Friday Favorites – Interview Outfits for Men & Women

So you’ve scored an interview – that’s great! Now, the tough part is deciding what to wear to said interview. For this week’s Friday Favorites, the theme is how to dress for an interview. Check out these six great links with tons of tips on how to dress for an interview, divided into a men’s and women’s section:


Hey guys, are you stuck on how to dress for a job interview? We’ve got you covered. This gallery provides ten tips on how to dress – Interview Outfits for Men

This great link will give men tips for how to dress for three different interviews – smart casual, casual, and corporate. You can even click on each article of clothing or accessory and it will take you right to where you can purchase it – 3 Interview Getups

Need a quick overview on grooming and accessories, as well as a few more tips about what to wear? This article has it all – Men’s Interview Attire


While dark pantsuits are the norm for what women should wear to job interviews, you shouldn’t be afraid to dress it up a little and let some of your personality shine through! This gallery provides ten different outfits for interviews – Interview Outfits for Women

We all know that you need to dress professionally for a job interview. College Fashion provides us with three awesome outfit ideas for conservative industries, creative industries, and fashion industries, as well as a dozen tips at the end of the article – How To Dress for a Job Interview

Are you on the pursuit for the perfect pantsuit? This article has a ton of resources to help with your fashion-conscious hunt – The Hunt: Navy Suits

Now that you have some idea of how you can dress for your interview, go out there with confidence!