Preparing in Advance for the Hawk Career Fair – Even If You’re Not “Perfect”

During a recent appointment, I met with a student who wanted assistance with her resume. In our conversation, her effective communication skills and interpersonal presence were apparent, and I suggested that she consider attending the Hawk Career Fair on September 26.

She was not aware of the Fair, and was almost apologetic with her concerns that she was: a) not a business major; b) not very involved on campus; and, c) that her 2.9 GPA might not be good enough to merit serious consideration from employers. She wondered if it would still be worthwhile to attend the Fair, given her “imperfections”.

We began to talk about her accomplishments outside of her academic identity. Some of her “imperfections” were due to the fact that she worked about 30 hours per week while being a full-time student. We discussed how her work ethic itself was distinguishing and appealing, and that she could focus on that, along with her effective interpersonal skills and presence, and lead with those attributes to promote herself at the Hawk Career Fair.

Moral to the story:  You don’t have to be “perfect” to attend the Hawk Career Fair. Just lead with your strengths, and let the conversation unfold from there.

Hawk Career Fair

To prepare in advance of the Fair, research the employers and the jobs and internships of their recruitment interest. How do you find that information? Here are the steps:

  • Log into Hawk Jobs with your Net ID on the Student Login page.
  • After logging in on Hawk Jobs, click on the Career Fairs & Workshops tab.
  • Click directly on Hawk Career Fair.
  • Select ‘View Employers’. At this point, scroll through the names of employers, or use filters, and then click on the name of a particular employer to reveal the Positions Available, Majors, Degrees Sought and Job Categories. The name of the recruiter(s) may also be revealed. If you want to gain a competitive advantage, you can really distinguish yourself if you contact recruiters and introduce yourself appropriately and effectively to them prior to the Fair.
  • If an employer has attached a job or internship announcement to their profile, read the details of the announcement, and think of how you can connect your background to the characteristics sought by the employer.

How ever you have grown and developed as a person, you can draw from all of your experiences to promote yourself to employers. Just think about the knowledge and skills that you possess – whether related to your academic identity or not – and articulate them in an appealing way.

If you need help with this process, you’re welcome to schedule an appointment with someone in Career & Leadership Development, where we can help you identify skills and attributes that you already possess.

Photo by UWW Career.