Electronic Portfolios

Know thyself. The accurate determination of what we like, what we value, and what we’re good at is one of the most important aspects of a successful career. An honest, straightforward self-assessment helps us know in which career field(s) we’ll be most happy and successful.

The process of self-assessment requires us to reflect upon our lives, our actions, achievements, and yes, our failures. Reflective thinking is a learned behavior that each of us cultivates over time, and in our daily focus on our to-do lists, it’s as important as ever to take time to reflect upon what we are learning and how we’re growing as human beings.

Electronic portfolios have been shown as an effective method to engage the learner in reflective learning. An electronic portfolio is a collection of items that provide evidence of your learning, skills, knowledge, and abilities. The process of identifying, gathering, and organizing artifacts that accurately represent you is what elicits the most learning.


It’s not necessarily the product, it’s about the process.

Students engaged in developing a portfolio have the opportunity to bring together evidence from various aspects of their experience – academics, co-curricular involvement, work or internships, athletics, and so forth. This opportunity to reflect on the interconnection of our lives helps significantly with our career development.

PDF Portfolio

UW-Whitewater students interested in developing their own electronic portfolio have access to various campus resources to assist them. Interested students should contact Ron Buchholz in Career & Leadership Development.

Photos by Hans Gerhard Meier and Hung Le.