You’ve Received a Job Offer! Now What?

Congratulations! After weeks or months of writing resumes, applying for jobs, and going on interviews, your hard work has paid off – you have received a job offer (or better yet, multiple offers!). Time to celebrate, right? Almost…

Oh Boy ...

The next critical step in the job search process is taking the time to fully evaluate the job offer you have just received. Taking time to complete this step will help you determine if the job offer in front of you is truly the right opportunity for you.

Here are a few items to consider and a few questions to ask yourself as you evaluate your job offers:

Compensation and Benefits: This means more than simply looking at the base salary you are offered. Take the time to examine the insurance benefits, the vacation allowances, and any potential perks the employer is offering to get a feel for total compensation (salary + benefits). Don’t forget to take the cost of living into consideration either. If the job will involve relocating to a new city, remember to factor in the costs associated with moving and living in your new location.

The Company/Organization: Sure you have reviewed the company website and toured the facilities during your interview, but don’t forget to get a feel for the company culture and the work environment you will be operating in. Does the organization foster an environment that will help you succeed? Are there opportunities for on-going training and professional development?

The Job Itself: Think about the nature of the work you will be doing and who you will be working with. Does your immediate supervisor offer a leadership or management style that meshes with your style of work? How will your performance be evaluated and how often will you receive feedback? Is there a good work/life balance?

In the end, only you can make the decision as to which job offer to accept, but if you need some additional help, make an appointment with a career advisor or career counselor in Career & Leadership Development.

Once you have made your decision, notify the employer of your intentions, verify your start date, and yes…remember to finally take some time to celebrate!

Photo by Emily Jones.