Veterans and Service Members Recognition Week

This week my blog will not be a typical career blog, but will cover some of the events happening at UW-Whitewater, as we come together to honor and remember our veterans past and present. There are a variety of exhibits, presentations, and events in which everyone from the university or the community at large can participate and from which we can learn. A complete list of all the activities can be found at I would like to point out a few of the activities the Veteran/Military Service Member Committee has planned as well as take time out to thank the many generous organizations and people who have helped bring this together for what I believe will be a moving and fun experience for those who choose to participate.

Spirit box exhibit pays tribute to fallen service members – This is a powerful and moving memorial to the 106 Wisconsin military men and women who died fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Be sure to stop by the Fiskum Art Gallery to see this exhibit. It’s an experience you’re not likely to soon forget. I’m very excited about the opportunity we have to see this exhibit right in our University! According to Elizabeth Watson, Director of the Center for Students with Disabilities at UW-Whitewater, “When you can stand and see these faces, it’s very personal and intimate. I think it’s important to pause and recognize these individuals who served.” For a longer description and more information about what you will be seeing, go to: .

Another event, in which everyone can participate, is the Honor Tree. It will be found in the University Center. You may choose as many ribbons as are appropriate to you to tie on our tree to say thank you to our veterans. Choose a color that indicates your support and honor to our veterans.

Are you a faculty or staff member who wants more information regarding the process our veteran students go through returning to school after being in combat? Then I suggest attending From Combat to Classroom: Transitions of Modern Warriors” presented my Cari Myles, an independent clinical Social Worker. Ms. Myles worked as a civilian social worker on US military installations in Turkey, Germany and Okinawa, Japan.

Check out the complete list of activities and take advantage of as many as possible. Be sure to note, if you are a veteran, there are many activities available to you, specifically.

Because I am a Career Counselor and I work with our veteran’s on campus, I would also like to invite you to come in to see me if I can help with any of your questions or related career needs. You may email me at or schedule an appointment by calling our office at 262-472-1471 and ask whoever answers the phone for an appointment with Kathy. And once again, thank you for all you have done for us!  We really do appreciate it!