Friday Favorites – What NOT To Do

This past week, our tweets have been focused on what NOT to do while job hunting, interviewing or at your current job.

Keep these ‘what NOT to do’ tips in mind, and you will avoid wanting to pull your hair out at an interview or at work!

When Networking…

  • Networking is key and takes time and practice. Don’t overwhelm the businessperson you’re talking to.
  • Don’t demand any information about the person you’re talking to, their boss, the address of where they work, etc. Let the conversation pan out smoothly, and when the time is right, then you can ask for their contact information.
  • Genuinely be interested in the people you’re talking to; don’t fake it.
  • Don’t be desperate. Networking is a small albeit important factor in the job-searching process. Don’t blow it by being vain and irrational.
  • Never say no to an opportunity.
  • You don’t have to stick to strictly work-related talk. Small talk can go a long way!

When Job-Hunting…

  • Do not say right off the bat that you need a job.
  • Social media is a great resource to use – don’t pass it up! Create a LinkedIn profile, tweet your way to a job, research about the company through Facebook, or use Pinterest to get a job. You can even use YouTube to find a job!
  • Make sure your resume is up to date. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors as these can make you look very unprofessional.
  • You don’t need to stick to only looking up jobs online. Try checking the newspaper or talking to people who already work at the company you’re interested in. Word of mouth is also very powerful.
  • Don’t do what everyone else is doing. Create a new website or blog, start your own business, have one of your works of art published, or volunteer with an organization you’re passionate about. Be sure to mention that during your interview.
  • Never give up! Job hunting isn’t easy, but with determination and confidence, that dream job will soon be yours.

When at an Interview…

  • Dress appropriately. Don’t look like you’re going to a funeral…or like you’re going out clubbing.
  • Don’t show up unprepared, late, or looking unprofessional.
  • Practice what you are going to say to some of the most popular interview questions. Avoid filler words such as ‘um’ and ‘like’.
  • Don’t chew gum, check your phone, fidget in your seat or fiddle with your hands or hair.
  • Never bad-mouth your former boss, coworkers or situation.
  • Don’t ask if the person you’re talking to if they can pass your resume along to their supervisor. It is their decision what to do with your resume.
  • Interviewing is about the company, not about you. Keep this in mind: What can you do for the company? NOT: What can the company do for you?

At Work…

  • Your job is to work, not to gossip about the new hire or your crazy night at the bars last weekend. Stay productive.
  • Remember: there are two sides to every story. Don’t be closeminded.
  • Avoid drama in the workplace! Try not to mesh your work life with your personal life.
  • Be considerate of your coworkers and managers. Don’t think it’s all about you.
  • Don’t be a debbie-downer. Trust me, nobody likes that person.
  • Don’t create problems. ‘It could be said that the main reason you have a job is to solve a problem.’ From The Fast Track
  • Put your whole heart and effort into any project you complete. Don’t do anything carelessly. I guarantee your boss or manager will notice.

I hope these ‘what NOT to do’ tips have helped you out and will continue to help you out at your future job! Do you have any ‘what NOT to do’ tips?

Photo by Zack Klein.