Boston Consulting Group. I would live in Boston and travel all over the world for my job. I would like to be a top expert in my field and have a lot of recognition for all that I have done. I would live in a nice house and even have a winter home in Arizona. I would make enough money so that I wouldn’t have to worry about what happens in my life. I would retire early and enjoy the rest of my life traveling and exploring the world.’

What is YOUR dream job?! Let me know, either by tweeting me at UWWCareer or sending an e-mail to and I will add your response to this list!

Photo by energy2024.