Friday Favorites – Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you might have noticed that I’ve been posting articles along the lines of how to be happy at work. Now, I know that isn’t easy, but I’ve come up with a few tips to help you have a positive attitude, make friends with that new coworker, make your office space a little more beautiful and see the glass as half full in the workplace!


  • Focus on what you love about your job. Do you love working with your awesome coworkers, do you love your boss’ great attitude, do you love the work that you do, or do you love the feeling of finally punching out your time card and driving home? Reevaluate why you chose your job in the first place and focus on that.
  • Meet your coworkers! Sure, you may know Joe Schmo who always hangs out at the watercooler or Pam Schmam who always brings in desserts every Friday, but why not try to get to know them a little better? Even if they work in a field vastly different than yours, it doesn’t hurt to make a new friend and to network with someone new.
  • Move around! If you’re the type of person who sits at your desk eating your lunch, and then keeps sitting until the end of the workday, change up your routine! Physical activity is not only good for your mind, it’s good for your body as well. ‘Employees who fill their morning routines, lunch breaks, or happy hours with physical activity tend to be more engaged and energetic on the job than those who stay glued to their chairs.’ – Greatist
  • Spice up your office space! No one likes to look at bare, blank walls. Bring some personal photos into your office, hang pretty posters up on the walls, or have unique tchotchkes on your desk.
  • A friend of mine recently asked me, ‘What was the best thing that happened to you today?’ Ask yourself this whenever you’re feeling down. It can be a big thing, such as nailing a presentation for your boss’ boss, or a small thing, such as someone complimenting you on your necklace that you bought while traveling abroad. You make the standards. Recognize what makes you happy.
  • Stop worrying about the little things. One of my personal mottos goes, ‘If you can’t change something, why worry about it?’ I know plenty of worry-ers and nail-biters. I feel bad for them, because when their minds are cluttered with problems and worries, they could be thinking of new ideas, new products, or new ways to improve themselves or the company they work for. Don’t be a worry wart – be an optimist.
  • I’m a big fan of paying it forward. Never heard of this phrase? What you do is simple: once you are helped by someone doing a good deed, do a good deed back, but to someone else. Random acts of kindness are positive motivators in the workplace and can bring coworkers closer. And mark your calendars for April 25 – it’s Pay It Forward Day!
  • Be kind. Remember those rhymes you learned in kindergarten – treat others the way you wish to be treated. That goes for working and finding a job as well. Applying kindness, gratitude and positiveness will show when you apply for a job, when you interview, when you pitch an idea or show a presentation.

If you’re striving to work for a happy company, check out CareerBliss’ 50 Happiest Companies in 2013. The workers at CareerBliss analyzed thousands of employee reviews to come up with this list, concluding Pfizer as the happiest company!

If you’re a natural Debbie Downer and see the glass as half empty, I hope these tips may help the optimism in you shine through. Do you have any tips that have helped you become happier at work? E-mail me at!

Photo by Evan Bench.