Friday Favorites – Top Interview Tips

Now that October has wrapped up, we’ll be rounding up our Interview Tip of the Week tweets.

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Here are some short and sweet interview tips in 140 characters or less!

Wendy bonds with Alicia

Before the Interview

  • Prepare! Being well put together and organized will make you stand out.
  • If you’re bad with directions, drive to a company before your interview to make sure you can find it.
  • Make sure you have a polished resume. Career & Leadership Development has resources to help you.
  • Shopping for interview outfits? H&M, Macy’s, New York & Company, Nordstrom and TJMaxx all have great outfit options!
  • Use perfume or cologne sparingly, or not at all. Remember, your interviewer may have allergies or sensitivities.
  • Your attire should be appropriate but shouldn’t take center stage. Don’t confuse ‘business function’ with ‘party’.
  • When picking out an outfit, stick with the classics. A navy, gray or black suit is always stylish and appropriate.
  • For women – No jewelry is better than cheap, flashy jewelry. Wear pantyhose and keep makeup and hair simple.

During the Interview

  • Relax, be yourself, and don’t be afraid to show enthusiasm for the job!
  • Your personal brand can make or break a job interview. Choose your words wisely, know yourself and know what you want.
  • Protecting your online reputation is important, especially when interviewers take a peek. Be smart about social media.
  • Have a positive attitude and engage in the interview!
  • Have you studied abroad or been on a travel study? Make sure to mention that during your interview.
  • Never be late to a job interview! That reflects poorly on your personality and can aggravate your interviewer.
  • Remember, interviews are two-sided conversations, designed to let both sides figure out if they’d be a good fit.
  • Be confident when answering questions! Provide articulate answers, avoid nervous habits and make eye contact.
  • When your interviewer asks if you have any last questions, make sure you have a few questions you plan on asking.

After the Interview

  • After the interview, ask the interviewer what the next step will be. They might have a second round of interviews.
  • Once the interview is over, ask for their business card. It will have all the information you need to follow up.
  • Be polite. Say thank you to the interviewer, staff and receptionist. A nice ‘thank you’ can go a long way.
  • Send a thank you e-mail or handwritten letter no more than 24 hours after the interview. And proofread!
  • If you don’t end up getting hired, accept the rejection with grace and keep your head up! If you do get the job, congrats!

Hopefully these simple tips will help you on your next interview!

Photo by Gangplank HQ.