Is Teaching Abroad Calling Your Wanderlust?

On April 23, I worked at the Wisconsin Educational Recruitment Fair (WERF), which was attended by about 500 teacher candidates, as well as 38 school districts and organizations from Wisconsin, other states, and other countries. I met a representative from EduConUS, who was recruiting for teaching opportunities in South Korea and the Middle East, a rep from Teach and Learn with Georgia (the country, not the state), and a rep from Contact Singapore.


Attending WERF reminded me of the adventurous job searches of several recent grads, or current students, with whom I’ve worked with in the recent past.

“Anthony” is an English ed grad who has taught abroad for two years and is now teaching in the Philadelphia area. He landed his job as a result of working with EPIK, and his girlfriend benefited from working with Korea Connections.

“Michael” is a non-traditional, post-baccalaureate student who has taught abroad in Bangladesh and South Korea. He has worked with a number of placement agencies, but has less than positive things to say about them and urges caution.

“Lucas” is a post-baccalaureate chemistry student who has also taught abroad in South Korea. He did not use a recruiting agency, and instead researched everything on his own. He found the email address of a HR Director of a company called YBM Sisa, which for him ended up being a more effective approach and outcome than working with a recruiter.

If you are considering teaching abroad, here are links to some of my favorite resources over the years:

Here is a quote from one of the students mentioned above about the adventurous nature of teaching abroad:

‘Going abroad to teach is like rolling dice. Even if you read the books and prepare yourself, you never know what you’re really going to get. You need to be okay with that. It helps to remember that a bad year abroad is still better than a year in your hometown watching TV and working at a job that pays $10 per hour.’

Whether you’re seeking teaching opportunities out of the country, out of state, or in Wisconsin, please schedule an appointment with me, Brian, in Career & Leadership Development to discuss resources and strategies that will help you secure employment.

Photo by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.