Getting Warhawks to Work

Welcome to Career & Leadership Development!

Welcome to Career & Leadership Development

Another year begins, and with it comes….

  • Four different career fairs
  • Lots of resume “doctoring”
  • More internship and job searches
  • Interviews here, there, EVERYWHERE

The career counselors/advisors in Career & Leadership Development are ready to help you make progress towards your career goals! How exactly can we help? Let me tell you!

Career Counseling/Advising: We have five career counselors/advisors on staff to help you with your career development. Not sure what you want to do when you graduate? You can meet with a counselor to discuss options connected with your major and interests. Know what you want to do, but not sure if you’re doing everything possible to get there? A career advisor can work with you on a plan that will help you achieve success. Career questions big and small is what career counseling/advising is all about.

Job Search Strategies: Getting a job doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes work, and your search is basically a job in itself. Meet with a career advisor to plan your search – identify key job search strategies for your career field, have your resume reviewed, practice interviewing, and more.

Career Fairs: Every year, the UW-Whitewater campus hosts four career fairs. First up are the Accounting Career Fair and Hawk Career Fair. The Hawk Career Fair is the largest fair of the year, with upwards of 100 or more employers attending. Mark your calendar now for Wednesday, September 26, and get more information on Hawk Jobs and Facebook.

Hawk Jobs: Looking for a job on campus or around Whitewater? Looking for an internship? Looking for a job for after graduation? Hawk Jobs is your one stop shop for work opportunities. Not sure how to navigate the system? Meet with a career counselor/advisor for a quick overview.

This is just a sample of the ways we can help you with your carer plans. Schedule an appointment today: Stop by our office in the University Center (Room 146 – up the ramps/stairs across from Freshens smoothies) or call our main desk at 262-472-1471.

And be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for access to a ton of career advice! Best of luck with the year ahead, and let us know how we can help you with your career needs!

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About Laura Morrow-Jacobs

Laura Morrow-Jacobs, Career Consultant/Marketing Specialist with Career & Leadership Development at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, advises UW-Whitewater students pursuing internships and assists employers with UW-Whitewater intern recruitment. Laura is a firm believer in the importance of career-related work experience, having benefited from it personally. As a graduate student, she completed three internships, and she was even gaining what turned out to be career-related experience as an undergrad through three separate student leader positions. She hopes that all students pursue some form of career-related work experience before graduation. In her opinion, it is never to early to start preparing - even beginning to plan as early as freshman year! Laura loves to discuss internship search strategies with students and is excited to hear about students’ successes in their internships. UW-Whitewater students are doing amazing work! Laura has been a professional at UW-Whitewater since 2006. She has been a member of the National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) and participant in the NSEE Experiential Education Academy. She is also active with the Milwaukee Area College Internship Consortium (MACIC), currently serving as Web Manager and having held leadership positions as Secretary, President-Elect, and President. Laura graduated from UW-Madison with a BA in french and political science. She received her master’s degree in counseling from UW-Whitewater.